Day 7 Of 20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!

Hey, Lovelies!

~If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.~  •Jesse Jackson•

Here’s a quick update on how the challenge is going. I have been busy with some stuff. Lately, that’s why I haven’t posted anything,
I have 13 days left until my “20 Days Challenge” is over, let me just say this they didn’t call it A CHALLENGE for no reason. Lol, I don’t even crave meat like this, but since I started, I have. I crave for everything under the sun. But I haven’t given in yet, keep praying for me, guys.

Discipline is  necessary to have in life. I don’t usually follow through with anything lol because I always get lazy but this time I focus on eating right. I have done a lot of research about what to eat, and how to make sure I have all of the nutrients that I need. When I was reading about the proper way to stop eating meats. I have learned a great deal of what are the side effects your body can have. Which I did not know about, so it was very informative. One problem I’ve been having was that my stomach was hurting. I felt the change in my body; I thought it was weird can’t even lie.

I wouldn’t say that I miss eating chicken, per say, it’s just a little difficult to eat. I wouldn’t think about what I am eating now is different. Plus I eat a little bit more now because I am always hungry. I make sure that I always have fruit to snack on, mostly apple, mandarins, and kiwi. When I did my research, they said to try to eat fruits that are in seasons
A lot of my friends have reached out to me, and I have also raised some excellent advice from others too.

If I had, one thing to say to is I am enjoying this challenge. I am finding a lot of stuff about myself; I didn’t know how much discipline that I had. You know I started this whole “20 Days Challenge” for the fun of it, and I wanted a good friend/ my little sister to stop smoking so that I could challenge her. In the end, I feel like I am going to get more out of this. I feel like God is also challenging every aspect of my life. I kid you not lol my life has shaken so much. So many things are changing , but I can say this it is for the better.

So I DARE every single one of you to do something different. Challenge YOURSELF to something you have feared for so long. Trust me you don’t know where that is taking yo. Also, you will be able to have an idea of what you are CAPABLE of doing.



Lady Sergine🌹💋


12 thoughts on “Day 7 Of 20 Days Challenge With Lady Sergine !!”

  1. I love the fact that you started the challenge to encourage your friend to stop smoking. And I also love the fact that God was at the center of this challenge. I believe that when God is in the center and the one moving you, there is NO way you can’t succeed.
    What do you think a good challenge for me would be ?

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      1. It’s Zoe 😊
        Let me know so I can join you! Something that requires discipline and that we can do interactively maybe via instagram stories to clock one another’s progress ?

        I’m all in!!

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