Haiti Will Rise!


(Not MY picture but I love it so much.. Warm  my heart )

Over The last few days, I’ve been reading so much about hurricane Matthew that was heading to the Caribbean particularly Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, also the states Florida. I was feeling distraught by it because my whole family lives in Haiti, plus let’s be real Haiti have yet to recover from the earthquake fully.

I was like wow it seems like we can’t catch a break, but instead of people keeping their focus on the major problem at hands they much rather talk about a bunch of nonsense that didn’t matter. For instance, some were making fun of others that were saying pray for Haiti or sharing their concerns on Facebook. I guess and probably agree that social media is not usually the place, but I thought it was important for people to feel supported and loved. And feel the solidarity they are looking from their fellow Haitians.The news made it seems like it was going to be awful for the people living in the south of Haiti. In a way, it was true when you look at the south of Haiti where a place like Jerémie is in severe conditions.

I don’t like to address given situation because I don’t need anyone coming to my posts with any negativity. But I have to correct this news anchor who said that Haiti deforestation is because we are eating trees. Okay, Yes we are a poor country, I get it, but I’ve never seen any Haitian eat trees in my entire life. I’m from the countryside for a fact, and I’ve visited places where poverty is what first hit you when you get there. I didn’t see anyone eating trees. Instead, when I would go to these locations, I would see them jubilant, cheerful grateful for life, more than me or people that I know. When you see them, they put things into perspectives for you. They make you think twice about complaining about anything. We might be poor, but we are a very resilient country. We can survive anything. I’m not going to ask people to fire her or Sign any petitions. What I’m going to do is focus on helping my country getting better and stop waiting for others to do for us.

(North of Haiti ,Citadelle)

I think it’s about time that Haiti rises as a country because of the people instead of waiting for UN, America, France, etc. Let’s use what we have to do better.I know, what probably most of you are saying, HOW? WHY? Instead of everyone sharing pictures or criticizing the government which I know it’s understandable. But if we think and put our knowledge together, that’s how we will make a change. Knowledge is Power.

Let’s put our resources together, to make a difference. I am tired of seen this country like this. I am not only talking about all of you, but I am also talking about myself as well.

Like I’ve always said, we this generation needs to do better than the one prior. I am asking every one of you to think about it and see where you can go and make a difference. I see that people love to criticize instead of making a difference. Let this be a reminder to us to do more because our country need to go back to being “La Perle des Antilles” (.The Pear of the Antilles). We don’t always have to ask for help, and we have plenty of resources to develop this country.

(Môle St Nicholas)

I know it is not an easy task, but it will be rewarding after. I see that a lot of people are doing amazing things especially my friends I will put a link on how you can help out. I am calling out all of my fellow Haitians to make the difference in the one’s back home lives. Not by only posting all of these heartbreaking pictures, but by actually doing something different. Don’t just show your love by posting pictures of yourself  with the flag on May 18th. I came to this realization that half of you love to show off for others to see but yall are NOT doing a damn thing.

I am not saying that it is not good to  post with your pictures,but make sure you guys go home and HELP, make the DIFFERENCE that you are hoping to see. Plus to all of my non-Haitians who loves to talk about the country do some research, learn about it, visit and see the beauty of the country, by learning about the culture, asking questions. Don’t just listen to the media and run with what they are saying. To be honest, I am tired of correcting ignorants when it comes to Haiti.

Link A Helping Hand For Haiti they have been doing a fantastic job as well as others, please give as much as you can. Anything help. Nothing is too little to make a difference in someone life.

(At the beach in my hometown with the flag!)

•HEBREWS 6:10• God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.


Lady Sergine 🌹💋

6 thoughts on “Haiti Will Rise!”

  1. Wow! 👏🏾👏🏾 well said !
    I am guilty of not doing enough for Haiti myself. Even though I’m not from Haiti, I feel a connection to it because my parents and relatives are.
    I would really love to learn more about Haiti 🇭🇹 since I don’t live there and I don’t have a way of learning what’s going on!
    Could you keep us “ti blan’s” posted on the current events in Haiti. I’d definitely tune in to political updates if it was coming from your blog.
    It’s so intimate and I know it’s not coming from a biased perspective because you’re both American and Haitian. 😉
    Looking forward to reading up on Haiti and finding out more ways I can help my family’s country (mine too!).

    I’m praying for Haiti !!! 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

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      1. For sure . I am going to ask Michael so we can figure it out. I’ll let you know . I need to know where we going to go I was thinking of Port-De-Paix . Because it’s the most neglected place and it would be easy to take care of them. Lol Manmi to the rescue

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me and yaya would be so excited to join. Let us know perspective dates and maybe we can swap ideas together ! Cassie was saying that she wants to participate in A mission trip too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely ! I will I have to seat down with Michael & figure it out . She can come. You guys might have to buy your tickets because of the fact y’all are not Brooklyn college students but for you it might be easy for the trip since you in CUNY


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