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I’ve always heard of Princess Eud, but never knew exactly who she was until last year. I was reading an article on her, and I fell in love with the Rapper or I should say the person. I’ve been learning so much about her that I’ve decided she should be one of the people that I interview for my blog. I became a fan of her music and her work ethic, by work ethic I mean by how much she has accomplished since she started. She is more than her music, she has such an amazing clothing line . I love how she incorporated so much of her culture into it, I think thats why she stood out more to me. If I had to choose one song of hers it would be ” Viv” . My younger sister swears that Princess Eud is the coolest and love her style.


Who is Eunide Edouarin ?
Eunide Edouarin is a woman who is very laid back, loves to smile, and likes to surround herself around positive people.

How did you come up with the name Princess Eud ?
I was in a group name call “Skepaz”. One day we had a meeting, everyone was giving their stage name , and it comes to my turn to give mine but I didn’t have a name . So one of the group members whose name was ” 35″ Asked me what was my name and I told him Eunide. He said we’ll call you Eud . And another group members ” Izi-one” added the Princess part.

Why do you have dreadlocks ? Is there any meaning behind it?
I love being natural, and I’ve always had love and respect for that style of hair. That’s why I had them. As time has pass it became to represent so much more to me. With them I’ve learned to become more patient.

How did all of This started ? What made you decide to become a rapper ?
I’ve had this artist that I felt so connected With . I thought the only way I could meet the artist was to become one myself. Even, If Lauryn Hill didn’t inspired me , RAP would have been the style of music I would choose to do. I felt like with it I could call out everything that is going wrong in our society. I don’t think the other genres could have allowed me the opportunity to do so.

Rap in Haiti has such a bad connotation next to it, didn’t that scared you ?
No it didn’t scare me, because positivity is stronger than fear . If your working for change and for the right things ,You can’t be scared.

I read somewhere that you grew up in Church, did your career choice affect your relationship with your parents.

Yes I grew up in church, and I still go to church sometimes. Before ,my parents didn’t understand it. But I put them in confidence with what I was doing ,from there on they’ve trusted me and let me do my work. When they saw I was doing something positive with it.


From church to Rap it’s a whole different world. How do you collide these two different worlds together?
Is church still a big part of your life ?

They are not as different as you would think. Church is all about the positivity, and it’s the same work that I continue to do in my music. The only difference is that I touch more lives, I talk to more people instead of being judgmental. Where in the church they judge them without knowing their hearts . God is still a big part of my life. I try to avoid everything that has to do with religion, I want to be more of a spiritual person.

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you started in the game ?
Staying Humble , it’s everything .

How do you manage married life and being a mom with such a demanding job ? You are constantly traveling.
My family comes before everything, and everything else falls into place . I’ve always made time for my family , and for my work. I separate everything, I don’t mix it. Well I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE traveling

Out of all the places you traveled which one was your favorite? Do you enjoy traveling?
My favorite one is Cuba, yes I enjoy traveling. For me it’s that I’m constantly learning , always discovering something different in every country that I go. I love to observe whenever I go to a new country.

Why did you start your own clothing line ? What’s your vision for it? Btw I love it .
I love fashion so that’s how It All started . I would love for Eudcollection to become one of the biggest brand name like the other brands names So I can have people talking about my country .
Oh thank you ☺️

What was the inspiration behind the clothing line? Do you have anything for curvy girls as well? I love how you embrace your culture.
I come from a family where fashion is what they do for a living. My mom made her wedding dress all by herself. Like they Say, the Apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. I wanted to add a little something in our culture. I felt like it was only on special occasions in Haiti that we wear our clothing ( Karabela that’s what it’s called) . So I wanted to show it more to the world and reconnect with the culture that our ancestors left behind for us. Until this day certain people when they see our clothing; don’t like it because they associated it with “Voodoo”. But in reality it is far from the truth hmm!
And yes I have for curvy women.

What goes behind making a Princess Eud album ? What’s the process like ? Where do you draw inspiration ?
When you working on a solo album , a lot of work goes into it . A lot of concentration, I do research, listen to a lot of music . Figure out what I want to talk about. What direction I want to go with it. Who I would want to collaborate with on the album.
My inspiration come from my everyday life, what goes in front of me, from society ( Haitian ), the world in general.

What makes you decide to work with an artist ?
The first thing I look into working an artist is the talent. And everything else doesn’t really matters .
Art is all about talent!

What are your thoughts on the Haitian hip hop scene for any girls that’s trying to make it?
Be courageous, show them you are doing the exact same thing that they said you couldn’t do. Prove them wrong. Have a lot of discipline in your life.

I’m pretty sure the road to success wasn’t easy .Did at any given point you felt like giving up on your dream?
Nothing comes easy in life, as long as you live there’s always going to be negativity. Don’t let it affect you. When things like these (bad situations )happens. I stay quiet, and let everything Calm down. They were times when all I wanted to do was give up but I continued to fight as long as God continued to give me the strength and courage to do so.

What’s your advice to Anyone going after their Dreams ?
Stay consistent & Focus !!!

What’s your message to the young girls ?

Love yourself before you love any men. So they don’t Have any bad influences on you. Love is a beautiful thing but if you can’t control it or yourself it could be a disaster. So for you my young girls stay in school, and respect yourselves.

I‘ve read somewhere you said that your not a feminist. Why ?
I believe in equality between everyone but I don’t think I should defend only one side of it . I think women as well as men deserve respect , and need love. I think if I’m asking for equality , I can’t only defend one side. It’s not only women or men that’s changing the world. It’s the both of them, I think we should put our heads together and do what we have to do. .

What are your 3 top artists at the moment, in the Haitian community?
I don’t have a top 3, I love any Haitian artists that is doing something good to take their country to the top.

2 things that your fans would be surprise to know about you .
I don’t have a bunch of friends and I’m a home body ☺️😁

Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Is there anything you’ll hope to achieve by then?
I see myself traveling all over the world, performing my music and expanding my clothing line🙌🏽😁

I saw somewhere that you love to cook. Any chance than you’ll open a restaurant in the near future?
I have the intention of opening a bar. I didn’t really think about a restaurant . But YOU never know . So never say never

Are you working on any projects beside music and your clothing line ?
yes I’m doing something else, but I don’t want to talk about it for now… When it’s almost ready , I’ll let you guys know .

Any last thing you hope to share with the readers about Haiti , life, etc ?
I want them to know that yes indeed Haiti has a lot of problems but that’s not all Haiti is about. We have a lot of amazing things to show, we have such a beautiful culture which have a lot to offer. Our cuisine is very bold, tasteful, spicy and made from scratch. so make sure y’all take some time out to go and see what Haiti is really about 😊


Here’s how you lovesbugs can stay connected with Princess Eud: IG @princesseud , website it’s http://www.princesseud.com

Pictures by Richard Louis! You can found him on WordPress too☺️

A huge Thank you to the beautiful Princess Eud for letting   me interview her. I am grateful for believing in my brand to allow me to interview you!

Xoxo !

Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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