To one of my best friends on her wedding day 😍

To one of my best friends on her wedding day:


Evanie, I met you when I was about 2 years old but we became friends later on. I remember like it was yesterday the day your parents came to my mother about you coming to our school , “CPJ” (Cours Privé J’apprends) . We were so reluctant accept you in our group of friends because Tatiana, your sister, didn’t like the idea lol. We were being loyal to her. But Somehow you found your way into our hearts.

I’ve know you for a total of 20 years and we have been friends for 18 years. I don’t see you as my friend anymore. We spend vacations with each other, sleepovers, camping. We’ve shared experiences of love and pain together. I think we have been to hell& back with each other. What I cherish the most is our time being homeschooled. The pranks we pulled were beyond anything. Do you remember when my mom would have you come to school at 7 am so she could do extra work with you in math lol. I would always get in trouble those morning you would come because I would just be getting around to eating my breakfast when you arrived. I think low key our teachers hated us, but whatever . I mean what haven’t we done together in life? maybe we will not be getting married from back to back which is good lol.


(With my mom & our teacher, 2000)

I know me and you share the same zodiac sign so the likelihood of us seeing eye to eye is  rare. How many times have we said we’re through with each other ? I mean, I can’t even count. Your soon-to-be husband, Judmy, knows not to get involved because I will legit kill him (JK). Seriously, nobody gets involved anymore because they think we are crazy and also realize it has nothing to do with them. Even though our arguments tend to get out of hand, I couldn’t choose a better person to go through it with.


(Yesterday rehearsal, my brother, the bride and sister of the bride😍)

It’s your wedding day and it’s hard to give advice because I myself, have never been married or had a boyfriend ( Inside jokes). All jokes aside, I know today is the day you’ve been patiently waiting for. Things might not go as planed but duh! This thing call “life” never does, but… It will be close to perfection just cause I know so. My prayers and hopes for today are that you and Judmy find a happily ever after. No matter what people say or do to break you guys apart, don’t ever let it ruin you. The wedding day is one thing, but making the marriage work is a whole other level. Don’t ever forget to turn to God for advice. When things are hard, kneel down and pray. He’s the best advisor to have. Eva I will always be there for you not matter what! Although I’m not married, I do believe I can give you small pieces of advice along your journey.


(Friendship goals! 20 years and plus )

Judmy this part of the letter is to you. I chose to believe that you would take great care of my sister, simply because I knew you could. I’ve learned to accept you in my life over the years. First by choice. Secondly, because I’ve learn to love you as the brother that you are. In such a short amount of time, you’ve managed to become my boy.

So Evanie no more sleepovers anytime we want because now you have a family to take care of. Our love for each other is undeniable. I have days where I literally think about killing you, but girl life without you wouldn’t be the same! Thank you for always showering me with your love and support ❤️. I am never too far away from you. Call or text me whenever you need. Here’s to your ever happily after ❤️!


From your little sister,
Lady Sergine 🌹💋

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