Phyllisia Ross


Phyllisia Ross the girl who has become an Haitian Internet sensation. My experience on how I discovered her, was one day I was on YouTube watching videos , somehow her song started to play next. I was listening without really listening , out of nowhere something caught my attention, I was glued to my laptop watching her videos ( y’all know how this worked). From there I was like whose this girl I need to learn more about her ( my inner journalist was coming out lol) . Well I follow her on social media to keep up with her. I like her positivity, good vibes , a few things I got from her . So of course I had to take my Chance and ask her for an interview , which she graciously accepted. Everyone should know by now whoever I interviewed so far, my sister whose 15 gave me a stamp of approval.. Her song “konsa” is until today one of my favorite song of all time. One more thing I thought was so good, was how even she grew up in the US, she came out as a Haitian singer. She didn’t have to do it because I see some singers who are Haitians who didn’t do the same. They will barely talk about their nationality . For Phylisia Ross to do so it was AMAZING!!!

In a few words describe who is Phyllisia Ross ?

God fearing, family oriented, dedicated, happy, hilarious!

From what I’ve read you are half Haitian and Jewish. Was that ever an issue growing up? Did you ever feel like you didn’t fit in?

I dealt with racism in both side. Where in one side I wasn’t Haitian or Jewish enough. In my life it wasn’t an issue, in my one little bubble I didn’t see it as problem. I embrace who I am. I’m a tough cookie, so these things can’t break me down.

Would you say that it was important for your parents that you have a little bit of both culture ?

Yes it was for my mother especially, and she put me in Hebrew school as a child. I learned my abc in Hebrew. My mom was very adement  that I know who I am, and to embrace my cultures. At the house we had Haitian foods, spoke French, English .

You’ve been to Haiti, what was your most memorable moment ?

My most memorable moment was shooting “konsa “. It was the first time I was  swimming in the ocean by myself. It was Cotes des Arcadins, very beautiful, the mountains were gorgeous.

You grew up here in the U.S, you could have had a music career in the American music industry but instead, you chose the path to become a Haitian artist why?

I don’t consider my music to be any part. My music it’s a fusion of everything of RnB, pop, compas etc . I’m a mix woman, so I was really adamant about me perceived as if . “l’union fait la force” was the 1st music that I started with. Some people reached out to me and thought  I should dabble to see if I’m going  to be received in the community. That’s how “Konsa” was made and it was just about testing the waters and from there everything it’s history.

How did the all singing start? What had inspired you to be so.

Started playing piano as a kid & when I was 5 when I discover that I can sing from there it’s history.

What have been your most memorable moment since you started ?

Seating & writing “l’union fait la force” . While watching the earthquake . I really wanted to show people who I am as a songwriter , to show people what  I’m really about .It’s not about the hits, it’s Also about sending  a message.

Any hidden talents that we should know about ?
Cooking !

On a day off what does Phylisia Ross do ?
Days off doesn’t really happen , there’s always something happening or I have to do. My day off entail cooking, classical pianos , wine.

Beside musics , what’s one thing you hope to succeed in?
I’m an entrepreneur at this point. I’m already dabbling in other business. I want to mentor other people to show them what the music industry is about.. I Went to school for biology and maybe one day when I’m old I can work on what I’ve studied , because I love to help others. I went to university of Miami.

Did you have the college experience ?

No I didn’t because I had to do a lot of touring and things like that . I made it work its all about being dedicated .

What’s the message you hope to send out to the youth?
Never wait for Somebody to do something for you. Start walking & the doors will sart open! Have faith in God


Any exciting things you working on? Should we expect any musics soon? Is anything going to be different from what you’ve done so far ?

I’ve been touring for a while now . I’m a very stubborn artist, I don’t like to drop musics because of deadlines. It’s more about me putting the work and being very proud of it as well as my team.

For the past few months I saw that you’ve been to a lot of places , like Europe, the Caribbean etc. what one place that stood out more to you ?
I don’t have a favorite place, in Europe I love the style , the cuisine, wine . Caribbean for the water. New York is where I live , and south Florida it’s for my family . I think the world it’s beautiful, it helps you discover yourself and grow.

I am just an upcoming blogger with no experience . What was one thing that made you accept to allow me to interview you ? 

I will let anybody who wants to interview me do so . It’s a way for me to get my work out . I want to give anybody a chance. Everybody deserves a chance . It’s all about how you come up to me for the interview. I like people who are professionals. One day you really will be successful. I know people are really about numbers but people deserve chances .

Before I end every interview I always ask what’s the last message/ advice you hope to close with?
Thank you for the interview, thank you everybody listening to my music, who ever purchase my songs. Thank you for sharing my life . God bless you!


PS: All pictures are from Phyllisia

Here’s how you can stay in touch with her and follow her journey. Her Instagram @phyllisiaross ; website: http://www.phyllisiarossmusic.com/

While interviewing her on the phone I got to have a better sense of who she is. Her tone of voice was so sweet even though she was being distracted by her dog who was trying to eat her things lol. She sounds very sweet, it felt more like a conversation than anything else. Such a sweet girl, very open I should say.


Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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