Lady Sergine Diary Entry 2: To My Sweet Gabbie

September 30th, 2017

I met this girl in March 2010, in our science class. I was seating down when this tall (lol) girl walked in. Oddly enough she sat next to me and introduced herself to the class. 

          At first, we didn’t really talk because Mr. Poules is known for giving a lot of notes during class. Then at the end of the class, she asked me if she could borrow my notebook to catch up, which, of course, I didn’t see any inconvenience doing. Next class, she came to me and said this: “You went to school with my cousins’ G & D. D said you guys were in the same class.” I was like: “yes I sure did. I love them especially D because we were in the same class. Lol” From there our friendship started. God only knew why at that time, we also ended up taking most of our classes together. 

         During those days, it was always Gabrielle and Sergine. It didn’t matter if we talked to other people, but our own bond grew stronger by the days. Every day after school, when we didn’t have school works, we would be on the phone for hours. This girl was my comfort zone away from my home. What you should understand is that we both connected instantly because we were “THE EARTHQUAKE SURVIVORS.” They were not a lot of us at Palm Beach Lakes, so it was understandable our desire to stick together since at that point, we understood each other.

      Gabrielle and I stayed in touch even when she got back home, in Haiti. That girl is one of the most loyal, funny, smart, and amazing friends that I have. We don’t talk every day but when we do it’s like we haven’t stopped… I am sure she felt, at times, that we are not as connected as we used to be because of our distance but its life. 

     It is hard to find friends who can feel all your pain, but this one, when my dad died, was completely supportive and tried her best to understand what I was going through. It was a relief to have her because I wouldn’t have to do it by myself; I was just too exhausted from everything.

      She is the girl that I will call crying about my problems and who will listen to my rant until the end and give me advice while reminding me that she is praying for me. 

    Now, my sweet Gabbie, as I love to call her, embarks on a new journey: she is NOW MARRIED. I was lucky to be one of the people she chose to stand by her side as she took a step towards one of her biggest journey in life. I was so happy for her. I have seen my babe in other relationships but this one had something different about it. she was glowing. 

       I don’t know a thing about marriage because well I am single, and not married (lol), in case you didn’t know. However, I want my Gabbie to know:  ” my door is always open for you to talk, and mostly pray about anything. I may not be married but I believe that as your friend/ madea/ sister I can be there to my best ability. I am proud of the amazing woman you have become, I am looking forward to watching you grow and do amazing things. But mostly to be a MOM, because you will be an amazing one.”

      To Ny (her husband) : “take good care of my sister, don’t give up when things are hard, and always remember that the vows that you exchanged were in front of GOD. I know we don’t know each other that well but Gabbie is my sister to take care of her for me, please! You don’t want us to have a problem.”

Congratulations to my beautiful sister! The wedding was AMAZING!! I am grateful to have been able to be a part of it even though I was extremely sick and still the joke between the bridesmaids.  

 P.S: Another page from my Diary, I was so sick that I couldn’t post it the day of the wedding. I was going to the bathroom non-stop; consequently, I missed so much. I am barely in any pictures with her. Sick or not, I promised her I was going to be there, which I proudly did. I didn’t care if I had to wear diapers.


                                           Madea ( Gabbie’s nickname for me )💋🌹

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