“Wherever I go ” Michael Brun

Over the last few years, everyone was talking about Michael Brun, this young Haitian DJ whose taking over the world by storm while representing his country. When I mean everyone I mean everyone that I know. People were attending his events from left to right. He had some mega hits like “Wherever I go” etc. From what I’ve seen & heard I believe that this young man is very talented, have lots to offer. I am looking forward to watching him for the  upcoming years. I also give him props for embracing his culture, for showing Haiti in a different light than usual. Through this interview, I’ve learned a lot. I hope it will be the same for you guys. 


For the readers that doesn’t know you, tell them more about you .

I’m a music producer and DJ from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Why representing Haiti ? What made you decide to do so ?

My parents taught me to be proud of my country and heritage since I was a child and those values stayed with me throughout my life.

Prior to everything, have you ever been to Haiti ?

I grew up and lived in Haiti until I was 16 🙂

Why did you decide to go into the music industry  ?

Music was always a huge passion of mine and I believed that I could create projects that could promote my country.

I know that you’ve worked with Haitian artist as well as American .Who’ve been your favorite collaboration so far ?

I think Gaya with Lakou Mizik and J. Perry might be my favorite.

You are Haitian and what else ? How growing up in a culture that wasn’t really yours,did it affected you growing up?

My mother is Guyanese and I’ve always had a love for both countries. It’s made me who I am today.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in ? If yes, how have you dealt with it?

When I was young a few kids used to pick on me for not looking like everyone else, but I always took that as motivation to explain my story and why Haiti is my home.

I saw you are in Haiti for the annual carnival, how’s the experience going so far?

It’s been amazing. I came in to shoot the music video for Gaya


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Continuing to make music and building community in Haiti and abroad.

If you weren’t a DJ, What career path you would be in ? And why ?

I was pre-med in college so hopefully a Pediatrician! I had wanted to do that since I was a kid.

Have you ever felt like giving up ? If yes, tell us what kept you going ?

Definitely. I think those times make you search within yourself for the motivation to keep going, and if you find it in the toughest times, you know you can go all the way. For me, I’ve always wanted to create as much positivity in my country as possible, and I love making music, and those two things have carried me forward.

What’s the best advice you can give anyone going after their dreams ?

Giving your best is the most important thing you can do. Sometimes it will work out and sometimes it won’t but at least you will know that you tried your hardest and have no regrets.

If you could do anything right now what would it be and why ?

Create a completely new blend of music that combines what I learned making electronic music and Haitian sounds. Gaya and Wherever I Go are examples of that.

What are your hope for the world ? With everything going how do you hope to make an impact ?

For people to realize the strength that comes from community. And for Haiti specifically to use that to make a better future.

It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

Thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy the music coming out! I’m excited to meet every one of you at a show sometime 🙂


Thank you to Michael Brun for graciously allow me to feature him on my blog. It was an honor. Learned a lot through the interview. Good luck on your feature endeavors! 

You can also keep up with him through :

instagram: @michaelbrun
twitter: @michaelbrun
snapchat: michaelbrun 


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