Am I worth it 🤔

So many times I found people that doesn’t think they are worthy to be love or to have a wonderful life just because they have been through hell and back. But in reality you are worth it despite what people might think. Nothing annoys me more than when someone is like am I worth? To be totally honest I’ve said it so many times myself
but during my meditation journey I’ve reflected on my life journey and I think hard about all of my triumphs and trials. Just so I can analyze my life and see why I don’t think I’m worth of anything . What I’ve found to be the main problem is that I’ve allowed people’s comments to have an impact on me more than I intended which is crazy to me 😑. So I made a firm resolution to not let people’s opinion have an impact on me. Plus my brother have been telling me this for the past years : You can’t allow what people think or say affect you like that especially the negativity.
People who are miserable love to make others feel like crap so they can found satisfaction within themselves. It shouldn’t be your problem.
For me to be where I am at this point in my life I have done so many soul searching. I’ve failed so many times before I can finally say I’m worth it.
Feeling worthless is because people say so many negatives things about you and you start to believe it even if it’s not true. Also it’s because you don’t accept yourself and love you for who you are.. I gets it’s hard to believe that you are more than what people said; specially if your whole life people keep telling you that you are stupid, ugly, lazy or anything negative.

But remember that you are WORTH living, to be loved, or be successful. Know your worth and learned to own up to it ❤️
With lots of love


Lady Sergine 🌹 💋

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