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I discovered Enposib in March 2017, when I went to Haiti during Easter. When I saw a billboard about Roodyroodboy playing with Enposib and another Band, I for once wanted to go. I thought it would be fun, and it did. Fast forward to the night of the “Bal,” the moment that striked me the most was when the band got on stage. The whole room’s vibe changed; every girl in the room was going crazy and out of nowhere the dance floor was packed. I was confused 🤷🏾because I couldn’t believe that they already had this big fan base. They opened the show with their first mega-hit “Bom sou de Bo” and I was like:” OMG I know this song.” But I never had any idea for the longest who sings it. I thought my brother was bluffing when he warned me to be prepared to be the only one who doesn’t know their songs. He was so right. Watching the girls’ reaction was interesting. But can you blame them? Because Medjy, the lead singer of the band, with his smile can illuminate a room the moment he enters it. And, Nicholas, another member of the band, knows how to captivate the fans. Since the Bal, I became so curious about Enposib songs that I told myself that I must interview them or one of them. I invested so much of myself and time for months to catch up with every Enposib events, interviews and so on…  I had no idea who they were prior to the concert I went to. And now I feel like I know them more than their #1 fan does.

Medjy Toussaint, 28 years old lead singer of Enposib, is one of the hottest new Haitian singers. He’s taking the HMI (Haitian Music Industry) by storm due to his talents and charisma. When he is not on stage flirting his way into our heart, he is on Instagram making us laugh until we can’t breathe. This multi-talented is on a mission to prove himself throughout the career choices he has made. With a dual degree from the University of Montreal in finance and music, he has decided to focus on the musical career. Reading the interview will give you an inside look at this young man life and a better understanding of who he is.


How did everything start? What made you name the group “ENPOSIB”?
Music has always been my passion, so I told a friend of mine about the idea of us creating a band. But he didn’t think that we had what it takes to create a serious band because of our lifestyles, meaning partying all the time, having a bunch of girls. SO, he said that us having a band is “ENPOSIB” meaning impossible. I was like are you serious? music is our passion, especially mine. I told him that I will have a band and a successful one to be exact. We decided to name the band “ENPOSIB,” as a reminder of all the naysayers and doubters we encountered. To officially launch our band, we released “Youn Ti Pa,” “Bom sou de Bo,” and from there the rest is history.

With different personalities, opinions etc., what goes into making an Enposib album?
Like I said before we had “Youn Ti pa” and “Bom sou de bo” that I did by myself. So, at the beginning of the Enposib journey, we were 4, Nicholas, Patrice Cavé,Reginald my brother and I, but we split later on because each of us had different views, goals and wanted different things. It was only Nicholas and I left so we worked together on the album. We produced our songs together. We were roommates, so it was easy for us to work on the music, him adding is flavor on each song. We recorded a total of 22 songs but after working on, listening to them, we came to conclusion to put these songs on the album.Nicholas and I have the same taste in music, a better understanding of what each other wants. So, it is not hard for us to decide.

 You are the lead singer of the group; do you feel pressured to be perfect all the time?

I’m not going to say there’s any pressure. I am just very comfortable with the work that I should do. My team trusts me, they know I will never do anything that would hurt us in the long run or unprofitable to them. I love the job, so I’m okay with doing the interviews, and everything that comes with it. Yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s a part of what I do. I know people want to hear what I have to say because of the fact that I am the face of Enposib. It’s about getting a feeling of everything so I don’t make mistakes.

You could have been a solo artist, why did you choose to be in a group?

As a solo artist, you don’t have the same leverage as a lead band’s singer. With a band, I think it’s better. They are so many great legends that we don’t know about due to the fact that they just played with such powerhouse. I love the fact that my musicians have their own inputs in the songs. If it was only me, people would have just known about “Medjy”. But since it is all of us who work on the songs, they know my guys, too. I love being in the band. I love the fact that I have the ability to be able to share my success with a team, that I know to put the same work as me.

Are there any regrets about you and your brother going your separate ways?
No, I don’t have regrets. But of course, I miss having him around all the time. We are brothers, we argue, we have differences. But we share rooms, cars when we have too. It doesn’t bother us. Just because we are not in the same band, doesn’t mean we are not working together anymore. We are actually working on a song together. Back then he had a job, I wasn’t doing music full time because of school but I still gave all of my free time to music. I wanted more from everybody, so it was hard to understand that everyone had things to do. But if you asked me today if we could have made it work. I would say YES it would now.

I watched you guys performed twice and both time I enjoyed myself. But what was more interesting was the fans reaction. How does it feel to see people reacting to your music?
I love it, it’s amazing. Without people consuming our music, Enposib wouldn’t exist. I am always going to be grateful for that because I love music. I’m happy that they’ve received it very well. The most beautiful thing to me is watching my fans react the way they do to our songs.
What’s the craziest encounter you’ve had with a fan? It can be Good or bad.
A little of both, because sometimes crazy is great and other times it’s just really stalking. I’ve had both. There’s one fan who commented under one of my posts saying, “I’m not coming to your show because you are ignoring me” & the next day she wrote, ” I miss & love you guys, can’t wait to see you guys performing.” They stalked you, whether they say good things or bad things. I’ve learned to ignore it so that it doesn’t become a bigger thing. But I do answer DM’s where I choose who I’m going to answer. I want to talk to my fans, to know what they liked or didn’t like about our shows. I want to have this connection with them so I’ve learned to balance it out.

After such a huge success with the 1st album, when can & what should we expect from the next album?
We are trying to release a single instead. We do have 16 new songs, so yes, we are working on an album. Working on albums it’s a non-stop thing. We’re going to choose different subjects, making sure that whatever we drop, our fans will be happy. We are just waiting for the right time to do so.

With the anniversary of the band being September 30th, is there any chance for the fans to get any new music?
If things go as planned we are going to drop the “Domino” video and a new song as a gift to our fans. Because they have been with us since the beginning and non-stop. We want to do something nice for them.

“Domino” was one of the most popular songs on the album. How was it like to tell the story in motion?
It’s a different story, it has nothing to do with Domino. It’s a game between me and 2 women… I don’t want to say much but it will be a great video, the story is beautiful. Everyone that had the chance to watch it already loves it.

(Just because they didn’t drop the video, I’ve restrained from spoiling it for the fans of Enposib.)

Do you regret going straight to college instead of creating the band back then?
I’m happy I went to school to get a degree. The college experience was great, I am happy I had to experience it as well. I agree that I could have started everything earlier but it is all about choosing the right timing, and momentum. I didn’t want to drop something unprepared.

While I was doing research prior to the interview, it seems that a lot of your peers in the business have welcomed you guys with open arms. How does it feel to be accepted by such pioneers?
Ha-ha! Do you think we are welcome? We are not welcome at all. I’m telling you it’s a challenge because there’s competition. It is all about hardworking, performing better, giving the fans good shows. They are not boycotting us but they are making sure that they stay on top because they have proven themselves. So, the competition is stiff. Nobody likes to feel like they are being replaced.

Talking to fans, they seem to think that Enposib is the new Carimi, what do you think they are making such comparisons?
I don’t know if we are! But it was the same thing when Carimi came out. They thought it was the new T-vice until they proved themselves in their own way and style. So, I think until we really prove ourselves, the comparison will be there. Honestly, I am happy about that because if they are talking about us, this means that they are interested in us. As long that they are, I am okay with it.

Any intention of going solo?
I’m not going solo, I’m sticking with Enposib if they want to do this. I ENJOY being in the band, so I am happy with it.

What do you hope to achieve outside of Enposib?
Besides being a musician, I’m trying to be an actor too. I want to be a comedian not to do standup shows but to do commercials. I have an acting coach who is helping me with the process. I am working with new talents that I am producing. I want to create a label because It baffles me that we must go to the US to print CDs. It is not convenient at all.

Is your parents’ reaction any different from when you started? Do they love Enposib?
Yes, they do. They love me more than my fans. My biggest fans are them. I think when parents see that their children can live off the career path they choose, they are more receptive. I take care of myself meaning I pay my Bills. I don’t ask them for anything. Music is unstable but when you good at it you good at it. I’ll be fine

Do you live at home or by yourself?
I was going to move out of my parents’ house, but they moved to Montreal. So now I’m at home by myself so it’s good.

IS Medjy single?

Hmmm, I’m single I think … I’m seeing someone but it’s not serious. I can’t even hold hands or do anything. So yes, I am single.

With this career choice comes a lot of rewards, one is having a bigger platform. How do you hope to use it to change the world?
I would love for my music to be more international. I want to add something to the Haitian culture. I want more structure that we are lacking in the HMI (Haitian Music Industry). For example, we never respect time. Even when we say the show starts at 9 pm, it does not start until hours later. We need to be more disciplined because in this business it’s important to have disciplines. We are already unstable with us always on the road, we don’t have time to waste. It’s not like we work 9-5. Also, I want people to look up to me because I am creative, humble (because success can get in your head at times). I want to teach them to be themselves, to stop trying to be like others. Just be YOURSELF. It’s okay when you look up to something or someone but it doesn’t necessarily mean to be exactly like it. I know it’s hard but stay true to who YOU are!

I was a bit surprised that you took part in BélO music “Drapo’m nan.” How was the experience? What made you decide to do it?
If you really want to know about me, listen to my 1st album “Alez” which was by Medjy Aysyen. It was a nice song, I enjoy being a part of it. The song was deep. It stands for our love and hope for Haiti. I believe that we can change Haiti by putting aside our differences. We can do much more for Haiti. Having all of us together on this song was also great.

The Top 3 things on your bucket list?

  • To be a great husband. So far,  I’ve enjoyed my single life. Looking back, I’m like WTF were you doing? I am more mature now, I see things differently than I did back then. Now I’m working on myself to make sure I’m ready for the person that I want. When you need something good to happen you must work on yourself first.
  • Create a music school for the kids that are out on the street. It’s going to be free, which means I need to find a way to get the funds. I want to be able to take them off the streets for a few hours to focus on something positive
  • I want to be rich because I have expensive tastes. Lol, I can’t be poor (I AGREE). I want to always have the strength to keep working, to wake up and be able to work towards what I want.

It is a tradition for me to ask anyone who I am interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say to my audience. Do you have a message or anything that you think my readers would like to know about you?
For the young ones, I want you to fight for your dreams. If you are fighting with your parents for your dreams, prove them that you can do it. Don’t just say I am not going to school because being an engineer, a doctor is not my passion. Come up with a conscious plan, to show that you know what you are doing. Haitian parents are not always on the same page when it comes to you wanting to work towards different dreams than theirs. if you choose to do it, prove them wrong by WORKING HARD and STAYING FOCUS!

( Picture was taken the night I met Medjy )

Thank you to Medjy, for the interview. I have learned through my interviews to be more patient because people schedule be something else. But we made it work to give his fans the interview. Medjy was really open to sharing everything with you. Knowing that certain of his fans asked for the interview made him happier to do it. The most challenging interview because it was face to face but really fun in the end. We wish you the best and you will have our support forever.

To keep up with him you can follow him on Instagram & Twitter @medjyenposib ❤️


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