SINGLE and what ??


I always wonder why women always put each other down when others are not in a relationship. People always ask me why you single They’ll say things such as you need to stop being difficult or they’ll say girl you’re twenty-one and single there must be something wrong with you . Well my answer is that I’m looking for something serious but not someone for the gram or Facebook since it’s the new style now. Lol no shade. But a lot of people are in a relationship so they can post for the “GRAM”, well to each their own. But for real nothing annoys me more than when people are like something must be wrong with you or the best one I’ve heard so far is you must be in the closet (lesbian) and you’re not ready to come out yet 😂 😂😂. I think it’s so disrespectful that people would think that. Why don’t they see my accomplishments? Success etc? I get it that some might want me to know the joy of being in a relationship but I’m happy with myself, and before I jump into something that can destroy me, I won’t only do it so my friend can be satisfied. It won’t happen today, not tomorrow or anytime soon 😐.

You don’t know the reason why someone is not in a relationship, so please don’t make them feel like they are less of a woman or they haven’t accomplished anything. Sometimes you may not know what someone is going through in life so don’t be rude and mind your business. I mean yes sometimes I wish I wasn’t the single one out of my girls but I remind myself of what it is I’m looking for in life. Having a significant other doesn’t automatically makes you happy. I have some people who are the perfect examples of why I don’t want a relationship because they seem miserable. People who are in a relationship should worry about making it work, and stop focusing on their friends love life. I’m not saying that friends shouldn’t worry about each other but I think there are some things that shouldn’t be their business . I do want to be with someone but I’ll wait for my right one, please don’t think I believe in a fairy tale, but I do believe that each and everyone of us have our Mr or Mrs. Perfect.

For the people that think being single mean you’re unhappy, it’s a lie! Learn to love, and respect your selves enough before sharing it with someone. Until you learn to be content with yourself, there’s no need to look for that in someone else because I’m pretty sure he or she won’t be able to give you what you’re looking for. Relationships do not equal happiness. So please stop thinking people who are single are not happy or lonely because believe it or not SOME are just content with being on their own and are in no rush.

Love Bugs, my advice is to learn to be HAPPY with yourself , RESPECT , LOVE and ACCEPT

yourself before anything else. Single life is just as amazing as being in a relationship.

Surround yourself with good people, travel, learn yourself, party your life away, accomplish your goals, find your happiness before you’re able to share it with someone. So to all of my single people, whether you’re a boy or a girl, YOU ARE



Lady Sergine ❤

3 thoughts on “SINGLE and what ??”

  1. Girlthat’s my struggle every day!! People are forcing me to get a boyfriend ad if I told them that I wasn’t happy being single smh they always think being in a relationship will compete you but it’s not like you said if you’re not satisfied or content with yourself you won’t find it in another person!! Love you!I’m so proud of you

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