Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?


Should we say farewell to all that we know? I think it’s about this time. We totally do, without a doubt in my mind, need to say goodbye to everything that might be holding us back or hurting us.

I was talking to one of my closest friend, and she was explaining to me how much she found it difficult to let go of a relationship that ended almost a year ago. She kept comparing everyone that she met with the old one. I thought to myself, “wow, why is she hurting herself so bad over a situation that was horrible for her well-being? It had brought her a lot of pains” (in my opinion)…

After our talk, I realized that we are all holding on to something that we should totally let go of. It might that job, child, husband, heartbreak or whatever. I also asked myself why we tend to hold on to the things that have hurt us the most. I guess it’s because we allow them to have such an impact on us when we shouldn’t.

During my stay in Haiti, I was working on letting go of everything that I was holding on too for no reason. Friendship, past relationship, anything I thought that wasn’t great for my life had to go. Some have truly hurt me so I needed to let them go. For me it was a sign that it was totally over. As much as it hurts me I was so relieved that I stopped holding on to them. When we want certain things to happen we have like a crazy tendency of holding on to them when we shouldn’t at all.

Maybe it’s because we got so used to the situation or the person. I think as Humans we like to stay attached to the things we know because we think or hope it will get better; even when deep inside we know it’s not true. It is hard, nothing is easy; but I do thing the end result it worth it. I do think it’s always good to do so. Make space for new things in your life! As you let go, you allow yourself to grow and learn from them.

Make a promise to yourself that you will try to let go of the unnecessary. I’ve read somewhere that holding on hurt way more than letting go.

As of now, I’m going to let go of my pain, my hurts, my sorrows, my friends and anything else that I need to. So be part of this journey with me love bugs❤️.

Love, Lady Sergine🌹💋


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Haitian princess🔵🔴👑 •College student 📚• •Dreamer•🌹 God lover❤️🙏🏽 • ~Psalm 145~ I live to inspire others to accomplish greater and bigger things and also to be inspired by others ☺️. I'm on this journey to discover myself and this journey call life. It can be crazy at times but I think it's all worth it in the end. I'm not your average girl lol I consider myself to be very different . So welcome to my world together let's make This blog journey amazing. Be prepared to talk about anything specially FOOD & BOOKS those are my obsessions ❤️ Along with other things. Follow your heart no matter what❤️ Bisous bisous, LadySergine

2 thoughts on “Letting go? Maybe? Why Not?

  1. This is really a good thing to let things go. No one appreciates ownership, but for many of us it is so much complicated and we have to learn how can we let people go, knowing that we might meet again one day.

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