Versatile Blogger// fun fact about me

What’s up lovebugs!! 💋

I’ve been nominating so many times but I’ve never done them I usually reblog it and thank the person. But this time I’ve decided to do it. I’m going to thank this awesome girl for nominating, FYI check her out because she’s awesome 😉.

Below are the rules of the things to do when I nominate you:
* Show the award on your blog.
* Thank the person who nominated you.
* Share seven facts about yourself.
* Nominate 15 blogs.
* Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

1- I speak three languages: French, Creole, English.
2- I am obsess with books, I can read fast so I usually read 2 books a day not small ones.
3-I don’t eat eggs, I hate the taste of eggs.
4- I can’t swim for the life of me lol. I promise I’m going to take classes.
5- Chris Brown is my favorite singer of all times. Well I do like other ones but he’s my top favorite .
6-I hope one day to travel the world with my backpack, phone (just I can stay in touch with my love ones), camera, a pen and notebook.
7- I want to take a photography class so I can be better at taking pictures. Because at the moment I’m HORRIBLE at taking picture 😂

Here are my nominees:

My Vicarious Life
Holly C Baker
This day with God
Mixedgirl vibes

Those are my top ones and the ones I thought of . I love reading their blog posts, very good and inspiring ❤️
Xoxo,Lady Sergine 🌹💋

8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger// fun fact about me”

  1. I think you belong to my family: We speak french, I would love to take a photography class too, my sister hates eggs and she doesn’t swim neither, my brother loves Chris Brown,…I mean! hahaha!Can we just adopt you?
    I really enjoyed reading this post.

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