Gardy Girault : “Be True To Yourself, You Won’t Regret it “

Gardy Girault, one of the most remarkable DJ in Haiti, is known for his unique style of music. So, it wasn’t surprising at all to have received a lot of excitement from his fans ,who figure among my friends and family, when I announced on social media that I was about to drop an interview with him soon. One person even told me :”I was just at his show a few days ago and it was amazing.” The excitement that I noticed from people about the thought of the interview was one of the thing that kept me pushing for it. So there it is finally! I have to say that Gardy’s answers were really good, by good I mean sincere and honest. Hope you learn a thing or two throughout the interview because I did .


Introduce yourself to my readers.

My name is Gardy Girault. I’m a music producer/dj living in Haiti, who particularly produces a fusion of Haitian rhythms and electronic music.

How did the whole DJ thing get started?

Thanks to my parents, music has always been present in my life. I took music lessons at a very young age. I loved the violin. I used to do mix tapes for my friends when I was a teenager and I had a good collection of vinyls. I never  really wanted to dj  professionally or in public since I had many obligations. But one day I went to a club and my DJ friend Didi Moscoso was on the decks. At one point he asked me to hold for him because he had an emergency.  

  Then timidly, I had to discover the joy of making people dance. Indescribable feeling. I’ve always been itching to come with that new sound. Since then everything has changed for the better.

-As much as the HMI is progressive there are still some work that needs to be done. So, weren’t you worried that becoming a DJ would have been a failure?

Whenever you go into something with your heart nothing to lose, there’s nothing to fear. I did it for the love of music as I already had a career and home. This was truly something I ventured in because I am passionate about music.

What’s the best advice that you can give someone who is trying to make it in that industry?

Stay true to yourself, your style, your inner voice. There will always be people who may not like or understand your music, but eventually you will find your click. What’s most important is to remember what drove you into music in the first place. Never lose your identity.

I’ve read that your music is a fusion of house music and Haitian beats such as “rara, konpa etc.” Can you explain the reason (s) behind your choice.

I’ve always been itching to come up with a new sound using the musical genres mentioned, and I’m a proud Haitian despite everything. Since then, I believe everything has changed in my life for the better.

-Usually, what inspires you when you work on a music?

 My inspiration can come from anything that spoke to me; my family, places, people, Haïti, states of mind, sounds etc.

 –Haitian parents believe that just a few professions are considered as good. So, how did your parents react to your choice of career?

Well, I was raised by my father as my mother passed away when I was a young boy. He has always respected my work ethics and life decisions and supported me in his own way, whether he may understand or like the music, though I think he does 🙂  

Who have you not work with yet but still hope to, one day?

On the top of my head right now, Emeline Michel pops up. But there are many talented artists out there that would be gratifying to work with. 

 –Besides being a DJ, what else do you do?

 I am the owner of an auto repair shop; we service, repair, and do body work on different car makes and models. It is another passion of mine.

If you could summarize your experience so far in a few words, what would they be and why?

 My experience thus far has been enriching. I’ve been to places, met people, been inspired and learned a lot about myself, people, and what fame or criticism can do. And I must say, I am thankful for all my experiences.

 –I know that you have performed in so many places, and also have been part of so many events such as New York Fashion Week. Which one of them was your best experience?

 Each experience was unique in its very own way. There are some that I received much coverage for and others that didn’t that have been engraved in my memory. The key to me of unforgettable dj experiences is always the energy coming from the place and the people. This is what makes it memorable.

 -How does it feel to see outsiders of your culture embracing your music?

 I take it with great pride and happiness, though I feel the same about my own local followers and those Haitians living abroad moved by it. It is an honor to bring the sounds of my country to the delight of people around the world.

Speaking of culture, as Haitian, tell me what mentality do you think our nation should work on to move forward?

Unity; true unity, sharing; real sharing, not to show off and to get likes or followers on social medias, not only when and if it is good for oneself but good for the whole environment, people, planet. Being selfless instead of selfish, seeing the bigger picture; before we have destroyed everything that our beautiful country stood for.

Share with us one experience that has marked and changed you in life?

 The birth of my children has been one of the highlights of my life. It is an honor to be a teacher and both a student in the school of Life. 

What should we expect to see next from the great Gardy musically speaking?

I’ve been working on new tracks and songs that speak from my soul, so expect a new album and singles 🙂

I see that you post a lot of pictures of your family, would you call yourself a family guy? Do you have children?

Yes, my family is important to me. I have 2 children. We do a lot of things together, especially exploring our country.

-What are your hopes for Haiti? And how do you plan on making a change?

There is so much that I hope for, it would end up taking up this whole article. There is just so much to do, changes to be made. 

I am already involved in community projects in some local neighborhoods. I also bring my sound to people of all backgrounds, in my efforts to inspire and bring a little joy, how I act and behave with others, all this is how I participate in change; we must first be the type of human we believe makes change.

 –It’s a tradition for me to ask anyone that I’m interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say. I don’t know a message or anything that I might have left out to the readers.

Be true to yourself, you wont regret it.

Once again thank you to Gardy for this interview . We are looking forward to cheering him on his feature endeavors . All pictures are from his website .

Here’s how you can stay in touch with him:








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