Why DID You Cut YOUR Hair ?

Oh, wait !! WHY did I cut my hair again…..

The million dollar questions I have been asked to since I cut my hair. But to be quite HONEST with all of you guys. I was scared to cut my hair; I didn’t do it because I wanted to. I’ve always wanted to cut my hair but at this very moment I was scared, I guess it’s true what they say, “cutting hair requires some serious Preparation.” I brought like half of my family with me; everyone was laughing because I am very independent. I had my brother Pa, Ta, Eva, Booby, and Booby’s friends come with me, now looking back it is funny or even telling my roommates.


(LOVE this picture I have no makeup on. I was just getting into the groove of loving the hair. )

I’ve received mix compliments about the new cut; some people said that I am bold, or I look beautiful. The best one yet was I resemble so much like my father or my mother, but that honestly made me happy. Some of my friends are not big fans of cutting hair. So, for them, it was like, why did you?

I was going through that period of my life where it was super stressful. Y’all know me I’m “miss worried” about everything under the sun. So, as a result, I lost my hair, it was bad, at one point the middle of my hair was bald.

But let me be clear I don’t owe anyone any explanations, but I thought what a great way to let people know that sometimes people do what they got to do. I am pleased with how it turned, even though I was  worried for a second but I forgot it’s a journey that I’m on so I better embrace it. It’s funny how I was like all afraid of cutting my hair. Meanwhile, I have wanted to cut my hair since I don’t know when. One thing I found with me cutting my hair was like I didn’t have anything to hide behind anymore, meaning if I wasn’t feeling pretty I could rush braiding my hair to “feel beautiful” but now I am embracing who I am inside and out. It feels free to cut my hair. I don’t feel like I must follow what society would consider beautiful. We do value hair as an essential part of our beauty when it’s not true.


We hear so many time people saying that having hair is SO IMPORTANT to others will say my significant other will not be happy with me having short hair. All my life I hear people talking about how my hair is short, or I don’t take care of it enough. I feel like at one point me having short was a problem or that’s why I wasn’t beautiful. I remember this like it was yesterday when I went to my new school and I used to do my hair like simple. I went from my mom doing my hair to having to do it by myself. I didn’t care really, but one day I overheard one of my classmates talking about my hair. I was the newbie I played it cool and pretended I didn’t understand, imagine been 13 years old, and you hear people talking about you. To me, I was like do I need to have hair to be considered as beautiful and fresh? For the longest I was against wearing WEAVE because of how people stretch on having hair is important.


Cutting my hair was refreshing, I am pleased with myself for going through with the haircut. I love every second of it; I am not hiding behind something to make me feel beautiful instead I am embracing ME. I am super comfortable with it. I am going to wear wigs when I want to switch things up, but I will remember that I don’t need it to make me feel beautiful and I am okay with WHO I AM. I knew cutting my hair would be a topic of discussion, but I had no idea that so many people would be making a big deal about it.

Love who you are with long, middle, short hair !! Be CONFIDENT in the person that you are 💋.Remember this, never apologize for being yourself ❤️.


Lady Sergine🌹💋


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