Suicidal ? Why? •The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die. Juliette Lewis â€¢                           Today I was having a conversation with someone very close to me. By close, I mean a family member. She was telling how much she… Continue reading WHY🤔🤔?


Better Late Then NEVER ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜˜

Hey y'all! How's life been for everyone lately? I'm praying and hoping all is well. You guys remembered my post " Why Lent?" that I posted two weeks ago if I remember correctly. Well let me tell y'all how it has been so far: A disaster! To be totally honest with you love bugs after… Continue reading Better Late Then NEVER ðŸ˜‰ðŸ˜˜


What’s NEXT❓??

I've wrote a blog post about me turning my life upside down when I decided to make a huge Change in my life. Well that change was moving back to Haiti temporarily (about 4 months). For a lot of people, they thought I was making the dumbest decision to pick up and leave like this.… Continue reading What’s NEXT❓??


Would you call that LOVE ðŸ™ƒ

People ask what happen to the old me. I simply answer that Love happen. Love came and left me blind It came so fast that I didn't see the signs It came so hard that it knocked me down It bought me so high that I didn't see Myself fall It had me so messed… Continue reading Would you call that LOVE ðŸ™ƒ


What can you do DIFFERENT??

Am I the only person who stays up at night and think about life!?? Lately that's what I've been doing that. A lot has been going through my mind whether it’s personal or life in general. I'm thinking, my head is spinning like crazy. I don't know but I'm at that crossroad where I feel… Continue reading What can you do DIFFERENT??