Maybe ONE day we will ?

               ‘Love changes everything so feels the world with it” Kid President


When the Paris bombing happened, I was out with a close friend, having a good time. I went on Facebook and saw everyone talking about Paris, and I thought, “what now?” So I got off Facebook went to Google to find out what happened. I was shocked and immediately thought of one of my best friends who lives there. I texted her to make sure she was okay, and even after finding out that she was, I still felt overwhelmed by all the people going through the pain of losing someone they love.

I kept on finding all these things happening in one day. I really hurt for those people because I know what it’s like to go through something like that. I’ve lived through an earthquake like Japan and Mexico , I’ve seen my country go through hell (Haiti), I’ve been too scared to fall asleep because I didn’t know what would happen next. And even here, as a black person, I still fear for my life in the presence of a cop.

As I’m praying for Paris, my favorite city in the world and the first country I’ve ever visited, I thought to myself, “What is the world coming to?” People don’t seem to value each other’s lives. People are even complaining that their countries don’t get the same amount of support as Paris. They may not get the same amount of support, but instead of being at each other’s throat, we should stand united, pray for one another, ask God for guidance, and use this as a wakeup call to see past race, religions, ethnicity, etc.

When will there be enough destruction for us to stand with each other? Us as HUMANS are in deep trouble; we need to stop what we doing to each other.

     The Paris terrorist attacks is A WAKE UP CALL for the WORLD.

     Let’s all pray for all these countries going through hell and for all of these people whose lives are changed forever. God, I’m asking you to give the world a sense of peace, joy, and strength. Especially towards all of the people who wish harm on others. Without forgetting those Muslims that are paying for others act of violence.

No more VIOLENCE, no more TERRORISM! Let’s STAND together!

Baghdad, Lebanon, Missouri, Japan, Mexico, France, and Haiti we are praying for you. I am sending you love, peace, faith and my prayers. A special condolences to those that are affected ❤️.

Je t’aime Paris, Mwen renmen ou Haiti, te quiero Mexico, B7ebbak Lebanon, わたしは、あなたを愛しています Japan, I love you Missouri,أحبكv Baghdad. We might speaks different language but we are saying the same and we are HUMANS. Love is Love 

Please let us stop the fighting  in honors of those victims, which have lost their lives due to humankind acts of terrorists. I believe that one day, we will see beyond our differences.

                                             1 John 4:7 “Dear friends, Let us love one another, for loves come from GOD. Everyone who loves have been born of God and knows GOD”

Lady Sergine💙

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