Hey ladybugs , my time away it’s going really well. I’ve been reading the Bible after such a long time 😂. I’m spending more time with myself which I’m loving ❤•

When I was 7-8 years old, I used to be a Jehovah Witness ( I know it’s surprising )and I used to have my bible study every Saturday. My parents didn’t oppose because for them, the most important thing was that I was reading God’s words . But you know after a while, I stopped. I would only read it when I had choir rehearsal or when I was in a Girl Scout back home. My point is reading the Bible it’s not so scary after all 💋

I hope you are doing well and having some time to yourself . Stay blessed 🙏🏾

PS you can always email me if you have any collaboration ideas or any suggestion. My email is in the bio 😊

Xoxo -Lady S 💋

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