Thank You 2015 💋✌🏾

2015 WHAT A YEAR!!  As I'm seating down taking a look back at what a year I've had; its crazy to think in a year all of these things as changed( not really). My 2015 was all about personal growth and founding my purpose. It was brutal in a way because I've had some truth… Continue reading Thank You 2015 💋✌🏾

Faith, Me

2015 in review🎉🎉

I'm not only grateful for this I'm beyond blessed to have accomplish this for the past 4 months. I'm beyond happy for having the opportunity to connect with people  from all over the globe. When you have something in mind start it. You never know we here it might lead. THANK YOU to all of… Continue reading 2015 in review🎉🎉


Grateful Blogger Award.

Thank you so much for this I am very grateful. Thank you for founding it inspiring enough ❤️. XOXO


Yesterday I was nominated for the Grateful Blogger Award by Maria Job who is the author of her personal Maria Job blog. This is my first nomination so I don’t really know how to behave myself 😉  My personal blog is quite new and fresh and Maria was one of the first bloggers who gave me support with her comments and likes, which was so much important for me. I’m so much thankful for her to appear in my life.
image1To accept Grateful Blogger Award You need to follow the rules:
Thank the person who nominated you, including link to their blog. List at least 5 things that you are thankful for. Nominate at least 5 bloggers who you are thankful for – check they are willing to accept this award. Optional: Display the Grateful Blogger Award badge in your award acceptance post
What I am grateful for:
1. I am…

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A guideline to the perfect Christmas Gifts 💋

Hey Lovebugs, I thought I would put a guide to buying Christmas gift for the holidays. You know everyone are different about what they want. Some people are not really big on gifts, for them it's not their priorities, anything will works.Some are more about the things that they naturally love or its related to… Continue reading A guideline to the perfect Christmas Gifts 💋


To my broken-hearted 😇

Lately, I've seen that a lot of people would lose a special someone in their lives around the most fantastic time of the year. Which makes it ten times harder to enjoy the holidays. Let me start by saying I am sorry for your loss. I feel your pain deeply, and I know nothing seems… Continue reading To my broken-hearted 😇


Facing the fears 💋❤️

  My biggest fear in life is flying, which some might think it's crazy since I'm always on a plane going somewhere but unfortunately that's one of my fear in life. I wish it was something else all the time.... It's not the case. So this week I've had to catch 2 flights in two… Continue reading Facing the fears 💋❤️