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I’m very big on supporting my friends or anyone for that matter. So I’ve decided to interview one of my good friends Marvens Derosiers on his pursuit of making one of his dream a reality. I’m rooting for him all the way because I know he can do it. Soon to be working closely with him.  Can’t wait for the world to see his works.😊 Plus stay on the lookout the website will be up and running soon.



Lady Sergine: Tell me a little bit more about you?

Vens: I wanna start by saying hi to you Sergine and to your dedicated readers and I also want to thank you for taking your time to give me this interview, well I’m not one to brag about myself but I can tell you that I am Marvens Derosiers known mostly as Vens I was born on the 28th of November my dad is a doctor and my mom owns a school. I’m currently studying to become a lawyer, and I do music on the side. I have my own company label that I am the CEO of, which is Gangpam ent. Which englobes the label Gang Music. lol I know that the word “gang” has a bad connotation, that it’s often perceived as criminal activities being done by a group; in our case is different since we took the G for Grand the A for Artists the N for New (or Nouveau for French or Creole) and the last G for Generation which makes it Grand Artists New Generation of music (Gang Music). I also love to play basketball so when I’m not studying or making hits I’m shooting hoops. So yes that sums me pretty well.

Lady Sergine: What makes you decided to make music?

Vens: I came from a family where my dad plays the guitar, my sister plays many instruments. Before the divorce of my parents, every Sunday my whole family used to sit on the patio and we used to have a concert where my mom would sing while my dad would be playing the guitar and my sister plays the flute and I would play the drums etc. I also went to music school for a while where I took the piano. I guess in a way you can say I started early. But I’ve decided to focus on RAP. I started to listen to BC and from there I fall in love with the whole RAP movement .which lead me to always write how I felt on a paper the only thing I had to do is to turn my writings into rhyming texts, in high school I always had love for literature so it was somewhat easy for me to write rhyming text. What made me record my works was when my brother made a crazy beat and I recorded the story of how me and one of my exes met it wasn’t a great recording but everyone who heard it gave me a thumbs up and that’s where it all started.

Lady Sergine: Do you believe that you have what it takes to make it?

Vens: I have a very supportive team with me in Gangpam Ent. And also the label have talented artists we have Steph G and Kay who are amazing artists, they are pure talents and they work hard every day, as for me I believe in my talent. But dedication and hard work are what defines someone’s talent. I mean you can be talented but if you don’t believe in hard work or improving your work; there’s nothing there. I mean you are never good enough it’s a continuous process but with the crew behind me and my own personal talent I believe we have more than what it takes to make it, not to step on anyone’s toes but I believe that we are more talented than some artists that are famous in the industry.

Lady Sergine: What makes you different than the others?

Vens: What makes me different than others is my set of skills because when they give me a theme to write on I go behind what’s in front of the eyes and my wordplay usually amazes people. As someone who has a college degree is not going to write like someone who only completed high school. I’m not throwing shades at anyone I’m just stating the reality.

As for the label I can tell you the requirements to be a part of the label, the set of rules established by the management staff makes us who we are for example one of the rules is that you have to be enrolled in college or you have to at least have completed some college courses in order for the managers to consider signing you, so all that put our level of production higher than others.

Lady Sergine: Who played a role in you wanting to do music?

Vens: As I told you earlier I got attracted by the rap tendency listening to barikad crew but the main people who encouraged me to continue were my brothers (because they saw the talents I had & encourage me)who created the label with me allow me to shout them out Rey and Manno much respecte to my sister Tania and also my classmates and former crew Real G lol mostly Guy Dave and BH those dudes believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself there’s also my bestfriends TIP Mike Steph and those lovely ladies who also are close personal friends that I consider like sisters Nedgine Kara Kay Gabie. My official sponsors Lady Sergine blog and Soukaz Closet, my exes. Also, those who did not believe me in me, I chose to see them as my motivations.

Lady Sergine: What does music mean to you?

Vens: Music means to me what water means to a camel, music to me is what oxygen is to us, music is me and I am music, music is my life, without music I don’t exist, music is not what I do it’s who I am that’s why when I make a track I won’t stop working on it until it’s perfect.

Lady Sergine: How would you like people to see you as?or Respond to your work?

Vens: I would like people to see me as who I am a young guy from a country that has been stereotype where anyone who does rap is a bum or gangster, so you can imagine how someone who chose to be a rapper is the same person whose the son of a doctor and a school owner. You can totally imagine how I am perceived in the eyes of the social class I came from especially when I owned a label named Gangpam lol but it didn’t that stop me from achieving my dreams, funny story my mom who couldn’t hear about me doing music asked me the other day to manage the label so I want people to see me as an example of people who turns their dream to reality and who won’t stop until they reach their goal.

Lady Sergine: Are you currently working on anything?

Vens: Yes the team and I are currently working on a mixtape called autodidact, you can expect a single from that mixtape to come out very soon the song was supposed to be out already but there are some imperfections that need to be adjusted on that mixtape you can expect 3 main artists Steph G, Kay and I but there will be some featuring I don’t wanna spill more beans on it. Hopefully lady Sergine will give us another interview to present the mixtape but for now, keep an ear out for ‘”Amour ou Amitier” (Love or Friendship)

Lady Sergine: What are your hopes for Haiti?

Vens:  I hope that one day Haiti becomes back the pearl of the Caribbean, I love that country very much and I’m trying to give back as much as I can.I have the chance to work with 2 great entities Lady Sergine Blog and Soukaz Closet who have a great agenda for the country soon you will discover what we are bringing just stay tuned.

Lady Sergine: What is your advice to anyone that is trying to come up in the music industry?

Vens: Nothing is easy in the world; so my advice is to work hard don’t expect to be famous in one day keep retouching your work to make it close to perfect because only God is perfect, don’t get mad at critics use their criticism to make your work more perfect than it was. While we are on that subject learn the difference between a hater and a critic but appreciate both. Stay patient and pray, and you don’t have to let people play in your rear end to get where you want to be if they tell you there’s no road to your dreams make one yourself and trust God to lead you to greater and better things.

Follow him on Instagram @msd_509 !!

I think I’ll be doing more of this with some of my friends. I think we can all learn from someone.


Lady Sergine 💋🌹

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