Am I ENOUGH?? Hmmm YES 😍

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.” Psalm 139:15❤️


The moment you find yourself asking if you are worth it in any relationship is your cue to leave. Leave without even asking any questions.

You might find it crazy, but that’s my advice to you. Let me share a little bit of my experience with you.

I am very confident; but like every human I have moments were its shaky like I guess it should be. I am comfortable in my skin, I know that I’m not a size zero but rather a size 14. This is completely fine by me. What I find funny is when a man whose asks me out, and tries to make me feel uncomfortable in my skin. You hear? I didn’t ask you out! You came to date me! While I’m still considering you there’s no reasons for your ass to be telling me to lose any fucking weight. Like seriously how dare you? The moment We allow anyone to let us know that we can’t be a certain size or a certain way for that matter, that is When we start loosing our self-esteem.

I am in love with my body, but when he kept on pointing out flaw after flaw ( I wouldn’t even consider some of them as flaws. It was just who I am as a person. Like if you don’t like something keep it moving. It’s your right not too.. I mean I’m naturally a little bit distant, I’m not really romantic lol( trying to be better) ) I think instead of a man pointing them out.. What about you teach me to be better. I found myself going down a horrible path. One where I have to ask people wether or not I looked good. One were i sought validation from others. It just wasn’t me. I was like “hold TF up Sergine, because it’s not who you are” . I needed to be reminded.

It had me thinking of if I wasn’t  enough for him. If me as an whole is good. Well let me just say YES. I. Am. Because I have an amazing personality, I am a beautiful young girl, who have a brain and my beauty is deeper than my body .
I had a girl’s night with some of my best girls we started to talk about how we were too young for us to be letting anyone make us feel bad about ourselves.
The question I found that most curvy girls or any girl for that matters ask themselves is if they are ENOUGH.

My answer? YES! yes you are. You are enough. Just because a man is not able to accept you for you are doesn’t mean you are less than anything . One man’s loss is another man’s fortune.

I see it as that. if you cannot accept me for who I am; you don’t deserve me at all. Not even a little bit.

I don’t get why would someone that is asking you out or dating you feels like they can just make you feel like shit. Why? I don’t get it. If you feel like the person is not your type then leave or go find someone who matches your preferences better. Nobody is asking you to stay for that matters. These men have their own demons that they are fighting with. You shouldn’t be their punching bag. “Cowards “is the perfect word to describe them. Is it so hard to have something nice to freaking say just like I do ?? I mean hell NO..

Especially if you have worked on yourself to be at a point of acceptance. So please don’t let anyone, and I mean ANYONE take that away from you.
What I truly think of these men, is that they see you are shinning and love yourself but for them it’s a different story. They are the miserable kind that would feel much better if you were like them. They don’t like to be out shined, it seems like they always see you as their competition. Men like this are not worth it, they are the verbal abuser type. You don’t need a Man like this, you beautiful lovebugs !! A man who is constAntly picking out your flaws is not a man for that matter. It’s okay to tell your significant other on what you think they should work to be better at.. But NOT break them to the point where they feel really ashamed.(FYI I’m not ashamed but I have heard other stories were others feel ashamed or they have to always be a certain way)

My advice is to you let go of that scumbag because you are ENOUGH!

Any man who can’t make you feel loved, beautiful, comfortable or like you own the world is not worth of any of your love and affection. God makes no mistakes, he knew when he created that he loves you enough and you were meant for greatness !

Keep this in Mind my beautiful readers  YOU ARE ENOUGH !! ❤️


Lady Sergjne 🌹💋



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Haitian princess🔵🔴👑 •College student 📚• •Dreamer•🌹 God lover❤️🙏🏽 • ~Psalm 145~ I live to inspire others to accomplish greater and bigger things and also to be inspired by others ☺️. I'm on this journey to discover myself and this journey call life. It can be crazy at times but I think it's all worth it in the end. I'm not your average girl lol I consider myself to be very different . So welcome to my world together let's make This blog journey amazing. Be prepared to talk about anything specially FOOD & BOOKS those are my obsessions ❤️ Along with other things. Follow your heart no matter what❤️ Bisous bisous, LadySergine

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