Paul Beaubrun The Son Of Music

The first time I remember seeing him was in his parents Carnival music video “k+k=2k”.  I spend years listening to Boukman and still do. I admire the fact that he went on his own and made a name for himself. He definitely had the tools from growing up with such legends but he used them the right way. I stumble upon his IG one day I thought why not interviewing him for the blog. I reached out and the rest is history.  He had represented Haiti very well from touring with Lauryn Hill, Brad Paiselyto be interviewed on Hollywood Access by fellow Haitian Garcelle Beauvais.He was an absolute honor to have him on Lady Sergine Blog. Enjoy !


Would you mind introducing yourself to my readers? 

My name is Paul Beaubrun, I’m the son of Lolo and Manzè from the Grammy nominated band. I grew up all my life playing music. 

Did you feel pressured to go into the music industry because of your parents? 

 I never felt any pressure, I always thought it was a blessing to be part of my family. 

Weren’t you worried that people would compare you to your parents, because of the success they had? 

 I knew people would compare, its human nature, but I never pay attention to that. My parents opened a lot of doors and minds for a lot of musicians in Haiti and abroad. I plan to do the same for the next generation.

What was is like to grow up with Lolo & Manze as parents, with them being so busy always traveling? 

 It was amazing and at the same tough. My parents are the coolest parents and the best that anyone could ask for. It was difficult as they use to go to 3-6 months tour and we use to miss them a lot, but they always kept in touch with us, sending postcards from wherever they were. We always felt love and that’s the only thing that matters.

Describe your music, sound to those who might not have listened to it before. 

 I play a mix of Haitian roots, blues, soul, rock, and reggae. 

I read that you have performed with Lauryn Hill, Brad Paisley (one of my fav) Sheryl Crow, just to name few, tell me what the experience was like? 

To play with artists of this magnitude, you learn from them and you get to see how serious they take their craft. It’s always inspiring to work with other artists that are so passionate and have so much experience.

What is it like to sing to another public than yours? Is it surprising that you have those fans? 

Not surprising at all. Music is universal and has no limit, it reaches everyone. 

After having such a huge success with your last album, describe to us the feeling of having it top the charts. Also, when can we expect an album in Creole? 

 It was an incredible feeling, especially when it was just an acoustic album. It was not intended to top any charts, it just felt right at the moment, like all great creations.

Share with us the best advice you received at the beginning of your career, and how has it impacted you.

 One of the best pieces of advice I received was from my mom. She told me to learn how to play the guitar and sing and always stay independent!

Is there one thing that you wished you could have done differently? 

I don’t believe in the concept of regret. Every opportunity regardless of its perceived outcomes is a chance to learn and grow. Each moment is a blessing and to wish it to be anything other than that is pointless and doesn’t help you grow.

Share with us, one rule that you live by in your day to day life? 

Work hard and be kind. It’s really as simple as that.

 How do you manage your career and your private life? 

It’s natural for me. My entire life has been a blend of both and my parents were great examples of how to do it right.

Would you like to share any advice to our young generation in Haiti that might feel like hopeless? 

See everything as a blessing and never give up. Use any negative feelings or situations to fuel you and make you push even harder.

What’s your favorite part about being a father?


How do you hope to impact people through your music? 

 I hope to live a legacy of great music and recordings to try to inspire our current generation and generations to come and connect through sounds and vibrations.

When you think about it, I am not a well know the blogger. What made you say yes? 

 L’union Fait La Force!


Follow him on Ig @paulbeaubrun from there you can found more info 😊.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I did. I enjoy doing these interviews and I am happy that you guys ready. One lesson I GOT from Paul is staying Humble no matter what level of success you’ve reached in life. He was very kind to me when I reached out for the interview. Thank You again.


Lady Sergine  🌹💋




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