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Have We Failed Our Youth ?

Lesandro Guzman’s death

On June 21, 2018,many people and I woke up to a video, a viral video showing a teenage boy being murdered with knives and machetes by six other young men. I watched in horror as I saw this boy, later identified as Lesandro Guzman, being dragged out of a local grocery store and being stabbed mercilessly as store owners and civilians watched. Since his death, the killers have been identified, there have been riots in the streets, and the store that Lesandro was murdered in has been closed down. This blog post is not about releasing anger and telling the world how hurt I am, but it is an article post about prevention. Yes, we must cry, allow ourselves and the pain to seep through our pores, and grieve this young man’s death. We must screamat the killers and those who watched  this boy get murdered, and let our voices be heard. However, after anger and sadness, action must come.

Action is the only thing that will have long terms effects,after the pain , subsided.

Lesandro Guzman was an innocent and beautiful boy. He did not deserve what happened to him. This post is not about Lesandro. This post is about the young men that committed the crime. The young men that will spend the rest of their lives in prison. The young men that the world will now scream “murderer” until the shame of that label kills them before their body decays. These young men of color were once young boys of color, and as a society we must take responsibility for failing them.

Some will not like my post, because we live in a society that does not like to take blame. We love looking at other people and saying “it was THEM”, “THEY did something wrong”, “I am innocent”. None of us are innocent!! I am not innocent. I have failed. I have young cousins, all are Puerto  Ricans and Dominicans, and I do not tell them I love them enough. I do not teach them all that I know.I do not check to see if they arehealthy; not physically but mentally healthy.

We as a society have failed.

 If you are the mother of a young brown/ black skin teenager living in the New York City area, you are called to action. Lesandro Guzman’s mother was victimized the night that she lost her son. But the young men that took his life, are also sons, with mothers. We can not instruct our young men at every given second, but during their formidable years we must fight them to live a life that is filled with compassion, soul and love. This world is ready to incriminate black and brown men. As the mother of a young black and brown man you can not raise a good child,  because good children can be corrupted. You must raise exceptional children. Some may read this and say “my son is exceptional, he has straight A’s, he is a great football player, he is a great basketball player” but Exceptional children are NOT exceptional because of their academic achievements.  They are exceptional because of their awareness of self, their grasp of soul, and the deep rooted awareness that all people contain goodness inside of them.

We must raise children that value their soul more than any amount of money, school grade, or girlfriend/boyfriend. And we must teach these young men that the greatest evidence of honoring yourself is only measured by how you treat and respect others.We must raise Children that are deeply aware that love is the only thing that matters.

So what are the actions that we take? There are a few like talk to your children at a young age, and talk to them about all of the ugly things in our society. Talk to your children about murder, rape, tragedy, and teach them not to fear them but to fight against them. Teach your child to have lunch with people who are ostracized in their schools. Teach your young men that being strong doesn’t mean being violent, it takes more effort for a man to be a warrior of love than to be a warrior of hate.

Teach your children that they are a soul in a physical body.

Tell your children that in order to honor the creator who created them, they must honor and cherish themselves and the ones around them.

This may also be the strongest statement that I am going to make, but it must be said.  If you as a woman are not psychologically ready to raise an exceptional child…than please do not bring a child into the world, at this time.We are pressured by society to have children, as if they are objects, but we deprive them of their greatest potential by not giving them great childhoods.

And most importantly, we must not raise exceptional men to value goodness for the purpose of receiving things or receiving validation, we must teach them to validate themselves. Self validation is the only true validation that matters and it is just as important and necessary as External validation. To know and cherish your own love is not imaginary but an energy that must empower you and guide you.

I hope this makes you think. If you disagree with me, you are entitled to do so. But nothing, not even my words can change what happened to Lesandro Guzman and the 6 men  that will now spend the rest of their lives in cages.

You may hate what I say, you may hate me, but something must change. This world is called to love more. Love your children more. Love your son/ brothers/fathers/uncles more. Love them not because one day they will become victims, love them because one day they may become murderers.

– Phillip Nieves 

 I am so grateful that I have friends that want to make a difference in the world. When I say my friends and I have shed so many tears , believe me . We have to be better than this! This can’t continue to be like this, WE have to do better . God bless America and everywhere else that might be hurt. Teach our children Respect, Compassion, Love. The world need a little more tenderness . Xoxo Lady Sergine 💋🌷


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