20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”
Jalaluddin Rumi

Finally, it’s November; I feel like Fall has settled in which is superb. My favorite month, not really but one of my FAVORITE people in the world was born in November, and it’s my MOMMA :). Love her to death! Besides that, I’m happy that we are one step closer to Christmas.We can leave that(The love I have for Xmas) for another post lol.

I have been busy and a little bit lazy for the past few weeks, so that’s why I haven’t posted anything. I wanted to share this new thing that I am doing starting today. I have decided to go 20 days without meat, seafood, and juices. I love Snapple’s so you can imagine how I am feeling. I told my roommates about it, and Liza and Misha (my old roommate from the dorm)said they would do it with me. Misha is a vegetarian, so it will not be that bad for her.

I know yall might think why is she doing this? We all are on this journey called life; it is necessary that we try to make changes in our lives. I like to found new ways to challenge me, to become better as a whole. Yes, it is hard at times to give up on bad habits. I know it is going to be hard because on my first day I felt like quitting already lol believe me I did. I was thinking about that peach Snapple’s. I did not give in, let us pray I can make it through the whole 20 days … By the way, I am not doing it to lose weight. I have done this for Lent, and I survived. With Challenges like this, I think you learn more about yourself. 
I have been thinking about cutting meat out of my day to day life; it is not easy, but I am determined to make it to those 20 days. LOL Can I just say that today was a struggle, I am such a picky eater too. But this weekend I will make some meal plans to help me out a little bit. Also, I plan on sharing everything about this journey. I WILL try my best to make it a daily entry, I’ll keep it short and straightforward. Plus I can’t wait to see how will I feel at the end of this challenge.
If you have any helpful tips that you want to share, please do! 
Lady Sergine🌹💋



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