Reflecting on Haiti 😁

image(This picture is perfect on how I’m feeling about taking a trip down memory lane 😍)

When I decided to move back home temporarily I did not know what I was going to do, but I knew it was the right thing.

I am going back home in ONE week, let me tell you this much: I did not know the months were going to go by so fast. Which is funny because I had all of the intention of going back to New York in March bright and early. That was my intention.

For some reason I pushed it until the end of March, later until April and now it’s official I’m going back on May the 2nd! Haha what an interesting date. I’ve been here for 6 months in total so allow me to reflect on how much I was challenged during that time. Haiti has been a lifesaver! I started the journey with so much happiness and fear, because I didn’t know if I would fit in all over again or even survived. Somehow I’ve managed to do so. I didn’t stay in the capital of Haiti; I went to the North side more particularly north west of Haiti. Where my family is from, it’s a little state called Port-De-Paix; with so little people everyone knows everyone (very unfortunate); it’s hard to go incognito. But when I went there, I had an offer to work as a volunteer in my dad school. I was totally against it because kids are crazy. My mom complained so much that I decided to go, which ended up being fun. I had the opportunity to mentor some young kids. They’ve thought me so much you know. I was very fortunate in receiving the offer. In a way it kept me very busy I love that. Being able to give back while you feel lost is such a great feeling. Especially when it’s being received. I had the opportunity to work as a translator for a missionary group called “Love covers Haiti”. I have never worked with people who were living in deep poverty. It was really a shock, what’s interesting it’s how these people were so happy. They were kids who had a smile on even though they knew this would be just for a few days. Where they’ll have a good meal for the day. But their happiness was so good to see. I’ve learned from them to stay happy no matter what. It’s a situation nothing it’s forever. It was very foreign to me; I’ve never done anything like this. They are such great human beings. Very down to earth and ready to kick ass. Through this work I’ve met a beautiful young girl who has touched me more than ever. Her spirit was so beautiful. That’s one of the best highlight ever. Her sweetness, her innocence even though she didn’t have the best life ever. What kills me the most was how she literally held on to me. Had me feeling so sad. I wish I could have taken her with me.

I’ve done so much; I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. I’m still working on getting my foundation website to Launch. Foundation “Serge Régnier” has been so closed to my heart. Six years in the making, tears of joys rolling down. I’ve never put a show together in my life. You know getting an artist to Come play for you in Haiti, it is such a hustle but glory to God my show came along perfectly. Even though it rained so bad. I had one of the most growing artist in Haiti come to my hometown! He is such a down to earth person. (Y’all should check him, he’s name is TROUBLE BOY). But I honestly didn’t let this put me down, there were times that I felt so discouraged, but my team and my surrounding came through when they should have been. I am so blessed and grateful for everyone’s support whether it be from afar or close. A special shout out to my SPONSORS!! They know who they are so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I’ll never be able to repay my mother and Mouna for being such amazing HOSTS!! I still relive the moment (March 12th,2016). Thank you everyone that was a part of the event.

So many great moments happen, I’ve been on so many adventures that I don’t know if I have time to talk about them. Maybe I should blog about each beautiful places. There were so many boring nights where no one would be in the mood to do anything and we would Talk for hours about life, memories and everyone that have impacted us. Somehow they have become some of the most memorable time.

So many where thinking I came to Haiti to just party my life away or to be lazy. None of them were right. I was drowning from my own problems, as a result I had health issues. School was not what I needed. I knew what my goals were, and staying was not going to help me achieve anything. I am so happy I came home.

I have witnessed so many amazing things in my friend’s life, was able to achieve so many milestones with them. Whether it be bad or good, I am happy I was here. I got to found my happiness, closed so many chapters… I have let go of the things that destroyed me.

I have come for a break but … I have worked on so many things; ME, my family, my jobs, my dreams. My friends led busy lives so we did not party like people thought. I have reconnected with so many friends.

So yes I am happy I came. I would not be able to do it without these amazing people that I have in my life because I had some hard days. Someone told me when I look back at your pictures and compare them, you look much happier in the recent ones. There’s a huge difference in the ones you took while in Haiti. She was like you look HAPPY & HEALTHY. I thought, danm it, to me this is gold. Got me so emotional.

Haiti you’ve been so good to me!!! Cannot wait to go back to the states to be with my friends, and in my house. Thank you to the friends and family that kept in touch. That reminded me I was missed by them. I am looking forward to being back in school 🙌🏾😁. I am ready, I. am. ready! I did not think I could have made it, but guess WHAT?? I freaking did!!! Hallelujah to Yahve! I urge anyone that might be having hard time to pause for a second and take care of yourself. Because there’s so much in this world to live for. Cut the negativity, the people that come with them and enjoy this life that was given to you. Happiness is such a beautiful feeling and it Comes with so many other things. HAITI you are heaven on earth for me lol. Thank you for everything! Until next time babes ✌🏾️😍.

Je t’aime Haiti!

Lady Sergine🌹💋


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2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Haiti 😁

  1. Wow, this is so touching. I think it was such a brave thing for you to do, to put everything on pause and go where you felt at peace. Your top picture looks like a person truly absorbing the energy, the spirit, and the Love of HOME. Haiti is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. God really took his time when he created it. To think: Haiti, such a foreign place to me, is a place you call home, a place where you felt set free from the bondage that was once weighing you down. What a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing. In my valley, I will be sure to remember this.

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