Are we that superficial as humans??

I was reading an article on Jesse Williams (One of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy, he plays Dr Jackson Avery) and his wife. People commented on his relationship by saying that his wife is not beautiful. They were being really awful and it’s sad to think that we are that superficial in life. But there’s more than beauty, how many times are people drop dead gorgeous and they are the nastiest people you’ll ever meet in life? They have nothing intelligent to speak about.
We all are guilty of this in my opinion. So many times people are like he or she’s ugly, I don’t want to be in relationship with that person, but later on complain of how single life is dreadful. I see some of my guy friends jump from girl to girl because all they are looking for is someone with a big butt, boobs, and beautiful blah blah. I would say they are so superficial. What would be funny is that they would tell me to stop being a tomboy and I would laugh because I love to be casual most of the time. It’s rare to find someone who is beautiful and still down to earth. I love my mom because she’s not only gorgeous but she’s also a beautiful person on the inside. 

I mean do you want a trophy wife or someone that you can have millions of conversations with without a care in the world. I’m interested in intellectual conversations, late night thinking, someone that I can pick brains with. I don’t only want someone to go around with to show how I’m dating someone hot and sexy. I mean lol okay I wouldn’t mind but love is deeper than looks. I am guilty of it too, I think not too long ago I almost said no to my friend about introducing me to someone because I didn’t think they were what I’m looking for until I quickly reminded myself to stop being so freaking judgmental. I hear people say all the time how can Beyoncé marry JayZ, he’s so ugly but we forgot that he has more to offer than just looks. I mean in high school you’re stupid and immature and I could understand if you think being sexy is everything. Even though I still think in high school you could be less superficial.

I think love is deeper than looks, and it’s sad to think the world could be so superficial.. I am legit annoyed when I see people being interested in someone only for their bodies. I am more than what you see, I want you to come to speak to me because you see something in me. I think it’s important to learn to know someone before dating them. I am very disgusted by peoples comments on others relationship because of their looks, I have been one of those people but I’d like to think I’ve grown from that stage in my life. I want you to see me as a trophy because I am smart, speak more than one language, and have an amazing personality. Is that too much to ask?? 

I pray that one day we change the way we see things and become more open minded to others . Ughh be more profound guys, love is deeper than this superficial way you portray it. For the record I think that Jesse Williams wife is such a beautiful woman and is so smart based on what I’ve read about her. I am proud of who I am and I hope someone who doesn’t think I’m pretty would want to learn about me before saying I have nothing to offer.

BTW she have a name and its Aryn Drake-Lee! Please stop referring to her as just Jesse Williams wife! 

Change your way of thinking my lovebugs! Become better humans! Xoxo

Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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