Facing the fears 💋❤️

My biggest fear in life is flying, which some might think it’s crazy since I’m always on a plane going somewhere but unfortunately that’s one of my fear in life. I wish it was something else all the time…. It’s not the case. So this week I’ve had to catch 2 flights in two days in order to make it where I needed to be.

Imagine how I’m seating on the plane with a million of scenarios going through my mind, lol and still is as I’m seating on the plane writing this. Imagine having to fly for 10 hours and during the flight all you did was worry and stress. So unhealthy for the Body ,Soul or  Heart. That’s why I’m determine to face it, through prayers and my gospel songs, and some meditation. I remember watching an interview with 50 Cents and he said you can’t be worried and pray, you have to pick one over the other. Because if you stay worried, the prayers are in vain. I can’t seems to help it, but it’s the devil tempting me to live in fear, BUT he shall not win because my God is amazing. 

I’m trying to Come up with new ways of controlling the fear. The 1st way is through prayers, because my parents always say to pray. I seriously can’t live like this I don’t like the fact that I’m scared and I’m unable to enjoy my flight. Another thing that helps it’s looking into the cloud (sometimes). I don’t know what do sometimes when neither of those seems to work . Two weeks ago I was watching this movie on Netflix about a pastor’s  daughter who left to become a stripper and came home to see her dad at his death bed. While talking to her dad he said to her you’ll found your shoes just don’t give up and started to say this verse Isaiah 40:31 and it resinated to me, not the 1st time hearing or reading it.Went back to read it over and over again but today it gave me a new profound strength, that had helps me calm my nerves a little bit. Flying is the worst fear to have but I surely don’t want that to become my life. I’m bound to travel a lot because of my line of study and my love for going to foreign countries. 

A life live in fear is not what you call living, I’m making a promise to myself to not let it control me and not to allow those negatives voices in my head.if you too have a fear of flying know that you are not alone, but my advise to you and myself is to found something to help you stay calm. Whatever it might be, PRAYER is my thing but I understand it might not be yours, but do found something. Like I said there’s so much more that need to be seen or lived for , God didn’t give us this world for no reason. Fear of flyingh. is just stopping you from fully taking advantages of life. Don’t let it become who you are. Meditate, pray, or whatever it is you want to do just don’t let the fear win. 

Together we can do this, I’m making a promise to you, to work on it and im hoping you lovebugs can do the Same. Because if you believe in God, you shouldn’t live a life of fears, I know sometimes it’s not easy. I know one day I’ll fly without being nervous or worried about anything. I’ll be able to enjoy my flight by looking into the window to stare at this beautiful sky and those Clouds ( I’m so into cloud, they make me happy). 

Whatever fear you have fight through it until it’s no longer one. We are going to do it together ❤️.   

Joshua 1:9″Haven’t I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

            With Love,

                                Lady Sergine ❤️🌹

PS I made it safely lol, it was a nice flight with just the right amount of turbulence lol for a person like me😒😕

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