7 years later, MY Journey In America continues.


Young Lady S😘😂

7 years ago, I was a scary young girl who decided to leave home and moved to America despite What her parents said.

I was so scared after the earthquake, scared that it would happen again. I felt like my life just crumbled. Imagine how a 15-year-old felt after seeing everything. So, I allowed the pressure of everyone leaving got into me. I was like I can’t stay in Haiti, there’s no hope. I fought hard with my parents on this. One of my biggest regrets was leaving home, I don’t regret things I like to call them lessons. If I had to do it over, I would have stayed in HAITI. I remember the day I left Haiti like it was yesterday. Let me just say this it was a JOURNEY, a long one if I must say. I remember boarding that small plane with my brother from Port-de-Paix to Port-Au-Prince. I was excited to just leave this stressful environment, at the same time heartbroken. When we got to the capital my dad’s brother came to say goodbye. I think I was so sad to say anything really. You could feel how sad he was that we were leaving. We both got choked up when he was hugging me.

My other cousin who at the time was working as a “Commissaire” at the airport, came to get us while waiting in line to spend time with him in his office until it was time to leave. Thank God for Marc! He literally uplifted our souls, I think I was too stubborn to say take me back to my parents lol. I think he felt how scared we were so he gave us some good advice. My brother was like I’m dropping her & I’m returning to Haiti.

It was a 2 days’ type of thing, we flew in the Air Force to South Carolina from there we took a connecting flight to Florida. On this journey, we met the NICEST people who took good care of us. The agents made us laugh, fed us, talked to us. They kept checking on us until we board. We met these 3 men in the airplane who adopted us lol. So, nice, caring, they kept us with them through the whole flight, we had to make another stop before arriving in Florida. They took care of us, I mean me & my older brother Poupi can take care of ourselves, but it was nice you know. When we got there my sister Mel was waiting for us at the airport. I was as happy as she was to see me. We hugged, cried, laughed. You know she was worried after she heard I was injured from the earthquake.

Today I went on Facebook, I saw my status from the day I was leaving Haiti. It had me thinking about the journey. All I keep thinking was: What an experience? What a journey it has been. Even though I said If I could choose again I would not have come I stand by it a 100%. But I’ll say this meeting some of the friends that I had is the highlight of moving here. In HS in Florida, I made a lot of friends due to the fact we moved here because of our situations.  I’ve met people that I can’t imagine life w/o them. There’s a few Gabrielle (my Confident, my headache, my sister), Pascale, Christelle, Venus amongst other from Palm Beach Lakes. It was an interesting experience, to say the least.

Moved to Miramar to stay with my godmother F,which was my mom sister! She has  2 boys’ L & U. One was my age & the other is 6/7 years younger. My cousins were adorable except U could be so annoying. But he was young, but me & L were close. Call him my confident, honestly, I miss him so freaking much. Sorry to all my guy cousins (mom side )but L is my absolute FAV!! His personality is just great. My favorite memory of living with my aunt was when she throws me a surprise party for my 17th birthday. That was so sweet of her. I kept asking L about why my aunt is cooking so much but he wouldn’t say anything lol. Good times! In Florida, I had my other aunt G who was a constant support! Thank You ❤

It was the year I was starting my senior year, there again I made friends, who I adore & I admire, some of them are part of my close circle. We speak almost every day. I hang out with them every time I’m in Florida. Miramar High School was the best!! Hated at times but preferred over Palm beach lakes, the only thing I wish that I graduated with the friends I first met. High school was ROUGHED , you know it was a new school, new people, different cultures etc. High school over, decided to go spend summer in New York before heading to college. Came here fall in love with New York & moved with my mom’s younger sister J. She has  2 girls’ T & N. T was away for school, while me & N went to school together. Me & N are 2 years apart, so it was fun to live with girls. We were the “Dynamic Duo “, we would do the “craziest” things. We could go to the mall for hours & laugh& laugh over & over. Those were the days. With N, it was different, learned a lot. My auntie make a killer spinach with white rice! Yummy!  I still talk to the people I’ve met there. To Clarify I speak to some, they are just a part of me! It was a good experience with good people, some were interesting, to say the least.

I loved the fact that in a way I’ve matured fast, I had some big culture shock and my perspective of reality change. I’ve had a great life in Haiti. I’m used to traveling every year because I was born in the states. So, it wasn’t like going the US for the 1st time, the only difference I wasn’t here for just a month or 2 but rather FOREVER! I had an idea of what my life was going to be but Oh boy Oh boy I Was so wrong. Now thinking about it I was crazy to even think that I knew what it would be like. I guess some would say I was presumptuous … 

Overall, I’m grateful for coming here. I’m not going to dwell on anything negative. I’m grateful that my sister and aunts opened their homes to me. Thank you! They weren’t my parents 🙂 so they don’t owe me anything. Not everyone can say their experience was good. But, overall mine was!

I’ve set some goals that I didn’t really talk about, but one of them was at 21 I’ll be on MY own & I did that. It was important to me. I’ve always looked up to my older sister because of how independent she was, in that sense I wanted to be like her. I had a chance to visit MY favorite place in the world besides Haiti, FRANCE (the best experience ever!) as a high school graduation gift! Best gift ever! You rock mom & dad…

Fast forward to Now I’m 22 years old – soon to be 23 living in New York. Almost done with school, have my own apartment, working 2 jobs because I love both (my mom will kill me when She found out as well as some of my family), have a very full filled life. A blogger. Now I can really cook, back when I was in Haiti I wasn’t really into cooking (the princesses life). I have/ had some PRETTY AMAZING people in my life whether it’s my Fam or friends who have become families. One thing I found to be interesting was through it all one thing I’ve remained constant was THE LOVE OF GOD! This man gave me strength, always showing me a way out, left me hopeful. People always say you so strong well, that’s one thing I prayed for every day.

This girl would like to tell her 15/16 years old self you Got this! Don’t let anyone take your happiness away, stand up for yourself. You have the right to wants to go back Home (Haiti) because it has been your home for 15 years almost 16. You are going to be just fine! Keep your head up while you on your knees praying. Mom & dad are never too far away. Your Parents know better, listen to them.


Reflecting on living in the US for the past 7 years have been interesting. When you think about it has been one Hella of a journey. I’ve learned a lot. Moved around a lot, which I don’t mind I have a soul of a nomad! Not everyone deserves to be trusted. Not everyone understands you.  I’ve learned what it is to be disappointed in people. I think my uncle told my mom he was worried about me because I’m a little bit naive when it comes to people and I got really annoyed but it was true. But not anymore, I had to learn quickly. I can never take away the fact that I’ve met some amazing people, who have impacted my lives in more way than I could ever imagine. I’ve learned to value all the friendships I had back home because things are a bit different around here. I have made some really great memories.

Thank you to the cousins that I’ve lived with for treating me like your siblings, for supporting me. Thank you to my sister and aunts for everything. Thank you to my friends back home for always supporting me from afar, loving me through the constant change in my life. Thank you to new ones for loving, accepting, understanding the person that I am & not asking me to change. Thank you to my family, parents, & siblings back home for always loving me, supporting me, for having my back no matter how far I might be.I. Know. I’m. Not. Perfect so Thank You!

Let’s check back 7years from now to see.


Lady Sergine🌹💋


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Haitian princess🔵🔴👑 •College student 📚• •Dreamer•🌹 God lover❤️🙏🏽 • ~Psalm 145~ I live to inspire others to accomplish greater and bigger things and also to be inspired by others ☺️. I'm on this journey to discover myself and this journey call life. It can be crazy at times but I think it's all worth it in the end. I'm not your average girl lol I consider myself to be very different . So welcome to my world together let's make This blog journey amazing. Be prepared to talk about anything specially FOOD & BOOKS those are my obsessions ❤️ Along with other things. Follow your heart no matter what❤️ Bisous bisous, LadySergine

5 thoughts on “7 years later, MY Journey In America continues.

  1. Wow I love this so much because I relate to this soooooo much. I also came here around 7 years ago and if I could do it again, I probably wouldn’t have moved here. I didn’t know you experienced the earthquake. I’m glad you’re made it out ok and I got meet you!!!! You’re so inspiring to me coz you’re just unapologetically yourself! Keep it up ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Cassie for your support. I appreciate if so much. I’m sooo happy I got to meet you too. It’s been a journey and wow I didn’t know either you moved here 7 years ago. Next time we together let’s talk more :)❤️❤️😩


  2. Wow what an amazing story ,this is very pleasant to read you did a great job explaining that journey of yours I was also in Haiti 🇭🇹 when the earthquake happened and it was a tragic event that hope to never experience again not even dream about it I’m sorry that you had to live that tragedy keep up you are smart keep it up stay strong 💪🏾 CMLD taught us good.


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