CONFIDENCE is the best outfit ever !

“If you have a bad thought about yourself tell it to go hell, because that’s exactly where it came from.” Brigham Young ❤️


You need to own who you are no matter what or where you’ve been. I remember a time where my confidence was shaky because I valued people opinions a little bit too much, I used to feel hurt if someone didn’t think I was smart enough or pretty enough; until I reminded myself whose opinions matters besides mine?We have a tendency to seek validation from others, I’m not talking for my girls only, but also for the boys that feels like they don’t fit in because of the fact that someone on social media might be flaunting what they don’t have. What you have shouldn’t define you. You have to be confident in the person you are exuding to the world. Believe it or not God makes no mistakes, whether you are skinny, tall, short, a little bit on the curvy side, poor, rich, black, white etc., you just have to flaunt it and own it… Accept who you are as a whole.

What’s confidence in my book is owning who you are and accepting it W/O having to apologize for who you are.

When I first moved here, I was confident in who I was as a whole until kids in my high school would make remarks about my accent or the way I carried myself (they would say you are so boogie). It used to bother me, I would always look for my friends so I wouldn’t be alone, mind you I LOVE TO BE ALONE. But my confidence was so low, mind you a 15 year old who was taken away from what she knew all her life. Until I was like whatever I’m trilingual (French, Creole, English) and a beginner in Spanish. I thought to myself of course I can’t be like you because I’m from Haiti smh what did you expect. (Meanwhile they are waiting for you finish your exams so they can copy of you lol) I didn’t care. When people would try to kick me by saying little things about where I was from I didn’t care anymore 😑. Because this is who I am and there’s nothing wrong in it. I wouldn’t want to speak English around people but my family and teachers used to tell me you don’t have as strong of an accent like you think. It is who you are and who cares what they have to say and I gain confidence in talking around others. Even now people will make fun of me when I say something. I just brush it off.

I’ve learned at a very young age to always be confident in who I was as a human being and make no EXCUSES for that.

People around me will say that I’m hell of confident, I will wear sweat pants to school and walk like I’m wearing Givenchy because I am feeling myself enough to appreciate what I have. I am loving me that’s what I am doing. Don’t sit around waiting for compliments from anybody. If you need them, tell yourself that you are pretty, smart, whatever that you need to hear. You see people value those likes on social media like thirst lol, I’m one of the million that would post a picture and wouldn’t care if people didn’t or did like it. I’m never trying to sell what I’m not on social media. What you see is what you get. I’m no model, I’ll take a good picture once in a while. By no means am I saying not to take beautiful pictures, I’m just saying don’t do it for people and there’s nothing wrong with posting a natural picture showcasing your beauty. There are people who I know; if they would to lose everything that they have, they wouldn’t be the same COCKY, CONFIDENT person that they portrayed themselves to be. It’s because they are hiding the real person behind those cars, makeup, eyelashes pretending that they are this big confident person & they ARE NOT! Ughh the things people value… It’s sad to see. I would never go to an extent to have things that I don’t have impress others. No way, I am confident in myself enough to not send this image to others.My parents were very huge on me and my brother being confident about where we come from and who we are. My dad always said “Be Confident” in being Sergine Uriel Régnier, because there’s only one in this world & it’s you.

Guess what I’ll have shaky moments here and there but I’m pretty darn confident in myself. I do doubt myself sometimes, perfect example was the summer when I was entering at JP Morgan. While in a meeting with my mentor he was like if you can be CONFIDENT in yourself you would rule the world because you are pretty smart. It was a nice wakeup call that I needed in my career path. By the end of the internship first thing he said to me was I’m proud of the young confident WOMAN you have become

Love bugs be proud of yourself, don’t let the world tell you who you are and how you should be. You’re pretty darn amazing. You certainly don’t need ANYONES approval. Be the fabulous person you are in your CAREER & PERSONAL life. Like Jeannie Mai from The Real would say you are Godfidence (God makes no mistakes, because you are a creation of him). You know me when things are way over my head I turned to the Lord. Was looking over something I stumble over Proverbs 31, every women should read it.

“She is clothed with Strength and Dignity, and she Laughs without Fear of the future ” Proverbs 31:25

EXUDE confidence, be PROUD of who you are.


Lady Sergine 🌹❤️

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