Lady Sergine,Diary Entry 1: Grateful

October 20th, 2017     
For the past few days, I’ve been feeling super grateful for the friends that I have. I’m not perfect but somehow I’m loved, and everytime I think about that, I can’t help to feel all sentimental.
       I move around a lot so I make a bunch of friends. Some of them are my best and closest, others are just friends. Also, I have the ones I became friends with after my dad died. In fact, that tragedy showed me who were the real ones. 
        I realize that , sometimes, by being too focused on the friends and things that I used to have, I neglect those and things that I have now, which proves that I’m human after all, right?. We, as humans, have that tendency of holding on to the PAST and forget that the present is there and that it should be enjoyed and thanked for. So,  I made a promise to myself for this coming year: I will make sure that my friends feel my love even if  my schedule or life doesn’t allow us  be or see  each other. I want them to know that they mean the world to me.
      Last time I went to Haiti, I had the chance to be around some of my dearest and best friends and that’s what made me think of how much I’m blessed to even call those people friends and let alone sisters and brothers. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. That’s why I believe that God put them in my life for a reason and I’m beyond grateful for that opportunity.
    On the other hand, I’ve been hanging out with certain people that in appearance, I have nothing in common with;  but somehow they are the ones that I find myself calling for advice, or even going on vacation with. Call me crazy but I think it’s amazing when you end up having friends that you think you don’t  have nothing in common with. It teaches you to be more open minded to allow yourself to not be judgmental even though I believe that in reality, we always have something in common with each other. We just have to be willing to get to know the person or as I like to say, to dig a little deeper .
  I don’t go around claiming that I’m the perfect friend because I’m not since I miss Birthday diners or other important stuff . With my work schedule this summer,  I wasn’t able to do much, so SHOUT-OUT to the friends that haven’t cut me off because of not being able to attend anything. Lord knows I’ve missed so much .
A piece from my diary! Love you friends! May God bless each and single one of you for loving me, supporting me , praying with and for me, and being my rock.
Lady Sergine 🌹💋
PS pictures are from the internet !!!

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