Hantz Fred Mercier- T-Ansyto


To be honest , If it wasn’t for my friends and social media l would never know that Maestro and T-Ansyto are the same person . Well, I am not really connected to the Haitian music industry like I should, since I left Haiti. I’ve made progress, though, with the interviews I’ve been doing.
When a few people reached out to me and asked me to interview T-Ansyto, I was nervous.I spent days researching him, then I was afraid to even ask him. I discovered that he has a new band now, called *Maestro* ; he’s also one of the top producer in Haiti. Another thing that I discovered, thanks to that interview, is that he is very humble.
If you haven’t listened to his new album yet, whether the solo one or the one with the new band, please do.


Introduce yourself to my readers

My name is Hantz Fred Mercier, better known as T-Ansyto or simply Maestro. I am an Haitian musician and producer. I am currently the owner and lead singer of the band MAESTRO. I’m also the owner of the record label: DIYOSA Music .

I read ,somewhere,that your father wasn’t supportive at first when it came to your career choice. What made him change his mind, and start to mentor you?
When I first started to take interest in music, my father wasn’t supportive not because he didn’t want me to follow his steps per say, but mostly because he wanted me to continue with school and take different steps and career choice than him. My love for music pushed me to learn alone and from seeing him play. I used to hide to rehearse what I saw him do on the keyboard, lol. One day, I thought he was not in the house, so I went on to rehearse by myself as usual, and that’s when he heard me play. He came to me smiling and started to give me pointers on what I was doing right and wrong. He has been my biggest supporter since then.

Do you feel pressured to succeed in everything you do because of who your dad is? Or Does it even bother you that people compare you to him?
Oh yes I do feel the pressure to succeed in my music, and in everything that I do because of who my father is and what he represents for me. My father is my idol and I want to make him proud. It doesn’t bother me when people compare me to him, it actually makes me happy to be compared to him.


You are one of the most demanding PRODUCER in Haiti; everyone wants to work with you. However, Who would you like to work with that you haven’t had a chance to?
I would really love to work with the Legends like Emeline Michel and Yole Desroses. Also, with a few couple of new rappers and singers in the game right now whose talents caught my eye.

From a fan – Why haven’t you done a show Maestro – Kreyol la?
The opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet. But one day, it’ll come.

I have always thought that it must be hard to mix business with pleasure. So, how do you manage to make it work with your wife? How do you separate the two of them?
There’s a time for everything: a time for business , and a time for family. But, since my wife is also involved in my career and music, it makes it all so much easier.

T-Ansyto, with such a demanding career, what is the secret to your 13 years of marriage?
One word : Communication. Since day one, we promised to each other to keep it real ,and it hasn’t changed 13 years later.

You have an album with only one artist from “DIYO SA”. What made you decide to work with Badikamal?
Badi has always been by my side since the day I decided to make an album. He’s a very talented young man. He brought a new flavor to my productions. We share the same vision for the band.

Your band name is MAESTRO and you go by the same name. Why naming the band Maestro?

Badi actually suggested calling the band Maestro to make it easier for people to understand and associate themselves to it.


December 1st of 2017 you celebrated your one-year anniversary with the band. How did it feel to have achieved such a huge success with your own band?
It was a great feeling for me and for all of the others in the band. It was also the accomplishment of a year of hard work. It also motivated us to push further. It’s just the beginning, we have so much more in store.

You practically grew up in the business, what’s the best advice you can give anyone trying to make it?
Don’t ever give up and keep working.

Describe T-Ansyto in 2 words.
Perfectionist and creative.

What is one rule you live by, that you would love to share with your fans?
Keep God in the center of your life and in everything.

Before I end the interview, is there any last thing you hope to share with the readers about Haiti, life, etc.
Stay in touch with Maestro @maestronation and @t-Ansyto (Instagram), we will release our second album soon, catch us in Haiti in our regular events “Entre Nous” nights.


With every interview I learn something new . What I’ve learned from this is if you don’t ask how will you know. My interviews are always months in the making . So thank you to T-Ansyto and team for working with me . For being nice, and respectful . I am honored and happy to have him on the blog this month. Can’t wait to see what’s next!  


Lady Sergine 🌹💋


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