Nia Louis, Zin- Be True To Yourself

We all have met or heard of Nia when she made her debut with the group ZIN. In fact, she has dominated the industry for quite some times. Lately, she has been taking a break to build her family and do things other than music. In spite of that, her passion for music hasn’t left her ; she actually is looking into ways of coming back on stage.

 Nia had torn down barriers for so many women when you think about it. She might not have grown up in Haiti, but her success in the HMI is a testament that no matter where you were raised, you should never forget your roots. To celebrate women, this month, I have decided to drop her as my first interview. Enjoy the reading Ladybugs!!

P.S: I can’t wait to see what Nia will bring back to the table with her!


Introduce yourself to my readers who might not know about you?

Hello everyone, my name is Virginia known as Nia from Legendary group ZIN.

For the past few years that you have been absent from the musical world, what have you been up to?

I have been working as a Nursing Supervisor, being a wife, and a mom of 2 awesome kids; one is 5yrs old and the other one 4.

What role has God played in your career choices or even in your life?

GOD is everything for me. I’m currently involved in my Church New Direction Christian Center where I lead the Praise & Worship team every Sunday as well as I sing. Without GOD in my life, nothing would be possible.

Nia, since you have been out of the music industry, is there a part of you that regrets taking this huge step back?

Well, after ZIN decided to end, I decided it was time to follow my own direction. So, along with my husband and partners, we came up with a band called päSH, which, till this day, my husband and I don’t even know why it ended even though we were warned by many.

What was the best part about being in Zin?

Zin gave me a platform to show my talent and I was blessed to have traveled the world with ZIN.

What was the experience like working with the talented, and legendary Alan Cave?

Alan is like my big brother. It was always fun when we could get together on stage. He definitely taught me a lot about stage performances and the HMI business.

If you could start your musical life over, what is one thing you would have changed?

If I could start all over again, I probably would release more solo music to connect with my fans more. Hopefully, they still want to hear me.

You started at 18 years old in the industry, what is the best advice you have for anyone who wants to enter the HMI?

Keep GOD first and stay true to yourself. Nobody believes in your talent more than yourself. So, stay focused and stand firm in GOD.

Correct me if I am wrong, you had a “ZIN” reunion in 2013, right? How was it? Have you guys done anything else after this?

ZIN had many reunions since the breakup. We just had one in 2017, and there are many more to come.

Tell us more about “Bouche Cosmetics,” what made you decide to take a step in that direction?

Bouche cosmetics is a cosmetic company that has a lineup of powerful women from all walks of life. They offered me my own lipstick and I accepted if it is a color I really would wear, and what DIVA would say no to that? Hahahaha

What do you miss the most about performing?

Like I said, I sing in church every Sunday. As far as the HMI, you will see me perform again very soon.

I saw that you have a new song out with Bato called “Kitem Poze.” Should that be considered as the official return of Nia?

Bato is someone I like working with. We recorded that song within an hour or so. I can see myself working with him a lot, on and off stage. “Kitem Poze” is a song from his album called “Born Again.” I guess you can say it’s the return of Nia. Plus, I have other songs coming with other artists, and my new own songs as well.

Are you nervous about how your family will adapt to it?

At this point in my life, my family is used to it and they love what I’m doing, musically. It would be hard to do this without their approval.

How does a day in Nia’s life look like with being a mother and a business woman?

A day in the life of Nia, I’m just going to say: very busy and fast paced.

You were born and raised in the U.S.A, who taught you how to speak Creole? Was it important to your parents that you do? Will you do the same with your children?

I was born and raised in Miami. Both of my parents spoke creole to me as a child because they had no choice; they were learning English themselves. As for my kids, they have 2 wonderful grandmas who are speaking creole to them as well as myself, and they understand a few things but not everything.

Nia, what is one thing you hope your children will learn from you?

I hope my kids learn the importance of hard work, but most of all the importance of having GOD in their lives.

It is a tradition for me to ask anyone who I am interviewing if they have one last thing they would like to say to my audience. Do you have a message or anything that you think my readers would like to know about you?

I’ll just say that: the HMI is a male dominated business and being a female singer in that circle isn’t easy. Thanks to GOD and the vocal ability he blessed me with, I can leave my mark in the HMI. Therefore, you will see and hear me soon.

A huge shoutout to Nia for allowing me to have her part of my blog. It was an honor to Have her as my first interview for the month of March . It was perfect , since March its all about celebrating women , so Happy International Women’s Day. We are looking to see what she does next! Thank you Nia!

*Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.* unknown


Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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