Should we feel guilty?


Why no one ever tell us how crazy we would feel in our 20’s? Instead, they led us to believe that we will have everything figured out by then.

So, here I am: 24, single, and not even married; according to society, I should be by now, though. lol. I mean, even though I’m not married , I should be in some sort of relationship, right society? . 
But oh well, here I am trying to figure out this thing called life .
You know, I kid you not, I had this perfect plan of how my life would be, by now .However, presently, nothing is what I envisioned it to be. I mean, a little bit of it is but… Whatever!
We live in a world where everyone is always showcasing their lives, especially on social media, in such positive ways that prompt you to feel like you have not accomplished anything yet in life. For example, the other day, I was talking to a friend who was telling me how bad she feels to be 20 ish, still lives at home, and doesn’t have the greatest job. She continued to say that she doesn’t know what to do. Guess what? All of that were because of the happy life pictures that her peers have been posting on social media. She even wondered if there is something she is not doing the right way.
This had me really thinking, because, if I’m being honest, that’s how I feel when I see my friends and family realizing big things in their lives . However,  I came to the understanding that we all have our own path to follow in this world . We shouldn’t or cannot be in any race with anyone. Instead, use those people who are succeeding as a motivation. Don’t ever let their success minimize what you’ve accomplished so far.
If you are 20 ish and feeling lost, my advice is that you breathe and take a good look at your life , and see all of the things you have accomplished so far. Don’t worry about anyone, keep focusing on YOU! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes so you can learn; take it one step at a time . 
Remember: every little milestone is something to celebrate . 
Honestly, I don’t think we are ever going to fully figure things out. We just have to live the present, follow our heart and dreams, and pray and work that everything will work for the better.
 When I’m feeling like nothing is going RIGHT in my life, I PAUSE for a second,and take a look at all of the things I’ve been through or doing. Also, I usually take a deep breath and get up to continue this journey I’m on. God have a plan for you, believe me; so, focus on working towards your dream at YOUR own pace! It’s really important. Also, surround yourself with positive people!
I remember watching a show and this lady said that our 20’s are about FINDING ourselves, travel, and figuring out things. We shouldn’t expect to have everything figured out at that age. Seriously, you might have accomplished great things that are probably not on the level of someone else who is also your age, so don’t stress ABOUT NOT HAVING things in order. Our 20’s is literally the beginning of adulthood, so I’m thinking no one SHOULD  expects us to have everything figured out!
Be blessed!
Lady Sergine 💋🌹

6 thoughts on “Should we feel guilty?”

  1. Reading your blog has changed the way I used to think about how to embrace age and single lifestyle at the same time. Thank you for being an inspiration for the youth. Keep going!!!!

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  2. I started living my best life when i stopped listening to society, put them on mute. It is you life, you control how it goes and how fast it goes, things happen in different timing. Don’t get in the trap to believe that you have to settle down at a certain age, life is a complete self discovery experience without limitation and with trust to the path… No one post the process online, but i agree that you can use them as motivation. You just gave me an idea for my next blog post, thank you for sharing❤

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