Why Do You Lent?

By definition, lent is “A 40-day period of fasting and penitence observed by many Christians in preparation for Easter. In Western churches, Lent lasts from Ash Wednesday until Easter, usually except Sundays.”

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When I was younger lent was such a huge deal at my house, as I grew older lol I started with my rebellious stage where I think I know what’s good for me. I would think lent was unnecessary, not until last year when I decided that having lent would be a good idea. I’ve forgotten why my parents were really big on having my brother and I to spend those 40 days doing things differently. I thought it was ridiculous, but last year I decided on my own to go back to my Catholics roots and have lent. I gave up on a list of things; my friends thought some of the things were ridiculous. It might have been; but honestly, it was good for my sanity. I stayed away from social media, and certain things that I thought distracted me. It WAS LIBERATING to give up on the things that I held on. It felt right not to be doing the things that I enjoyed doing, it just shows you that you can do anything that you put your mind to and also everything is a state of mind.. Will I be doing lent this year? Yes! It’s going to be a little bit more difficult with me having to blog but honestly it will not stop me… I’ll come up with something by tomorrow so it doesn’t interfere. Lent is important for me now, during lent I get to connect more and more with myself. I have less distractions going around me, I’m not an outdoor person but I’ll go out more with friends by doing just normal things. I don’t drink or party during lent; I use it as a moment to do my deep soul searching.

Lent is a way to connect with God more, it’s also in my opinion a way of saying thanks to the Lord for the things he has done. Even though I thank him everyday, I do feel like during Lent it’s more important. It’s a time to be silent, and forgive. This year I’ll go deeper, I’m going to try not to curse, get angry, be mean any type of way. Maybe I’ll be able to carry it along the way. I wasn’t a social media person until I graduated in 2011. Last year I went MIA from the social media world without saying a word to anyone for lent, it felt good. Everyone was reaching out to me, to see if I was doing good & I was. When I did those 3 days of prayer with my church, it was so great. I needed it; I was going through my grieving stage. Last year I grew closer in my relationship with God, I’m getting more comfortable reading the Bible.

This year for Lent I’ll be giving up on red meat, alcohol, social media (I only will post for my blog post without my pictures), television,cursing, among other things.

I’m highly excited for lent! I can’t wait though because I need to start something new for my own personal reasons. With those 40 days coming around, I’ll be on this journey with Jesus. He came and died for us, so that’s nothing to do in return for what he did for us. I advise everyone to do lent at least once in their personal life; it will be a life changing experience. You don’t have to fast if you don’t want too, I don’t fast during the whole 40 days but I have days where I’ll fast; I do my fasting in different forms. I starve myself other ways. By other ways I mean by staying away from social media. Because I love going on Facebook or Insta just for the fun of it. 

Lent is a way for you to start giving up on the things that you value too much. It helps you repent, and have a spiritual discipline where it’s needed. I personally do lent now for my relationship with God and also to become a better person all around. I reflect on my life about where I stand with Jesus Christ and what I need to repent for. That’s my reason of doing Lent. Others will have different reason but it’s for the same end goal. When I set my mind for a goal, I do it without letting things distracted me.

“Humble yourselves therefore, under God’s mighty hand that he may lift you up in due time” 1 Peter 5:6🙏🏽

With lots of Love

Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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