Wish list. Why sometimes dreams are not coming true?

Are  we though ?? Are we killing the dream


Butterfly Butterfly

All the time I encourage people to dream and to believe in the implementation of their dreams. To show a good example I always try to follow my dream, but I have to admit it that sometimes dreams are not coming true, even if you`ve done may be even more that you could. Why is like this? I was thinking a lot on this question and couldn’t find the answer… May be I don`t deserve it to come true? Or my attitude towards this dream was not right?
I am strong enough to calm down a bit and then start fighting for my dream again and again, but…nothing has changed. I wasn’t satisfied with the final destination. It was like a dead end – no another way just turning back.
A couple of days ago I saw one movie, where the biologist, who is majoring on insects, caught a…

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