Jealousy for WHAT?!?!?


I’ve been jealous of my parents’ affection towards other children. I don’t like feeling like I’m not the favorite of my siblings. I’ve been jealous of my closest friends when they’re with other people because I’m always away from them. 

Other than that, I don’t get jealous of others’ success. I really don’t. I’m usually happy for them. In the moment I’ll ask myself why I don’t do better, but then I’m inspired by them. I see it’s become too commonplace to trash other celebrities because of their success. No one ever thinks about the fact that they’re always missing family holidays and important events in their family’s lives. I laugh it off all the time because I think it’s funny that people who are doing nothing with their lives have so much to say about others. Why don’t you get your lazy behind up & ACTUALLY do something with it. 

My parents always taught me and my siblings to not care about what others have. If you can’t it have, you can’t have it. It’s as simple as that. I’m never jealous enough to talk shit about someone. I think it’s so petty to do something like that. When I see my people winning, I feel like I am too. You are who you surround yourself with.  I like to have genuine people around me, I really get annoyed when people are so negative. I have seen my friends with things that I want, but I’ll asked my parents ninety percent of the time they would say NO. As crush as I WAS, I moved on with my life; because it is never that SERIOUS. I make it a priority in my life NOT to be envy or jealous of ANYONE.

Imagine how good the world would be if everyone put all that energy into making  their own dreams come true . We would kill each other to have what the other person has, but when we’re in front of that person, we act like their best friend. 

I know some people think I’m jealous because of the advice I give. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I’m the type of person who doesn’t worry about what other have, I could care less. Base on the advice I give (I can be really blunt sometime) some people see that as secretly trying to tear them down. I am the worried type of friend who try to help sometimes it can come across that way because I don’t agree with you. I know for a fact that certain people just think I’m friends with them because I’m jealous of them. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? Just goes to show how much they don’t know me at all. 

Jealousy is the worst thing to carry with you if you want to accomplish great things. Let go of that negativity and empower each other instead. Cheer them on from the sidelines, and show them how big of  a person you are. When you do this, you start to see that there is room for everyone to be successful. All you need is a little hard work and faith. Jealousy doesn’t help anyone. God doesn’t condemn jealousy he would rather us cheer each other on. Like I said, positive vibes; it’s what the world needs. 

Use their success as your strive to be better. Look for what they’re doing right and try to apply it to your own efforts. Jealousy doesn’t pave the way for you, it just stops you from doing what you were destined to do. It clouds your judgement. You surely don’t want to be that bitter and angry person. We should empower each other instead, especially WOMEN we are always at each other throat especially when they are winning. Which I think it’s crazy, considering the fact that it is harder on us in the world to be accepted. I have reached out to some pretty amazing people who I see that are successful . I let them know that I am cheering and thank them for inspire me. It depends on the person I will even ask them for some tips on how I can be better at certain things. For instance I’m a big PROCRASTINATOR, so I’ll ask them on how I can get better. Instead of me sitting in my corner being JEALOUS over someone else success.

There’s the good and bad jealousy. There’s the good one: when you’re jealous of the people you love because you think they have replaced you. It shows you care. Then there’s the one when you’re just hating on others’ success. That’s the one you need to work on. It’s not cute. 

Support others, stop the social media trolling, be someone’s cheerleader. Cheer them on, not just to their faces, but also when they’re not looking.

 Saw this quote on the internet and I absolutely love it: “Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your OWN”. I think it is so true, that sometime we get so busy judging someone else that we forgot to be GRATEFUL for what we have. Next time you feel jealous of someone else life, take a look at yours and Count your danm blessings 

              Stay positive❤

                    Xoxo 💋

                                  Lady Sergine 😘😘

Reflecting On 2016, As I Share my Hopes for 2017

We are 24 days into the New Year (already)! Why do I feel like it’s been more than 24 days? And a new President is in the office. A lot of things has already happened in this New Year. Praying that God covers America because it’s going to be a longgg and bumpy road.

I did promise that I was going to write for the New Year’s Eve, which I Intended to do but I did not feel like it. I chose today to reflect on last year and what I’m hoping for this New Year. Like they said it’s better Late than ever.

2016 I’ve lost a lot of people, but I also gained 2 Beautiful angels. 2 of my cousins had two girls, highlight of 2016. I am grateful that I am an aunt now. I have Yet To meet them, but I’m waiting on this day like there’s no tomorrow . After everything happened this past year, I felt  hopeful when these two angels were born.

January around this time my grandma from my mom side passed away, I knew it was coming, but I was shocked for this day (tears are rolling down as I’m writing this). I don’t talk about her a lot because I get emotional. I’ve lived with her for 13 years; I am used to going home and seeing her. After my parents, she was the other person that thought me how to pray. She taught me Psalm 91; I love it. My grandmother wasn’t your traditional grandmother, but she was a damn good one in her own way. I’ve also lost a family friend, A very young doctor who was my father’s personal doctor. This was one of the things that shocked me the most. He was just 34 I believe, with a bright future ahead. My best friend lost her 1st born who was going to be my godchild. I’ve cried so much for so long. Just the thought of it makes me sad. Well we know the big whomp whomp was Trump been elected (I thought it was a dream for the longest until inauguration day.)

But overall it was a great YEAR! I mean a lot of things happened, moved home (Haiti)for a few months which was one of the best decision I ever made. If you didn’t know feel free to check my post about moving back home to Haiti  😊.If I had to do it, I would have done the same thing. One of my childhood best friend got married! I celebrated my blog one year anniversary, which by the way WAS the highlight for me.

I got to grow, grow SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY. It was painful, some truths are not easy to see. Because while I was growing the person that I used to be, no longer existed. I think because of that a lot of people felt some type of way. It’s part of life I guess. I still have a lot of growing to do, humble myself a little more. FORGIVENESS is my greatest weakness. 2016 was a year of learning, you know I felt like through every milestone God was trying to teach me something new . I’ve had some massive changes as well in my life. When God said, you are ready for changes HE thinks that you are no matter what you think.

What are my hopes for 2017?

My hopes for 2017 are that we show more kindness, love, respect for one another. Let’s stop the hate. Instead, let’s try to give back to those in need. I dream of a more beautiful world, where people can coexist with each other without wanting to kill, or hating each other. To start teaching our children that they are indeed the future, teach them the right values. Believe in yourself! Have Faith that everything is going to be okay.

My personal goals for 2017 are:

To do more instead of wishing that I could do more.
To LOVE more, by loving more I mean to show to people that they do matter.
Make times for my friends & family  lol to say yes to invitations and to action show up.
Plan my vacation!!
Learn Spanish like I have been saying for the last years.
Be more organize, proactive, save my money (I spend my money like crazy lol)!
Show kindness to the people around me.
Love me more, treat my body like the temple it is.
READ-Like I don’t read enough lol.
Try to forgive by talking to the people that have hurt me.

Please be Kind to you and others, Love yourself, Treat yourself!



Lady Sergine🌹💋

Thank You To The Obama’s


I know that a lot of people are not huge fans of you, but as humans, we are never satisfied. During your 8 years in the house, I watched you tackle everything with so much grace and elegance. No matter what people would say about you, you still kept your cool.

I remember vividly when you were running for president for the first time. I was just a 14 years old living in Haiti. My parents used to watch the debate all the time, my mother would be so passionate about it. She would scream and yell when you would say something she agreed with. My father would just sit there nodding his head as he listened to you. My parents firmly believed that you would be the 44th president, but I was so young at the time. I didn’t really understand the magnitude of you been elected as the FIRST BLACK president. My mom thought either way history was going to be made

I watched the debate with my parents so I could be part of the “grown up”‘ conversation lol. Not because I was really interested, I just wanted to be cool. But in all seriousness, I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done during your first term. I thought it was very humble of you to hire Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

When you ran for your second term as POTUS, I was so invested in everything. I wanted to know everything that was going on. I would watch every debate, rally, honestly, anything that you would be doing during your campaign. So many of the things you said really resonated with me. 


Michelle Obama is who every little girl wishes to be. Humble, sassy, smart, intelligent, funny and sweet. This lady wears so many hats. I always say my mom is the person who inspired me the most in my life and I ABSOLUTELY mean it but Michelle is right up there with her. This woman made everything look effortless. All the programs she put together. My favorite is “Let’s Girl Learn.” I think we need to expand on the importance of educating our girls. Stop making them think the end goal is to stay at home, take care of the house, cook and clean. My mother was a stay at home mom, but she brought her business with her. I always admired how she would handle her business and the same time makes sure we were taken care of.

Barack Obama! Thank you, Mr. President, for everything you have done including all the barriers you’ve torn down. I thank you for inspiring me, making me laugh every time you would. Thank you for being YOURSELF! You are such a down to earth kind of man lol, in my head we are such good friends, you are so relatable. Thank you for showing us your human side, THANK YOU for teaching us how to support our women in the way you always showing respect to your wife. You are the real definition of how a husband and father should be. No matter what people say, about how you’re run the country, they can never take away of how of great dad and husband that you are.

I can’t wait to tell my kids about you one day. To say to them about all the great things you’ve achieved. I know that a lot of people are saying a lot of stuff about you. It’s okay I guess because I don’t think they understand what a huge job it is to be the President of America and quite frankly I don’t think any of us know except for the ones who have been in the hot seat. So, we are just here talking, voicing our opinions about a matter we know hardly anything about and couldn’t really even begin to actually understand. So, for that sorry for the times we gave you a hard time. 

President Barack Obama, it’s with a broken heart that we are watching you go but THANK YOU to you and your family. Michelle Obama, thank you thank you for inspiring me to still attend law school. You are an inspiration to others, thank you for teaching us how to ignore the haters without missing a beat. Thank you to you and your family for all the great laugh you gave us. Thank you To the Biden for been such amazing people, to Joe Biden thank you for teaching us how to keep going through hardships in life. Ms. Jill Biden, you are a woman of class, integrity, I have always been a fan of your work.  


So, Farewell to you The Obamas it was with great pleasure that I  got to watched you over the last few years! See you later! You left a great legacy behind that your children can be proud of. No matter where life takes You and The Bidens I know you guys will continue to achieve greatness.


God bless! 

With love a young black girl from Haiti !

Lady Sergine🌹💋

Day 7 Of 20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

Hey, Lovelies!

~If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.~  •Jesse Jackson•

Here’s a quick update on how the challenge is going. I have been busy with some stuff. Lately, that’s why I haven’t posted anything,
I have 13 days left until my “20 Days Challenge” is over, let me just say this they didn’t call it A CHALLENGE for no reason. Lol, I don’t even crave meat like this, but since I started, I have. I crave for everything under the sun. But I haven’t given in yet, keep praying for me, guys.

Discipline is  necessary to have in life. I don’t usually follow through with anything lol because I always get lazy but this time I focus on eating right. I have done a lot of research about what to eat, and how to make sure I have all of the nutrients that I need. When I was reading about the proper way to stop eating meats. I have learned a great deal of what are the side effects your body can have. Which I did not know about, so it was very informative. One problem I’ve been having was that my stomach was hurting. I felt the change in my body; I thought it was weird can’t even lie.

I wouldn’t say that I miss eating chicken, per say, it’s just a little difficult to eat. I wouldn’t think about what I am eating now is different. Plus I eat a little bit more now because I am always hungry. I make sure that I always have fruit to snack on, mostly apple, mandarins, and kiwi. When I did my research, they said to try to eat fruits that are in seasons
A lot of my friends have reached out to me, and I have also raised some excellent advice from others too.

If I had, one thing to say to is I am enjoying this challenge. I am finding a lot of stuff about myself; I didn’t know how much discipline that I had. You know I started this whole “20 Days Challenge” for the fun of it, and I wanted a good friend/ my little sister to stop smoking so that I could challenge her. In the end, I feel like I am going to get more out of this. I feel like God is also challenging every aspect of my life. I kid you not lol my life has shaken so much. So many things are changing , but I can say this it is for the better.

So I DARE every single one of you to do something different. Challenge YOURSELF to something you have feared for so long. Trust me you don’t know where that is taking yo. Also, you will be able to have an idea of what you are CAPABLE of doing.



Lady Sergine🌹💋


Port-De-Paix Own Little Star Mandela !!

 I have no doubt in my mind that this guy right here will amount to greater and better things. I’ve known Mandela for a while now. We have attended the same school; we were classmates at one point. I remember this funny, crazy boy in my class always giving us a good laugh. You can’t be in a class with him not to enjoy yourself or to be always laughing. To be honest, I don’t remember him loving to sing, but then again, I left school(CMLD) a little early. So, when I heard people talking about him, I wasn’t entirely surprised because I think he has what it takes to be in this business. His personality is perfect for it. I am super proud of his accomplishment. For those of you who doesn’t know who he is, I hope you do learn a little something through the interview.

Whose Mandela?

Mandela is a young artist from Port-de-Paix, North West. I was raised in a family of 3 girls and 1 boy. After graduating high school I’ve decided to pursuit my career, I would move to Port-Au-Prince the capital of Haiti. I sing, play guitars, and write.

I was surprised when my brother told me about your signing. When did you know, you wanted to be a singer?

We all are born with a given talents, whether it’s writing, singing, dancing, etc. You know my talent was not something I was aware of at a younger age. Until one day I was humming to this “I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly. When my friends heard, me singing they encourage me to participate in my high school (College Mixte Lesly Docteur) talents show. I ended winning the talent show since then music has become my passion and a big part of my life. From there I knew that music was what I want to do.

Coming from a little town like Port-de-Paix where people are so judgmental, were you worried about what they would say?

Whatever dream you have, you going to encounter a lot of outcomes, it is up to you to follow through with the thought.  That’s why in my song with BélO  “Pa Lague Sa,” the lyrics said “Pa bliye lafwa se zam pou goumen ak lavi a.. Pa pedi san fwa. Menm le fanmiw vle change sa.”  Faith is the gun to fight life, don’t lose faith. Even when family discourages you. It is a way for me to say that as an artist, people see you as a role model. So, I will not allow individuals who have anything positive to say destroy my dreams or hopes. I believe in positivity, so if someone is not bringing that in my life, so they have no say whatsoever. As long that I know I am doing the right things that  all it matters.

You know, when I think of you I still think about you being mischief (dezod) in class. Are you still dezod?

It depends on what you consider to be mischief. Lol. At one point, everyone at one point they were mischievous . On stage is where I would say that I am now with my voice and guitar.

Have you had a chance to travel outside of Haiti? If yes, how was the experience?

Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to represent Haiti in the “All for One Caribbean” that was held in Martinique at the Atrium Fort De France. Overall The experience was a great one. I was so happy to see how the Haitian culture was received even with everything going on. I saw that we have a lot of respect from the other countries from the Caribbean. Our Culture & History are well received despite everything.

Tell me the person who have impacted you the most in your life?

  BélO, since I was young, I’ve always wanted to be an artist like him. Even better than him. He’s my role model in life. And more than that, a brother.

What do you hope to achieve in the next five years? 

At this moment, I’m more focus on working on my first album. I pray and hope that God helps me accomplish more and give me the strength to do more.You know I see myself to be  much more successful visited more places, but for now, I am focusing more on the present and enjoying it as well.

Everyone journey has been different, what is one advice you can give to your fans following their dreams.

My 1st advice would be “To believe in your dreams, and what you are doing.” Have a lot of discipline, keep your education a priority. Pray, keep the faith up. Don’t let anyone turn you away from your GOAL or introduce you to anything bad.

I love this song you have with BelO called “Pa Lage Sa.”This song is necessary during this time we are living. What inspired this song?

I felt like we all have been through a moment in life where we feel like giving up, or its seems the only best thing that you could do. So, BélO and I wanted to give people something to keep them motivated. This music brings hope and strength to everyone going through it.

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

The last message I would give it’s no different than my advice earlier: Always Beleive In Yourself. Stay Positive . Love your brother. Love one another. When you really think about it, we are not alone on this earth so let’s all learn to live with one another by respecting, loving, supporting each other. Thank you for the support and the love.

Thank you to my dear friend Mandela! Proud is the perfect word to describe how I feel about you! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Remember The sky is the limit! 

Keep in touch by following him on  Instagram & Twitter.



Lady Sergine 🌹💋

Day 2 Of 20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

~Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds~..Marta

Today is the second day of my challenge! I guess you can say that I survive it. Through this challenge, here’s what I’ve learned so far,
1-If you put your mind into something you can do it.
2-Distraction is real!
3- Mind over everything.
4-Ask God for guidance.
5-Remind Yourself the end Goal. 

Today was a challenge about how I will eat and If I would make it through the day. Like, for instance, this morning I woke up thinking about what should I have for breakfast. I have to be more conscious about what I eat which I don’t usually do. Being a student, an intern, & working is a lot, so you always on the go. Thinking about what to eat can be hard. Granted today was my day off, and I was happy. I am obsessed with Snapple’s like I need to have at least two a day. Imagine how I’m going on my second day of withdrawal 😩😩. I’ve drunk so much water today that’s  mind-blowing. Not that I care because I love water.

I went to my cousin’s house today to visit them. I haven’t seen them, so I stop by to watch empire with them, but it wasn’t on so we watched the CMA( Country Music wards ), I am a big country music fan!  While we were watching TV,  they decided to order Chinese food, and I had to quickly reminded myself that don’t give in. So they were like I’m getting chicken, with plantains, with rice. They were like are you eating? I quickly said No, I’m not eating chicken for 20 days. Lol yo I do love the fried chicken, but I just couldn’t give up already.

For me, that just says a lot. I’m determined to make it through those 20 days!! I don’t know how but I will make it. I pray to God that he gives me the strength that I need to make it. My parents always tell my brother and me always to focus and work hard towards anything we want to accomplish.

I will keep saying this over and over. I am not doing this to lose weight. I just want to change my lifestyle, cutting the bad eating habits. Plus I need to be more organize, consistent & I think this will help.

Pray for me guys so that I can make it through the 18 days remaining! Plus tomorrow I’ll post a picture of my food.

( my eyes are looking a little weird😂👁)! lol 


Lady Sergine🌹💋

North-West Bright Star : Flav

Five years ago, my brother and best friends introduced me to this song “Fanm sa marem.” I was like not bad, love this song. Over the few years, I have followed them as their career progress. Well, I have one friend who is an absolute fan of Flav who talks about him all the time so I could not escape it. Plus, we are from the same place, the North-West side of Haiti. I have lived there for 13 years I have never met him or knew who he was. Granted I am a little younger than him. People would ask me all the time: “Have you met him?” and I’m like no. I do admire his works; I think he have a lot of talents. In you guys already knows that whoever I interview on my blog are either my little sister favorites or my friends asked me to. During this interview, I had a nice time talking to Flav; he was super friendly, down to earth, I was surprised by some of the answers he gave me. I think that some of his fans are going to be a little heartbroken or should I say very sad. I hope you guys learned as much as I did through this interview. Let me just say this brace yourselves, because it is going to be a wild ride.

A little intro about who is Flav?

I am Athlet St Fleur, the lead singer of Gabel, who was born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti on August 16, 1985. I was raised in Port-de-Paix until I moved here in Florida and I attended Fort Lauderdale High School. I joined Gabel in 2009.

When did it hit you that you wanted to be a singer?

My dad is a drummer, and my uncle was a drummer as well but growing up I was never into music until I move to the US.

Why instead of starting as a solo artist you choose to be in a group?

I was not even supposed to be in a Haitian band because I never used to listen to Konpa. I was more into R&B, but one day the crew from GABEL came to a show at my school, and they approached me, and the rest is history

Coming from a small town like Port-de-Paix, how did you manage to have your family on board?

Well one thing I did promise them is that my schooling was a priority and I would graduate college before I went into music full time. So, I kept my promises to them, and it was Kool from there.

What school did you go to while in college? What was your  major?

I graduated Florida Atlantic University, with a Bachelor in Management Information System with minors in Marketing and Accounting.

How do you manage your career and your personal lives, so they don’t conflict?

It’s all about prioritizing and knowing when to turn it off. I’m used to it by now and can switch it at any time lol.

In 5 years, do you still see yourself in the band or as a solo artist?

The goal is to retire in 2020 so neither.

2020? That’s right around the corner. Why so early?

I’ve always said since I started back in 2009 that’s I would be in the HMI (Haitian Music Industry) for no more than ten years

What’s next after retirement?

More time with my family.

How do you differentiate yourself from other artists?

  • I think everyone has their different style and character, but I’m a fighter.

What have been your favorite collaboration so Far?

I like each single one cause they all have they own flavor and story behind them

“Kenbe Yes” is a new song that you put out over the past few days. Some have called it powerful because of the messages that it’s in the song. What was the inspiration behind it?

We wanted to attack a subject that Haitian bands have never approached. We like to push the envelope and think outside the box. The Same way we did the “Drog Mwen” videos and talked about cancer, now we did something different.

Would you say all your songs are based on your personal life? How do you get inspired for a new album?

It’s a mixture of both and from talking to other people…you get to hear their stories and get the inspiration from the problems or issues they are going through

What do your fans mean to you? What was the craziest encounter you have?

The fans mean the world to me because they are the reason why I do what I do. They show so much love every single day. I have had several encounters, but I wouldn’t use crazy not to offend any of my fans, but there have been some interesting ones lol. From sleeping outside of the hotel to wait at the airport to follow us everywhere, we go to acting like a pizza delivery person lol you name it

What else are you passionate about, besides singing?

I’m passionate about life…it’s mysteries and how one can shape its future. I’m passionate about helping others achieving and realizing their dreams.

What are your hopes to Haiti? How do you expect to impact Haiti?

Education.. Education and more education. Our people needs to understand you can’t resolve a conflict with that “kraze brisé” or “koupe tet” “boule kay” (destroying houses, beheaded, burning houses) mentality. If I can change the mind of one individual, then it leads to another and so on. I always try to inspire the youth in order, not to repeat the same mistake the previous generations have done.

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

I would like to thank all your wonderful readers and wanted to thank them for taking the time to read and learn a little bit more about me. I love each single on me of you. To all my music lovers, please keep loving and love one another, and whatever you do KENBE YES OU (Keep Your Yes)!

I want to say A HUGE THANK  YOU to Flav for making it so easy to do the interview. He didn’t give me any problems. It was easy breezy. When you interview these artists, you get to have a better idea of who they are. Some will strike you as nice and others a little uptight. I have to say that so far every single of them have been my absolute pleasure.

Here are you can keep in touch with him, on Instagram: @FlavGabel

Facebook: Flav Official 

Twitter: FlavGabel01


Lady Sergine 🌹💋

2o Days Later !!

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful. Joshua J. Marine 

20 days later, here we are. What a challenge? It was brutal in a way but interesting, to say the least. What I found about this challenge was how discipline you must be. To be honest, I didn’t miss the meat as much as I did when it comes to seafood lol.

I’ve always known that whatever I put my mind into its achievable, but I didn’t know how much perseverance that was needed. Look I did at 1st for fun, and I was curious to know if I could be okay without eating meat. It was a success; I had a moment when I wanted to have chicken or a beef patty actually, but I stop myself in time.

Let me say this I need to be motivated to do anything. I had a motivation to made it through the 20 days’ challenge. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of people were like can you do it? Or is because I had people supporting me. But one thing I knew for sure I was not looking to letting myself down. One day I was hungry, I was not feeling like cooking. So, I ordered Mexican food, one of the dish had shrimps. I felt so guilty; I gave it to my friend who was there. I was like “Nah I am good. Definitely, will stick with my vegetarian tacos (which were delicious btw).”

I don’t know if you watched my Facebook live when I was giving a quick update on how everything was going, but I brought up of how my faith was a huge part of me getting through this challenge. What was interesting was how God was testing me in another area of my life, it was mind-blowing. The man was shaking up everything in my life. Some of the changes I wasn’t expecting but I am happy HE challenged me. I am glad the way it’s turning out to be

20 days’ challenge was an eye- opening, a great experience. I am so proud of myself for not giving up on the end goal, but what was great about it the whole journey. I think my addiction to peach Snapple tea has gotten a lot better. Water have become my best friend. Eating healthy is not such a bad thing when you think about it. I didn’t do it to lose weight, but I did (A girl can’t complain lol it was a nice bonus). To tell you the truth it was further from my mind, but one of my friends said that would happen, but I didn’t believe her. I lost 16 lbs(with the challenge), in total 20 since I have been changing the way I eat.  40 lbs are how much I want to lose. I urge you guys to challenge yourself to be better in every way possible. Don’t just say I can’t do it without trying. 

Right now, I am thinking of new ways to challenge myself. If you have  any idea of new challenges let me know. I saw that my cousins the Yaya_s(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBTIzpSsmVg&t=55s )are doing a 20 days’ workout challenge and I was thinking about doing it. But I doubt I’ll make It (You see what I just did there. That’s what you called the devil making you doubt yourself. REMEMBER when he does to quickly remind him that GOD said you are better than that.)


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20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”
Jalaluddin Rumi

Finally, it’s November; I feel like Fall has settled in which is superb. My favorite month, not really but one of my FAVORITE people in the world was born in November, and it’s my MOMMA :). Love her to death! Besides that, I’m happy that we are one step closer to Christmas.We can leave that(The love I have for Xmas) for another post lol.

I have been busy and a little bit lazy for the past few weeks, so that’s why I haven’t posted anything. I wanted to share this new thing that I am doing starting today. I have decided to go 20 days without meat, seafood, and juices. I love Snapple’s so you can imagine how I am feeling. I told my roommates about it, and Liza and Misha (my old roommate from the dorm)said they would do it with me. Misha is a vegetarian, so it will not be that bad for her.

I know yall might think why is she doing this? We all are on this journey called life; it is necessary that we try to make changes in our lives. I like to found new ways to challenge me, to become better as a whole. Yes, it is hard at times to give up on bad habits. I know it is going to be hard because on my first day I felt like quitting already lol believe me I did. I was thinking about that peach Snapple’s. I did not give in, let us pray I can make it through the whole 20 days … By the way, I am not doing it to lose weight. I have done this for Lent, and I survived. With Challenges like this, I think you learn more about yourself. 
I have been thinking about cutting meat out of my day to day life; it is not easy, but I am determined to make it to those 20 days. LOL Can I just say that today was a struggle, I am such a picky eater too. But this weekend I will make some meal plans to help me out a little bit. Also, I plan on sharing everything about this journey. I WILL try my best to make it a daily entry, I’ll keep it short and straightforward. Plus I can’t wait to see how will I feel at the end of this challenge.
If you have any helpful tips that you want to share, please do! 
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Haiti Will Rise!


(Not MY picture but I love it so much.. Warm  my heart )

Over The last few days, I’ve been reading so much about hurricane Matthew that was heading to the Caribbean particularly Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, also the states Florida. I was feeling distraught by it because my whole family lives in Haiti, plus let’s be real Haiti have yet to recover from the earthquake fully.

I was like wow it seems like we can’t catch a break, but instead of people keeping their focus on the major problem at hands they much rather talk about a bunch of nonsense that didn’t matter. For instance, some were making fun of others that were saying pray for Haiti or sharing their concerns on Facebook. I guess and probably agree that social media is not usually the place, but I thought it was important for people to feel supported and loved. And feel the solidarity they are looking from their fellow Haitians.The news made it seems like it was going to be awful for the people living in the south of Haiti. In a way, it was true when you look at the south of Haiti where a place like Jerémie is in severe conditions.

I don’t like to address given situation because I don’t need anyone coming to my posts with any negativity. But I have to correct this news anchor who said that Haiti deforestation is because we are eating trees. Okay, Yes we are a poor country, I get it, but I’ve never seen any Haitian eat trees in my entire life. I’m from the countryside for a fact, and I’ve visited places where poverty is what first hit you when you get there. I didn’t see anyone eating trees. Instead, when I would go to these locations, I would see them jubilant, cheerful grateful for life, more than me or people that I know. When you see them, they put things into perspectives for you. They make you think twice about complaining about anything. We might be poor, but we are a very resilient country. We can survive anything. I’m not going to ask people to fire her or Sign any petitions. What I’m going to do is focus on helping my country getting better and stop waiting for others to do for us.

(North of Haiti ,Citadelle)

I think it’s about time that Haiti rises as a country because of the people instead of waiting for UN, America, France, etc. Let’s use what we have to do better.I know, what probably most of you are saying, HOW? WHY? Instead of everyone sharing pictures or criticizing the government which I know it’s understandable. But if we think and put our knowledge together, that’s how we will make a change. Knowledge is Power.

Let’s put our resources together, to make a difference. I am tired of seen this country like this. I am not only talking about all of you, but I am also talking about myself as well.

Like I’ve always said, we this generation needs to do better than the one prior. I am asking every one of you to think about it and see where you can go and make a difference. I see that people love to criticize instead of making a difference. Let this be a reminder to us to do more because our country need to go back to being “La Perle des Antilles” (.The Pear of the Antilles). We don’t always have to ask for help, and we have plenty of resources to develop this country.

(Môle St Nicholas)

I know it is not an easy task, but it will be rewarding after. I see that a lot of people are doing amazing things especially my friends I will put a link on how you can help out. I am calling out all of my fellow Haitians to make the difference in the one’s back home lives. Not by only posting all of these heartbreaking pictures, but by actually doing something different. Don’t just show your love by posting pictures of yourself  with the flag on May 18th. I came to this realization that half of you love to show off for others to see but yall are NOT doing a damn thing.

I am not saying that it is not good to  post with your pictures,but make sure you guys go home and HELP, make the DIFFERENCE that you are hoping to see. Plus to all of my non-Haitians who loves to talk about the country do some research, learn about it, visit and see the beauty of the country, by learning about the culture, asking questions. Don’t just listen to the media and run with what they are saying. To be honest, I am tired of correcting ignorants when it comes to Haiti.

Link A Helping Hand For Haiti they have been doing a fantastic job as well as others, please give as much as you can. Anything help. Nothing is too little to make a difference in someone life.

(At the beach in my hometown with the flag!)

•HEBREWS 6:10• God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.


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A little Introduction To: Carl R. Latortue

Carl Latortue, someone I met when I used to go to Suffolk community College. I met him through mutual friends. From there we develop a friendship, we used to seat with each other in between classes. I remember like It was yesterday how he would make fun of me at school. Those were good times I mean really good times. If you tell me to describe him in word world it would be Funny, lol it’s because whenever I see him I can’t help but laugh. Besides that, I’ve been watching him growing for the past few years, which I think it’s super great. I am proud of him and all of his accomplishments. I am absolutely proud of his foundation “A Helping Hand For Haiti”. I thought he was the best person to interview for the blog. I enjoy learning about people journeys. I hope y’all enjoy his interview.

-Introducing Carl Richard Latortue to my readers:

   Well, born in Port-au-Prince and partly raised between there and Cap-Haitien, I’m in my twenties (lol) but younger than a lot might think, I am an easy going person, and a really private person, nowadays privacy is a challenge. I like my space from time to time, but your readers will have a better idea of who I am after this interview.

-Would you say moving to the US was a great idea? How as it impacted you?

 Moving to the US wasn’t really a choice of mine. Without going into details, I think everyone knows the story of what brought a lot of us here. It was challenging at first but I had no choice but to adapt, and that is what I did. Back home I was always the kid with the ideas, the kid always trying to hustle at school, at home, or in my neighborhood. Got into a lot of trouble too (lol) but I guess I learned from them. And when I moved here to the US, it gave me a foundation to keep being the kid with bigger ideas, and more knowledge on how I can work my way around a market where I wasn’t even old enough to be part of.

-Why did you decide to start Team invasion?

  Right of the bat I want to put it out there, I am not the founder of Team Invasion Ent. Remember that “Market” I wasn’t old enough for? I was talking about the HMI “Haitian Music Industry”. Back in Oct 2011, I organized my first event in the US with the help of a couple friends. From there I started to get more familiar with the business and a couple months after (summer 2012), the ‘Team Invasion Ent’ crew reached out to me with an offer which I gladly accepted, and we have been entertaining people together since.

-I always tell people I find it difficult to work with a group of people just because of different personalities, so how do you do it?

  (Lol) Trust me I think everybody can agree that working in group is always harder than doing it solo but the good thing about it is that you learn a lot. Sometimes when you’re working solo, you might think the decision you’re about to take is the best because the only person you consulted on the matter was yourself, of course you’re going to be right. But when you have other ideas on the table, you will quickly learn that there are other ways to get the same results you were looking for.

-I heard you can cook, who taught you how to cook? What’s your favorite dish to make?

  Yes I am a decent cook, after years of practice I am finally getting better at it. I was always in the kitchen on Saturdays and Sundays helping out, that’s where I gathered the basics. I have been living by myself for the past 5 years so I ate a lot of salty, burned, uncooked food before I got to this point (lol). Cooking relaxes me, and I love to cook for people, that precious look on their faces after that first bite is everything to me. I don’t really have a favorite dish, but I am always on youtube looking for new dish to cook.

-I saw that you and a group of friends started a foundation named “A Helping Hand For Haiti”, how did the whole movement start? Why? 

  I was raised and taught to always give back, my family is really big on that. Over the years living in the US, this never changed. I go to Haiti here and there to cook, donate, spend time with the less fortunate in churches, orphanages, etc… Last year I was invited to collaborate to start this project, which is wonderful so far. We just got back from working with our second cohort. Before we go any further, we are a group of friends that realized that we’re blessed and grateful for what we have and wanted to give back, and that’s how we started, with all our doubts and struggles and now I am happy to say that everything is coming together. Thank God

-How many times a year, are you guys planning on going to Haiti?

When we first started not knowing all the challenges it involved, we wanted to do it twice a year, but we are sticking to once a year for now. Maybe in the future that will change. [Crossing fingers]  

-I saw on your Facebook that you had a group of volunteers that went with you. How can people sign up for it?

  Easy, we have a website Ahelpinghandforhaiti.org where you can read and learn about the project and the members. And the application to volunteer is on there but also if you not in the medical field and you would like to help anyway, we also accept donations like medical supplies, suggestions, ideas and also money. We have a “GoFundMe” account (The link is on our website as well) where you can donate whatever you want. Any questions, you can email us Ahelpinghand4haiti@gmail.com, we are on IG: @Ahelpinghand4haiti and Facebook: “A Helping Hand For Haiti”

-I know that you are still in school, and have a job. How do you make time for everything 

  It’s hard because one affects the other. Time management is everything, and I love every single one of the things I do. In addition, working in group makes it easier on me to give my best in all of them.

-What is your favorite part about Haiti?

  “The Hope” that after everything we have been through and are going through that one day we will see that light.       

-What is the best advice you could give to the readers?

  Don’t be afraid to go after what you want, what you love because most of the time what holds us back is the fear of doing it alone and the fear to fail. I can tell you I failed in a lot of stuff, but I learned from each and every single one of them. Not that I won’t ever fail in my life again but trust me next time I will fail at something new.

-What are your hopes for Haiti? What do you think we need to do different back home?

  I hope one day we can stop hoping for the government to do something and start doing it ourselves. We need to understand that the government has its own internal/external problems to deal with, so us Haitians have to start taking initiatives to make a difference.

-What does Carl enjoy doing?

  (Lol) I enjoy spending time with my close friends and family, playing Fifa (a lot), playing soccer/Basketball, and traveling. 

-It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers

  Well, in the era we are living now, we too often allow people to affect the decisions in our lives, I think we should take a step back and reanalyze our priorities and pay attention to what really matters in our lives and try to enjoy it while we can.

I hope you lovebugs enjoy the interview as much as I did. I am very proud of my friend accomplishements. It bring me great pleasure to see people that I know winning and taking the world by storm. God bless him ❤️.

 Here’s how you can keep up with him follow him on IG @carl_invasion; @teaminvasionEnt; @Ahelpingand4haiti.


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