Dear men,

This blog post is dedicated to the men who make it their mission to waste women’s time or,better yet, to play games thinking it’s okay. 
Talking or dating anyone requires a lot; but those men are extremely confusing and so self-righteous out there. They seem to think that it’s all about them. 
I DO NOT DATE ANYMORE. Not because I’m scared but rather because I’m very picky and I’m not with the playing games ishh.
     People keep telling me to give certain of them a chance, which I’ve been trying to do, but can we just say:” WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!”
    I seriously believe that all men think the same; the only difference is in the way they voice out their thoughts. Why most men think everything has to do with SEX? I don’t get it. When they see you, they just assume that you are DTF ( down to F…). 

When I use to go on dates, one thing that really bothered me was the fact that they all wanted me to come over for the first date. What is this? Is that what we call chivalry, nowadays? Or maybe that last is DEAD. I couldn’t and still can help to wonder if I’m the problem… or maybe I expect too much??
   Seriously, I’m just baffled by those men since I’ve always cared more about people RESPECTING me enough than loving me.

    Not too long ago, I met this man who asked for my number and I gave it to him. It was interesting to note that on our fifth phone conversation he asked me to come over. When I said no, he assumed that it was a money problem; then, he proceeded to offer paying my fares to travel to him. For a second, I was perplexed but not really surprised after all. He argued his case as of why I should come over as,I quote,  “ why can’t you come this one time for me? I live alone, no one is going to disturb us. I’m not asking you to sleep over. Can I uber you? “ Can we acknowledge for a minute that part when he said he didn’t ask me to SLEEPOVER?

All of that made me wonder like what makes this man think 🤔 I wanted to sleep over ?? I’m telling you all, men are getting lazier. They don’t put in the work at all when it comes to dating. They just think I make the rules. Sincerely, I’m getting sick & tired of men!  

WARNING: please don’t come under this post with excuses about why they are like this.

Also, people always question me about why I don’t think highly of men. I would like to answer that my experience so far has been a bit disappointing…

Why do men go after other women while being in a relationship with you, and expect you to understand that they are in love with you? Expect you to wait for them or accept the situation as it is? I see people come up to me telling me how they feel about me while being in a whole other relationship. Their answers are what’s get me the most “I don’t know how to walk away. Because I have been with that person for X amount of years.” And I’m looking at them as if they are just slow or maybe plain stupid. How fair are you being at this moment to me or that person you’ve spent years with? And those who think my friends are wrong for warning me about their situations? Actually they are being good people enough to warn me that I should watch out so I don’t get my heart broken . 
Here’s my advice to all of you so-called men out there: the other party (women) obviously has feelings so take that in consideration. 

Unfortunately,We live in a society where MEN are always right; so to the men that LOVE to belittle women because of what they choose to do when it comes to their relationship status,  please stop! 
I’m tired of y’all running your mouth about women who choose to be single or how they act in certain situation. STOP BEING WOMANIZERS!

Lady Sergine 💋🌹

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