Reflecting On 2016, As I Share my Hopes for 2017

We are 24 days into the New Year (already)! Why do I feel like it’s been more than 24 days? And a new President is in the office. A lot of things has already happened in this New Year. Praying that God covers America because it’s going to be a longgg and bumpy road.

I did promise that I was going to write for the New Year’s Eve, which I Intended to do but I did not feel like it. I chose today to reflect on last year and what I’m hoping for this New Year. Like they said it’s better Late than ever.

2016 I’ve lost a lot of people, but I also gained 2 Beautiful angels. 2 of my cousins had two girls, highlight of 2016. I am grateful that I am an aunt now. I have Yet To meet them, but I’m waiting on this day like there’s no tomorrow . After everything happened this past year, I felt  hopeful when these two angels were born.

January around this time my grandma from my mom side passed away, I knew it was coming, but I was shocked for this day (tears are rolling down as I’m writing this). I don’t talk about her a lot because I get emotional. I’ve lived with her for 13 years; I am used to going home and seeing her. After my parents, she was the other person that thought me how to pray. She taught me Psalm 91; I love it. My grandmother wasn’t your traditional grandmother, but she was a damn good one in her own way. I’ve also lost a family friend, A very young doctor who was my father’s personal doctor. This was one of the things that shocked me the most. He was just 34 I believe, with a bright future ahead. My best friend lost her 1st born who was going to be my godchild. I’ve cried so much for so long. Just the thought of it makes me sad. Well we know the big whomp whomp was Trump been elected (I thought it was a dream for the longest until inauguration day.)

But overall it was a great YEAR! I mean a lot of things happened, moved home (Haiti)for a few months which was one of the best decision I ever made. If you didn’t know feel free to check my post about moving back home to Haiti  😊.If I had to do it, I would have done the same thing. One of my childhood best friend got married! I celebrated my blog one year anniversary, which by the way WAS the highlight for me.

I got to grow, grow SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY. It was painful, some truths are not easy to see. Because while I was growing the person that I used to be, no longer existed. I think because of that a lot of people felt some type of way. It’s part of life I guess. I still have a lot of growing to do, humble myself a little more. FORGIVENESS is my greatest weakness. 2016 was a year of learning, you know I felt like through every milestone God was trying to teach me something new . I’ve had some massive changes as well in my life. When God said, you are ready for changes HE thinks that you are no matter what you think.

What are my hopes for 2017?

My hopes for 2017 are that we show more kindness, love, respect for one another. Let’s stop the hate. Instead, let’s try to give back to those in need. I dream of a more beautiful world, where people can coexist with each other without wanting to kill, or hating each other. To start teaching our children that they are indeed the future, teach them the right values. Believe in yourself! Have Faith that everything is going to be okay.

My personal goals for 2017 are:

To do more instead of wishing that I could do more.
To LOVE more, by loving more I mean to show to people that they do matter.
Make times for my friends & family  lol to say yes to invitations and to action show up.
Plan my vacation!!
Learn Spanish like I have been saying for the last years.
Be more organize, proactive, save my money (I spend my money like crazy lol)!
Show kindness to the people around me.
Love me more, treat my body like the temple it is.
READ-Like I don’t read enough lol.
Try to forgive by talking to the people that have hurt me.

Please be Kind to you and others, Love yourself, Treat yourself!



Lady Sergine🌹💋


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Haitian princess🔵🔴👑 •College student 📚• •Dreamer•🌹 God lover❤️🙏🏽 • ~Psalm 145~ I live to inspire others to accomplish greater and bigger things and also to be inspired by others ☺️. I'm on this journey to discover myself and this journey call life. It can be crazy at times but I think it's all worth it in the end. I'm not your average girl lol I consider myself to be very different . So welcome to my world together let's make This blog journey amazing. Be prepared to talk about anything specially FOOD & BOOKS those are my obsessions ❤️ Along with other things. Follow your heart no matter what❤️ Bisous bisous, LadySergine

2 thoughts on “Reflecting On 2016, As I Share my Hopes for 2017

  1. I am so excited for your journey in 2017! You have been through a lot and with patient endurance, you will see the fruits of all your labor! Keep working hard!!!

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