Single doesn’t= LONELINESS

I’ve always been the single girl in my circle of friends and at times it can feel soooo lonely. If that’s you I know you can relate! At times you wonder what’s wrong with you? Sometimes you even let your insecurities get the best of you. So, I wrote a blog post about how I hate when people make a big deal about their relationship status. But it dawned on me that we do it to ourselves too.

For the past year I’ve wondered: why I am still single? I was so eager to date that it led me to make some bad decisions. I was letting go of the things that I truly valued and began to settle for less. For a quick second I forgot my worth! No matter how much my friends joke about wanting me to be open enough to dating, they still always remind me of my self-worth and encourage me never to settle for less.

So, this year, I made a promise to myself to date ME! By that I mean spending more time enjoying my own company (which I do), and spending time with my friends and family. Im making a promise to enjoy all the good I have going for me, and having a relationship with the MOST important person of all, God!


Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about being single, that I forget to live my life. I always tell my roommates: I want a boyfriend, but for all the wrong reasons. I’ve wanted a boyfriend because, all of my friends are settling down in their relationships: getting married, having babies, getting engaged, or making it official with their significant other. Sometimes I feel left behind. I even worry that I’m losing them and that we can no longer have the same relationship. I’ve realized that, even though things are going to change, I’m not losing them at all. We are just going to be at a different stages in our life .

Even the most independent girls (Me) get lonely sometimes. I sure do. My point is, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, a day all about love, sometimes you just can’t help but wish you had a special someone in your life. Instead of feeling alone, reach out to your friends or someone you know who might be alone, and spend time with them. You don’t need a man to feel like you are complete .

My advice is in this season of singleness is: knows that God is absolutely working on your behalf . Believe it or not but TIMING in life is important and a major key. Things happen when they are supposed too . So at the right time, you will too find “YOUR PERSON” but until then, work on being the best version of yourself. So many people need LOVE, so share it with them! Don’t rush into anything that you might regret.


Side note : Happy LENT season ! Today is Ash Wednesday, it’s crazy to me that it fell on Valentine’s Day this year. Considering the past few years we’ve been having, I think it’s a sign from God for us to love each other a little bit more . There’s too much hatred in the world. We seem to forget that we share one blood. So for this lent season I hope you find peace, remember what it stands for . Carry the love you have today, throughout the rest of the year! ❤️


    Lady Sergine 🌹💋

6 thoughts on “Single doesn’t= LONELINESS”

  1. I am in love with what you said. We think Valentine’s Day is all about relationships, but it’s really about love. We can love ourselves today and the people around us today instead. And as for relationships, it’s so true, I feel like people can enjoy the BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS OF SINGLENESS and being ALONE when they realize that that time alone will be gone one day. God has that timing planned out!!! in the meanwhile, single time is time you can never get back. once you get married then screaming children are popping out of your vagina! lol sorry to use that word but it’s BIOLOGY! The right one comes in God’s timing for sure!!

    PS what are you giving up for lent? I think I’m gonna do it 🙂 to pull closer to God!!

    Love you like crazy!😘

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