image(True story, the clouds calms me down whenever I’m feeling way over my head)

Every day I get asked this question about how’s life since I’ve been back. I respond that it’s overwhelmed with everything I have to do. Seems like I have to put my life back in order. I’ve been back for almost a month now; tomorrow will make it a month since I’ve be back in the states but 2 weeks since I’ve been in New York .

I have yet to finish unpacking, seriously it feels like my life is packed in boxes. Like seriously on Monday to Tuesday morning I unpacked everything but I still have to wash these clothes that I had in boxes for months now. In a way my life is still wrap .If I don’t finish organizing my room soon, I think I’ll still feel as crazy as I am feeling at the very moment . I don’t know where to start, my mails are organized I can say that much but so much to cover, my insurances, my bank account to reopen. Haha I haven’t done any of that all I do is carry cash ( which is bad) but it’s the feeling of being overwhelmed that you get. Plus I’m trying to start working again which has not been Easy… Like seriously though I don’t want to be chilling everyday after I just spent these past months on a 8 am to 3 pm schedule. I used to wake up early and be out & about. I’m starting classes in the fall glory to God which is super exciting so I’ve been trying to get everything situated. I’m a last minute person but still.

I get invited to places like everyday by my friends who haven’t seen me in forever, they are texting & calling, asking to hangout. Let’s not forget about my family who are feeling neglected . Granted they are but I’ve been hibernating since I’ve been back in New York. For me to go anywhere I need to be harassed everyday or pop up in my door to make me go. Big up for my friend Flo lol who knows how to get me out of my house.

Guys, I didn’t think there would be so much that I needed to be done. There’s school, work, blogging ( which I haven’t been doing at all. Sorry my loves), making time for friends & family , my life that I need to take care of. So you guys understand why I feel so overwhelmed. Plus I have some business to take care offfff, lol why ? Why? Moments like these makes me miss having my mommy right next to me.

Now we into the month of June which every year I want to rush out because it’s a lot of mixed feelings. The month I lost my dad and his birthday as well. So y’all can imagine how I’m feeling at this very moment.

Lol I’m done rumbling about life because guess what I am grateful to be in the position that I am in life. I’ve been blessed to have so much going on. But in all honesty I will find my way slowly but surely loves so no worries. I am going on a social media hiatus, I feel like it’s the right thing to do at this very moment so I can keep my sanity .

I always tells you guys whenever you feel like you way over your head, take a few moments to take care of yourself. Pray, meditate, drink wine, spa day, a good book. I mean, I don’t know, anything that can keep you from feeling like you burying yourself. Find that thing that works for you! I know it’s graduation seasons so a lot of people can relate to me. BTW CONGRATS to the graduates! So to everyone at this very moment whose feeling like me (whether it’s moving somewhere new or coming back, a new job, life journey, etc! ),YOU got this remember that always. If you are big into faith like me rely on God to help you through it, because I know he will. Or whatever you in too for that matters. 

“Cast of all of your anxiety on Him,because he cares for you ” 1 Peter5:7

PS I wrote this like 2 days ago !!! ( still feeling the same even though a few things  has changed).

Lady Sergine🌹💋

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