Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas

(The PICO Tequilla)

For those of you who don’t know, I moved to the city from Long Island. I originally moved to Long Island in 2011 with my auntie J. After applying to different colleges I decided to go to Brooklyn. It’s been a minute since I’ve been back home. This weekend my cousin/ sister surprised me in Brooklyn. She came to pick me up to come spend time with her & her sister Tanisha. It was nice to come back, I haven’t been in Long Island in almost a year.


Natalie and Tanisha are 2 of my moms beautiful nieces. Natalie is 2 years older than me, we attended college together for awhile until we transferred to other schools. I give her the nickname Zoe πŸ˜‚. .Tanisha who everyone call Tasha is 3 years older than me. We almost share the same birthday lol. Hers is May 15th, mine the 16th. (True story: in my family from my mom’s side, almost every single one of us share the same birthday, we be like 2 days apart or 10 the most..which is funny. You’re never be done celebrating in a month). But anyway I’ve been around the girls almost all of my life. We used to spend summers in Florida together or New York mostly Brooklyn & Long Island. You can say we grew up together in a way. But I developed a real relationship with them when I moved in. As kids you don’t really keep in touch when you live in different countries . So I’m super-duperrrr happy that we have this relationship now. Nothing is easy but worth it. Every siblings argue you know lol.

Me and Zoe are not Big on planning we are usually down to go with the flow lol. Tasha is the planner, thank God for her. But this weekend was not planned. We actually ended up going with the flow. Well let’s say it was a weekend full of adventures.


Friday started by Zoe picking me up from my house (Brooklyn) early in the morning. On our way back we stop at mc Donald’s , that was our spot that we would always stopped when we went to college together. Now we are much more healthy. Tasha was at work., and we were able to catch up with her later.Friday was spent at home with some of our family that visited from Connecticut. I haven’t seen them in so long. We had an amazing time catching up with them. We had an amazing time talking about Faith, our walk with Christ, on how we want to be better and patient with the journey. We shared our stories and gave each other advice on how to do better.

image.jpegOn Saturday we went to the park by the Babylon Train station. It was peaceful and beautiful . We even had a mini photoshoot lol. I LOVE nature, well I think by now y’all know this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. There’s a sense of peace that you get from it. Plus the weather was honestly sooooo perfect for it. We saw a little Swan in the water. After a good hour there, we decided to go to mainstream and see what we could do there . They were sooo manny beautiful little restaurants around. It felt transported back to the 90’s lol. The architecture looked so ancient, but there was a true beauty about it.

(PICO restaurant )

After looking around , we ended going to a little restaurant called “PICO TEQUILA GRILL”. Super cute! The servers were super nice, especially ours. He was making sure that me and my cousins were having a beautiful time. Very sweet, waiters nowadays are not really that nice. We all had the mango margaritas $10.00 each;Definitely not bad. We all had Quesadillas( 2 chicken buffalo $9.95; grilled chicken $8.95). Which was delicious! I absolutely enjoyed it, what I loved was the fact that we had like very deep talks with each other. We each lead busy lives and we don’t live close so it was nice catching up.


(Blaze Pizza restaurant )

We closed the weekend with church and a lunch date at this really cute place at the Bay Shore mall. First was church. I was really touched by the service. I cried, and I’m not a big cryer. The biggest takeaway message was: As humans we need to be better at how we perceive our peers. The Lord doesn’t love just a group of people. He loves all of us and we are all sinners. After church we headed to the mall to get pampered we ended up having a beautiful lunch at “Blaze Pizza” really delicious. We all chose the option to create your own pizza, which I think it’s a very good idea. Very cheap if I’m not mistaken my pizza and drink came to $11.25. I didn’t get a fountain drink if you were wondering. The Yayas had wine with their pizza, yes you have the option to do so. They have little bottle of wine for you if you are over 21πŸ˜‰. We sat outside to eat because we really wanted to enjoy the nice weather while having a little time to reflect on the word of God we had just received.


Overall it was a nice weekend, I had a really fun time with the Yayas. The food was great. The talk was great and necessary. So my lovebugs you should totally make the time to have some food with your friends at Β Blaze Pizza and PICO Tequila . If you’re ever in New York, more particularly Bay Shore or any other place that might have Blaze pizza or PICO Tequila, let me know how you enjoy them.Β 

I enjoy sharing my adventures with you my loves 😘.


Lady Sergine πŸŒΉπŸ’‹


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2 thoughts on “Les aventures de Lady Sergine et The Yayas

  1. This was such a fun weekend ! I cannot wait to have another adventure-filled weekend with you!

    You have such a beautiful spirit within you and it’s contagious!

    Miss you!!

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