SINGLE and what ??

  I always wonder why women always put each other down when others are not in a relationship. People always ask me why you single They’ll say things such as you need to stop being difficult or they'll say girl you’re twenty-one and single there must be something wrong with you . Well my answer… Continue reading SINGLE and what ??


“Melt Shop Adventure”

This week I met up with some of my close friends to have dinner, it's becoming a tradition that we meet at least once a month to see how everyone is doing, due to our busy schedules. A little background on these girls,  I met these girls (Sam was our mentor at JP, Kimesha, Mahawa, and Felecia)… Continue reading “Melt Shop Adventure”


Believe that you can!

When I came up with this idea of starting the blog it was 5 years ago, believe it or not . I spent the whole summer working on it without telling anyone. I kept on failing at getting it together so I gave up and never talked about it until this year I was thinking… Continue reading Believe that you can!