Don’t be judgmental🙃😁

image.jpegI’ve always told others not to judge a book by its cover which was hypocritical of me since I did it without even meeting the person. Seriously, I had the worst idea of the person before even meeting them. I was judgmental and rude which by the way was STUPID of me. I did not know the person; all I knew about them were the things I’ve heard. When I met the person I had a stink attitude from the get go because I was ready to be a total BITCH (sorry for the languo). My mom had to called me on the side to yell at me lol so I can stop being rude. When I decided to give a try and be nice, I was surprise to find out I was wrong to judge him without even knowing him.

He turned out to be very nice and respectful, maybe a little funny more than I thought. Very down to earth, we were lucky to have more than one conversation, which was good; it was good that I had to see him in a new light. Which I’m very grateful for.

Talking to him had me thinking about how much of a jackass I was and to be honest with y’all I told him how I felt about him before meeting and after this. In all honesty, I apologized to him because I was wrong for acting that way.

I bet we all face this at one point in our lives, but if you haven’t yet try not to let it happen feel free to learn from my very own mistake. When you allow them to show you who they are, you’ll see how many things you have in common with them. We shouldn’t judge someone no matter what . It does not matter if it’s either when meet them or what we heard of them because no one is perfect. I found that you’ll meet with not the most perfect past story but it is your job not to have any negative opinions. What happen to me with this person was that I’ve judge him for all of the stories I’ve heard without asking myself if they were true or not.

I forgot about that aspect in life where people tend to tell story their way so they can destroy someone’s reputation. People say things of others because of jealousy, envy or any reason for that matter. People who have negative things say about them usually hide behind it so people cannot know the real them, and they get scared of people finding the truth about them.

We sometimes as humans are quick to judge others without thinking through or having a reason too. In fact, we should not be judging at all. I’m a huge believer in Christ so that’s not how I should behave.

My advice to you all lovesbugs is people are not defined by what you’ve heard of them, it’s always nice to meet them first before having any opinions.

Next time you meet someone allow them tell you their stories first, and get to know them a little better before having an opinion of who they are.

Stay positive!

Love Lady  Sergine🌹💋

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