La Cabane πŸ’‹


Beautiful sunrise 😍

I’ve been meaning to blog about this beautiful place That I’ve been going for years every time I would come to Haiti. When I got here in December, I had a chance to spend a couple of days there which were AMAZING! It was like the beginning of my break so I needed to recharge and it was beyond my wild imagination. It was better than every time I’ve been. I woke up every morning to watch the sunrise while walking by the lake . The sunrise is breathtaking ! And it’s really nice not too hot or cold, just perfect temperature. But you’ll need a hoodie or something because at night it gets really cold 😩.

You know I’m the type of person when I go somewhere I always pray that I’ll connect with the place on a deeper lever. It doesn’t matter where it is. For instance I have this restaurant that my cousin took me too in New York , that was soooooo good, it was Cafetesia . One day I took my friends to go eat there for our Christmas dinner. When we got there it was CLOSED ! I literally cried πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ because I wassss so in love with this place. That’s the type of perSon that I am.


At my aunt bed and breakfast it’s so pretty, from how it was built to the decor . They have the best food, The fish is the BEST yummy , love it. I say fish because my favorite foods in the world are seafood . They have other delicious food.


(Pictures from my aunt Facebook)Β 

What’s amazing about this place is how nice everyone who works there are. My aunt Tina is really big on making sure that anyone who comes by have the most beautiful experience ever. Literally dreaming about going back. I need to have a moment to myself to meditate, and reconnect with myself on a deeper level before going back to New York. Another great thing you have personal time, nobody is trying to be in your business. During the day is really quiet and at night that’s when they put some good music and a lot of people will be there.

You know what’s great about this place it’s the homie feeling that you get from it. I mean it’s not called a bed and breakfast for nothing.


(A picture of my aunt and uncle  ❀️)

My aunt and uncle decided to move back from the US to have this. Mind you she was a nurse and I can’t remember what my uncle was doing lol. They moved back home with the intention of testing the water, to See if things will workout . I guess you can say that. In my opinion I think they’ve chose the perfect place to do it because it’s not fully developed it was good. In a sense they’ll have to do more work to attract others and they have like 2 -3 competition . I mean I adore them for that . They have such strong work ethic always looking for ways to innovate their business. Not everyone that will gamble a good life, to up and leave. Granted their kids were old, and Β Are married with children.Β 

(One of the room)

Not only you can stay there for a couple of days, you can also host parties, weddings, among other things.
If nature it’s your thing and you looking for somewhere to go while in Haiti Fond-Parisien is the best place to be . In all seriousness, “La Cabane” it’s literally the best place ever. For all of you internet junkies like me they have WIFI lol! Y’all know it’s true.

Me & monmy 😍

So if you ever in Haiti don’t forget to take a quick detour to “La Cabane” . It’s not too far from the DR border as well. Even if you the city type of person you should still go and experience it. It will be an unforgettable one.


Lady SergineπŸŒΉπŸ’‹


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