Poconos: Memories are special moments that tell our story !

~ A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless ~ Unknown 


Not too long ago, I went on one of the best trips of my life with the most amazing people . Honestly, I almost didn’t go; but, no one was having it with my “I don’t know if I’m going” BS. It was eleven (11) of us and we chose to go to the Poconos Mount for a weekend.


I have to warn you, before narrating the trip: 1) Poconos Mount is a bit expensive and 2) if  you are not a nature lover or a small town type of person, then going to the Poconos Mount is definitely not for you. All you will see is nature. However, there are a lot of outdoor activities. 

I think having a couple retreat over there would be nice. In fact, whenever I’m in a relationship, my partner and I will certainly make a stop there. lol.

Going to the Poconos was the best decision we could have probably made. We were staying at this beautiful Airbnb mansion, in Long Pond . The house was absolutely gorgeous, way better than what was shown in the pictures. It was located up the hills near Pinecrest Lake Golf course. We got there on Friday afternoon, and thanks to Ash, we went rock climbing and zip lining later on.

Let’s talk about these two activities for a moment. lol. Most of us decided to do the rock climbing and the zip lining while others like Titush I decided to just stick with the zip lining. I’m going to tell you this: watching the rest of my friends getting up that rock was really beautiful and scary. I watched them facing their fears and it was indescribable . When it came to zip lining, your girl was not with that ish (lol); I went only once while the others went twice . I got really scared and chickened out for the first round. I am grateful for the people that I went with to that activity since they were all supportive even though they were roasting me, later on. Lol.  I truly wish that I had a video of me . For the first round, I prayed and even made Ash play Enposib (an Haitian band) for me because I was like “I can’t do it” since it was all dark outside; I swear, you couldn’t see shit through those woods. I finally did it on the second round; Neph had to push me, and to be honest, she is the only person that I would ever allow to do so. Ladybugs, I got stuck and one of the professionals who accompanied us had to come get me! This thing was truly a movie. lol. I cried after, because I felt so unaccomplished for not reaching towards the end. If you ask me if I will do zip lining ever again, the answer will be yes but I will definitely take one or more shots of something 😩.


After our amazing experience doing the zip lining,  we went back home to cook dinner . That last, itself, was an amazing experience. Having everyone around the kitchen cleaning and participating in any way they can while having our music on blast, was so fun. Listen, we didn’t need to go to any restaurant or night club because we had our own thing going on. Sincerely, our first night was a SUCCESS!!

It was raining on the second day; nonetheless, we had an amazing time taking pictures and creating memories with one another. When the rain stopped for a bit in the afternoon, we went to do the go-kart except me lol. I was the photographer and purse holder which was totally fine . We didn’t have the chance to do more activities because of the “on and off” raining. Therefore, after the go-kart, we headed back to the house to make dinner! We ate and played cards, dominos (I hadn’t played dominos since my dad passed away because him and I used to play that a lot), and other games that had all of us cracking up and a bit drunk.


What was the most amazing about this trip was how present we were with each other. You had 11 people in a house meaning 11 different personalities to say the least but somehow we got along really well . Of course, there were few disagreements along the way but nothing too crazy to the point where we had to ruin the trip. Plus, imagine 6 out of the 7  girls have been friends for 10+ years and went to the same school in Haiti . Imagine how it was to be reunited with one another! It was really interesting to see us girls blend in with the boys . We came from all over the US territories, except for Titush who came from Canada: Neph, Sam, Co, Ash, and I were coming from New York, Djen from Connecticut, Juss from New Jersey, Ta from Pennsylvania, and Jul and Lex from Maryland.


I got one advice for you all: if you go on a trip like ours, always make sure to have games, alcohol,food, and silly but amazing friends! 

We weren’t too drunk to act crazy but we had an OUTSTANDING time with one another. We all had each other’s back, and we made sure that we took care of each other. My favorite part, during that weekend, was our last night when we were all together talking about the highlights of the trip. Each of us who  came for the weekend didn’t know like one or two of the 11 people present but the camaraderie that came along was great. During that weekend, a FAMILY was definitely made.


I wish the trip was longer. 

Once again, If you ever feel like visiting the Poconos keep in mind that “NATURE” is everywhere. However, be prepared to have a great experience by doing outdoor activities. Go to a water park, and maybe if you are lucky enough, you will get free tickets like me; that happened on Sunday before going back to our respective lives. Some of us went to a water park, where I didn’t ride the water slides but Titush and I did two things: first, we went on this ride that brought us on the top of a mountain; then, we hit the bar. lol 


Overall, the trip was too amazing because I was surrounded by people I was comfortable with. Shoutout to our girl,S, for stopping by to see us . It was really nice of you ! Shoutout to Ash,Lex, Jul, and Co for being such cool boys to hangout with. 


Last advice: You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time; the company matter the most. You can always find tickets on Groupon, too. Just be smart with how you go about things. Find people in your circle who are good at planning and handling money, and put them in charge . Finally, don’t act like you know better, and make sure you take others’ feelings into consideration.

Places we visited that I will recommend:

– Skytop Adventure Center: Zip lining (night session) & Rock climbing = $35/person ( day rate for zip lining is $50)

–  Camelback Mountain Adventures: Water park is $45/person 

–  Lahey Family Fun Park: Go-Kart $6/round per person

You don’t have to make any appointment, just show up!


                              Lady Sergine 💋🌹

4 thoughts on “Poconos: Memories are special moments that tell our story !”

  1. Loved this post. I went to the Poconos and I had a decent experience , the adventure and nature are absolutely amazing but I think being with the right people is very important. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself. 💗💗🙏🏾 I’ll definitely go back and this time, I’ll make it with the right people.

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