Dear Brazil,🇧🇷🇧🇷

Brazil, the place I’ve been dreaming about for the past years. Just to be clear, Brazil has been one of the places that I dream to go or even live there for a few years. 


I’ve always have this thing in me where I can’t stay anywhere for too long. I would feel as if I’m in a need of something new. Which I think will be a problem when I have to settle down in my life with work and other things. That’s why I hope I’ll be able to take at least a good solid 2 years off traveling the world to satisfy my curiosity. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop traveling, it just means I’ll be ready to settle down (well I hope so lol).

Brazil is part of the 5 countries I want to visit. I’ve been reading so much about Brazil, from their food to their most visited place. I’ve read this blog where this person was saying for you to enjoy Brazil you have to speak some Portuguese, which I intend to learn during this summer. I’ll put it down as a part of my summer activities.


(How freaking beautiful is this ?)

I can’t wait to visit San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, see Christ the Redeemer and to take a picture as a normal tourist would do lol (I’ve Heard a lot of great stories about it). Also Salvador because I’ve read it’s centered about the Afro-Brazilian culture, that would be nice to visit. Seriously, reading blogs about Brazil makes me want to hop on a plane and go as we speak. From what I’ve read they say it’s like Europe. They say the perfect way to enjoy it is to know your preferences are in term of things that you’re passionate about. I was thinking of how I would plan it since I love nature as much as I love the beach. You see that’s why I need to go & live there. This way I will have time to enjoy all of it.

I LOVE how it’s such a mixture of so many different cultures, I think that’s one of the things that makes Brazil so unique. How can we forget about carnival? Everyone in the world at one point have dreamed of going to the Brazilian carnival, I know I do. When imagining all of the beautiful costumes, and I think they are some hot dancers lol. Not only that they have the most complicated dance in my opinion lol just cause I have two left feet. People in Brazil looks so happy, they love having a good time. One thing that had me fall in love was a Beyoncé music video that was filmed there. I don’t quite remember the name, but I think it’s the one about her daughter. I would loveeee to watch soccer games while I’m There with the national team. I was sooo bummed that I didn’t go to Brazil for the World Cup in 2014. I really wanted to go.


Everything looked so magical in my opinion. I’ve watched so many Brazilian soap operas, my favorite one of all time was “Da Cor Do Pecado” (Au Cœur du Péché). It was such a mega hit when I was living in Haiti. The rendezvous was after school at 5 pm lol everyone was trying to be home by then so they can watch it. The story was beautiful from beginning to the end. Just an FYI I would totally watch it again. I always found reading is another way to travel without being physically there.

So as of now I try to read as much as I can so when I do go I won’t be as lost as I could have been. When I travel I don’t only go for the parties or just the fun, I want to be able to say I’ve learned a lot about the culture. I need to talk about how people from there parties, I’ve seen some beautiful monument and to say I’ve visited some beautiful museum. I think that what’s make visiting a place so memorable.

While I’m continuing to plan my trip there, I’ll keep dreaming, and praying about Brazil😌, and It will stay up in my vision board. I can’t wait to go there someday. Seriously that’s one thing I’m looking for after graduation is the possibility of being able to apply for jobs overseas! Another plus into going new places.

*PS!!! If anyone have been or lived there please feel free to leave some info! I’m trying to soak in as much as I can. *

Saw this quote and I ABSOLUTELY Love it: •We travel not to escape life BUT for life not to escape us • -Unknown (Something to really think about!😉)


PS all of the pictures are from Google 😊                                Xoxo, 

            Lady Sergine🌹💋


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