The Tears Of Joy & Sorrows ❤️

(Captured while traveling to Haiti 😍)

On Wednesday I went to a meeting while at my meeting, one of my managers called me to come in. I was like sure:”no problem I would come in.” So, the thing is me going home would have been a waste of time & money. So, I was like I’ll stay in the city. Took the train To Times Square to find me a little cafe to seat & charged my phone until it was time for me to work. For some odd reasons, none of them have outlets. But when I was an intern I used to be around there all the time. So I am used to  the neighborhood.

I remembered that there was a church I decided to go there to pray for a minute before I keep going on finding my outlet journey. While looking for somewhere to the seat I saw a place to plug my phone, I plugged my phone and put it on “Do Not Disturb” and started to pray.

My reason for telling this story was in the middle of prayer I burst out crying, Couldn’t hold myself. I wasn’t crying because my life was hard, but I was crying for one of my best friend who was going through life problems and my mother. While I was on my knees at the altar praying tears were rolling down. At first, I was crying for them, but at one point I was crying for everyone that I have in my life. Not only because of the bad things they’ve been through but also for the wins they’ve had. I don’t like to go around talking about my relationship with God, how close we are etc. To me it’s precious, it’s my little safe place.

To be quite honest I haven’t been to church in so long, but my thing is that I don’t need a church to read my Bible, pray or have my worship session. As a child, I’ve always been close to God. I used to be that kid who church was important too. Granted at one point church was my hanging out spot but growing up church played a huge part in my life. The best memories I have growing up was going on these pilgrimages with my mom and her brother. When I say, I used to have the time of my life I used too.

While I was crying, I felt compelled to write a blog post about it as my tears were rolling down. I felt like God was saying to me everything is going to be okay. Stay faithful through it all. Share this joy with others, let them know no matter how life might seem at this very moment. Life is going to be okay. I can’t believe that I cried like a baby 😩😂. I mean it felt good, I was thinking of my mother raising her children alone, granted we are respectively 24&22 years old but still. She has been through so much for the past few years, one thing that strikes me the most was how strong, and confident she is. At times, I know she feels alone. But she’s one brave lady. I told her two months ago, to believe that our moments is now because I am aware God is working on our behalf. Having your husband for 20 years in this battle and now here is it now you alone doing this. It’s not an easy change to accept.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

God is here, with all of us look for him, talk to him, he will answer. I have no doubt that he will. I just wanted to share this joy with all of you. I know my mom is going to be okay too, and my Mish too. I believe that God is working on their behalf.



Lady Sergine🌹💋

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