A guideline to the perfect Christmas Gifts 💋

Hey Lovebugs,


I thought I would put a guide to buying Christmas gift for the holidays. You know everyone are different about what they want. Some people are not really big on gifts, for them it’s not their priorities, anything will works.Some are more about the things that they naturally love or its related to something that they are interested.
Here are few of the things that people would want for Christmas!
Well my cousin said that’s what she would have wanted because of how comfortable it is.
2- Camera
People are getting more interested in taking pictures, also I think a lot of women love to take pictures.
3-Phone /kindle / tablets cases
Everyone love to be stylish with their phone and tablet . Plus a good one is expensive.
4-Pictures frame
I know some of my friends are huge into cherishing the Memories that we make together, some ask for that with all of our crazy pictures.
Reading is still very fundamental for certain people, I believe in holding a book more than the electronic version. There’s just something about it. When buying the book remember who the person is so you can buy them a book that for sure that they will actually read.
6- Gift cards
I know some people who doesn’t know what to usually say they want so it will be easier to give them a gift card with money on it ( between 25-150 dollars)..I found them to be impersonal but I will say add a little something to make more personal like an handwriting note .
7-Make up
We all know that Girls loveeeeee to wears make up. Also it depends on the person I would say some will say that lipstick will do because that’s all wearing make up consist of for them. Know the person you shopping for.
8- Bags
I’m really into bags, so for me that will do. A nice bag, something that when you see the person would totally wear not something you want.
9 Uggs
It depends on where the person lives, that would be perfect. My good friend told me They would be the perfect gift for her.
Some people are really into writing, just give them something that would inspire them to write. There’s a lot of personalize journals specially at target.
11- Drawing pad and pencil
It’s a way to say I support your dream and encourage you to go full force after it. It’s very personal, and also show that you pays attention.
12-Make up kit
It’s so easy to carry with you, if you travels a lot and helps not to lose your make up when you changing bags. An easy way to carry essentials with you.
Hope my guide was helpful lovebugs! And check my girl Lidiia nice2beme post on it as well. Me and her decided to work on it together, she’s from Ukraine.( link to her post

Xoxo, Happyy Holidays ❤️❤️
Lady Sergine 🌹 🌸

5 thoughts on “A guideline to the perfect Christmas Gifts 💋”

  1. It is interesting to share the experience of talking with different ladies what they want to get as a gift for holidays. Actually I picked up some useful ideas what to present to my friends, cos they`ve already answered my question what they want=) Thank you Ladysergine for sharing and for brilliant idea of cooperation!

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