A little Introduction To: Carl R. Latortue

Carl Latortue, someone I met when I used to go to Suffolk community College. I met him through mutual friends. From there we develop a friendship, we used to seat with each other in between classes. I remember like It was yesterday how he would make fun of me at school. Those were good times I mean really good times. If you tell me to describe him in one word it would be Funny, lol it’s because whenever I see him I can’t help but laugh. Besides that, I’ve been watching him grow for the past few years, which I think it’s super great. I am proud of him and all of his accomplishments. I am absolutely proud of his foundation “A Helping Hand For Haiti”. I thought he was the best person to interview for the blog. I enjoy learning about people journeys. I hope y’all enjoy his interview.

-Introducing Carl Richard Latortue to my readers:

   Well, born in Port-au-Prince and partly raised between there and Cap-Haitien, I’m in my twenties (lol) but younger than a lot might think, I am an easy going person, and a really private person, nowadays privacy is a challenge. I like my space from time to time, but your readers will have a better idea of who I am after this interview.

-Would you say moving to the US was a great idea? How as it impacted you?

 Moving to the US wasn’t really a choice of mine. Without going into details, I think everyone knows the story of what brought a lot of us here. It was challenging at first but I had no choice but to adapt, and that is what I did. Back home I was always the kid with the ideas, the kid always trying to hustle at school, at home, or in my neighborhood. Got into a lot of trouble too (lol) but I guess I learned from them. And when I moved here to the US, it gave me a foundation to keep being the kid with bigger ideas, and more knowledge on how I can work my way around a market where I wasn’t even old enough to be part of.

-Why did you decide to start Team invasion?

  Right off the bat I want to put it out there, I am not the founder of Team Invasion Ent. Remember that “Market” I wasn’t old enough for? I was talking about the HMI “Haitian Music Industry”. Back in Oct 2011, I organized my first event in the US with the help of a couple friends. From there I started to get more familiar with the business and a couple months after (summer 2012), the ‘Team Invasion Ent’ crew reached out to me with an offer which I gladly accepted, and we have been entertaining people together since.

-I always tell people I find it difficult to work with a group of people just because of different personalities, so how do you do it?

  (Lol) Trust me I think everybody can agree that working in a group is always harder than doing it solo but the good thing about it is that you learn a lot. Sometimes when you’re working solo, you might think the decision you’re about to take is the best because the only person you consulted on the matter was yourself, of course, you’re going to be right. But when you have other ideas on the table, you will quickly learn that there are other ways to get the same results you were looking for.

-I heard you can cook, who taught you how to cook? What’s your favorite dish to make?

  Yes, I am a decent cook, after years of practice, I am finally getting better at it. I was always in the kitchen on Saturdays and Sundays helping out, that’s where I gathered the basics. I have been living by myself for the past 5 years so I ate a lot of salty, burned, uncooked food before I got to this point (lol). Cooking relaxes me, and I love to cook for people, that precious look on their faces after that first bite is everything to me. I don’t really have a favorite dish, but I am always on youtube looking for a new dish to cook.

-I saw that you and a group of friends started a foundation named “A Helping Hand For Haiti”, how did the whole movement start? Why? 

  I was raised and taught to always give back, my family is really big on that. Over the years living in the US, this never changed. I go to Haiti here and there to cook, donate, spend time with the less fortunate in churches, orphanages, etc… Last year I was invited to collaborate to start this project, which is wonderful so far. We just got back from working with our second cohort. Before we go any further, we are a group of friends that realized that we’re blessed and grateful for what we have and wanted to give back, and that’s how we started, with all our doubts and struggles and now I am happy to say that everything is coming together. Thank God

-How many times a year, are you guys planning on going to Haiti?

When we first started not knowing all the challenges it involved, we wanted to do it twice a year, but we are sticking to once a year for now. Maybe in the future that will change. [Crossing fingers]  

-I saw on your Facebook that you had a group of volunteers that went with you. How can people sign up for it?

  Easy, we have a website Ahelpinghandforhaiti.org where you can read and learn about the project and the members. And the application to volunteer is on there but also if you not in the medical field and you would like to help anyway, we also accept donations of medical supplies, suggestions, ideas and also money. We have a “GoFundMe” account (The link is on our website as well) where you can donate whatever you want. Any questions, you can email us Ahelpinghand4haiti@gmail.com, we are on IG: @Ahelpinghand4haiti and Facebook: “A Helping Hand For Haiti”

-I know that you are still in school, and have a job. How do you make time for everything 

  It’s hard because one affects the other. Time management is everything, and I love every single one of the things I do. In addition, working in group makes it easier on me to give my best in all of them.

-What is your favorite part about Haiti?

  “The Hope” that after everything we have been through and are going through that one day we will see that light.       

-What is the best advice you could give to the readers?

  Don’t be afraid to go after what you want, what you love because most of the time what holds us back is the fear of doing it alone and the fear to fail. I can tell you I failed in a lot of stuff, but I learned from each and every single one of them. Not that I won’t ever fail in my life again but trust me next time I will fail at something new.

-What are your hopes for Haiti? What do you think we need to do different back home?

  I hope one day we can stop hoping for the government to do something and start doing it ourselves. We need to understand that the government has its own internal/external problems to deal with, so us Haitians have to start taking initiatives to make a difference.

-What does Carl enjoy doing?

  (Lol) I enjoy spending time with my close friends and family, playing Fifa (a lot), playing soccer/Basketball, and traveling. 

-It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers

  Well, in the era we are living now, we too often allow people to affect the decisions in our lives, I think we should take a step back and reanalyze our priorities and pay attention to what really matters in our lives and try to enjoy it while we can.

I hope you lovebugs enjoy the interview as much as I did. I am very proud of my friend accomplishements. It bring me great pleasure to see people that I know winning and taking the world by storm. God bless him ❤️.

 Here’s how you can keep up with him follow him on IG @carl_invasion; @teaminvasionEnt; @Ahelpingand4haiti.


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