Thank you! Thank you!



Sometimes, a simple thanks is not  enough in my world. I really wish I could hug  the 1000 people who read my blog to show them how grateful I am. When I think that creating the blog was just supposed to be a side hobby and that today I am celebrating its 2nd year of anniversary, OMG… I feel so blessed.

I originally created the blog to be an outlet for kids whom have lost a parent or both… But evidently, I chose another direction with it. Firstly, I wanted to succeed in the American culture. Then, one day I was like : “What if I showcase the artists from my culture instead?” I knew it was going to be hard, because I’m not connected to anyone in the music industry (well,  besides one friend that I met way before he became well-known today). Anyhow, I convinced myself that I am a “Régnier”, and that we, Régniers, surely don’t back down from anything.

 From that moment on, I started sending emails to Haitian artists that I truly admire. One thing I have to emphasize on is that I created my blog to be as personal as it can get, so, if I don’t like you or feel any connection, I don’t care how big of an artist you are I will *never* feature you on my blog. “Never say never,” they say, but it is what it is. Moreover,  that’s MY territory. Also, I’ve always showed my true colors to everyone that I’ve interviewed,  I don’t ever let their “fame” makes me forget who I am and what my goals are . I always take the time to let them know that  the same way their career is important to them, well Lady Sergine blog is as well for me… which means if you can’t act right and respect me, you won’t get any respect from me either.

My blog is going to be more fun, I have a few projects in mind. I just need to make a schedule to start working on them. I am so busy Ladybugs: I have 2 jobs and go to school, among other things. My Life is so overwhelming! However, LADY SERGINE BLOG, is definitely going to bring a new flare on the table . I just need to know and learn how to manage my time  properly. 

When I started my blog, if I’ve listened to people I would have stopped  already. People who I thought would have my back, didn’t. To be honest, I didn’t really expect anyone to happily  receive my blog. Even that, there’s something about people giving you RESPECT that feels great. I have worked hard for this, so…

With all of that being said, this would be nothing without the support of MY LADYBUGS. I  mean I have readers all over the globe. For example , I got people who are from Israel. When I first noticed it, I was like wait what ? lol. HOW ? Don’t get me wrong though, I’m grateful. I say this every little day: God is the reason why I’m successful. I pray on the things that I want and HE brings them even if it takes time. I try to be patient because I know that his timing is wayyyy perfect than mine . 

A special THANK YOU TO MY ASSISTANT T! She works around the clock when I need her too. When she’s ready , she’ll post a picture of herself . Also, thank you Mel for featuring me on your blog.I am honored that you find my job gratifying enough to be featured on your blog. Thank you to every single person that said yes To me for an interview. 

Thank you to my mom, family and best of friends. Thank you, of course, to anyone who doubted me 😉 or categorically told me that I couldn’t do it …  

 Your support, doubts  & God are the reason why I’m celebrating today. 

Happy Anniversary to us ! Many more to come ❤️


Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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