Mitzy : “Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough…”

I was first introduced to Mitzy when I was visiting a friend at her old university, in Haiti. After that meeting, she kept popping on my IG friends suggestions; so we started following each other. I was very intrigued by her because she seems so outgoing, and sweet. Plus, she uses her IG platform to share her most intimates stories, which is how I learned she lost a parent at a very young age. Not only to share but also to inspire and make a difference in a person life. So yeah, she resonated with me, especially because of that. I wanted to interview her; and now, I’m bringing you all, Ladybugs, Mitzy on a silver plate. Lol

A little introduction about you for the people who don’t  know you. 

    Hi, my name is Mitzy, I’m 21 years old and I am from Haiti. I’m very Christian. I’m a very open person when it comes to mingling. Most of the time, you’ll find me helping a complete stranger & invest my time in others. I am currently in my third year in law school.

Why did you choose the name “MadeinAyiti” for your brand?

   I will not lie to you, I got the name Madeinayiti from a joke on twitter 😂 ( corny I know ). At first, I had picked madeinchina, then  I thought about it and came up with Madeinayiti because well I’m from AYITIIII.

Some people don’t know what you do. Others seem confused and think that you are overrated. So tell them what’s “MadeinAyiti” about.

     Madeinayiti is about everything. From self-confidence, loving and accepting yourself to helping others. I consider myself being a “ timoun pèp “ because I find myself in them. Why? Because nobody seems to see or listen to them … they’re just there to be there. Well MADEINAYITI is the total opposite. I want to leave my footprint and impact the kids in the streets because  YO SE AVNI NOU. As you could see on one of my youtube videos, I had done something really cool for the kids in place st Pierre; I spent some time with them, and you know me, we mingled lol.

What’s one misconception people have of you that you would like to correct them on?

     A lot of people tend to have a lot of opinions of me, and I always tend to prove them wrong. One thing people tend to think of me is that “I am a snob.“ Most of the time, I take it as a joke because 😂 out of everything they could think of me, being called a snob irritates me.

I know you are currently a law student, why did you choose this career path?

  I went into this career because I grew up in a political house. I have watched many politicians come and go from my leaving room & I always loved debating, so I went to law school to be closer to politics. Also, I was curious to know the constitution & the law.

By the look of your Instagram, it seems that you have become busier. How do you manage everything with school?

    School comes first, always !!!!!!!!!!!! I always take care of my school works first, then I worry about socials 🙂 LADIES WE ARE NOT SETTLING FOR MEDIOCRE 😉

What inspired you to start a YouTube Channel?

   My friends & some followers did. They would always ask me about my hair treatments & all. So, I decided to start it this summer; my channel is about hair only. I hope whoever reading this will go and check out my channel and subscribe:)

Any projects or collaboration that you are working on and would like to share?

     I’m currently working on two major projects with someone well-known in Haiti, but this will be a surprise. WATCH OUT 2019, I’m coming for you!

You are a hair addict, where did the love for your hair come from?

   I don’t know where I got it from but I have always loved my hair. I think that’s a girl’s best asset. ( my opinion)

Who have inspired you the most in life?

 My dad is my biggest inspiration. However, my mom will always be the one I look up to & well I live by the bible ( I try my best to follow the word )

How do you plan on using this new platform that you created in a more impactful way?

   I want everyone, ESPECIALLY girls, to start by accepting who they are and where they come from…. and most importantly, POU YO KONEN KE NOU TOUT SE MOUN

2 words that best describe you? 

        Passionate & faithful

Looking at your Instagram, you come off very confident. What advice can you give to anyone who might feel the opposite?

    Don’t ever think you aren’t beautiful or smart enough. If you have to question yourself about that, repeat this: GOD made me and HE doesn’t create ugliness therefore I AM AND I REMAIN HIS CHILD, is beautiful.

You don’t shy away from sharing very intimate and personal stuff with your followers. Why chose to be so open?

     I decided so because I have been through a lot, and I’ve seen some people who are going through the same. I also think if I survived all those dramas, anyone else can. They just need to know that not all people wearing a smile is a happy person.

Losing a parent is just hard in general, but at a young age, it’s 10 times harder. How have you been able to cope with the lost of your father? How has it affected you?

  I still haven’t been coping with it, but I try to remember that there is a God & he knows what he is doing! Losing my dad has been really hard for me; I had to take care of my mama for months & well, my depression came back.

What’s the best advice you can give to anyone going through the loss of a person that they loved?

   To pray & remember that you aren’t alone!

You’ve been through quite some stuff in your life. How has your faith helped you get through it?

    GIRLLLLL ….. God is the answer. Many people could have been the reason why I killed myself if it wasn’t for GOD.

What’s your philosophy in life?

      Trust the process.

You are a very passionate person, how do you hope to make a difference home, “Haiti”?

    By showing many people that the middle class might not have a lot of means like them but can still accomplish anything that they want to do for the community. We don’t have to wait for the ones who have money because they only help when it is beneficial to them.

As we end this interview, are there any last thoughts you would like to share with the ladybugs? Anything that I might leave out?

     NO, you got everything, you’re amazing!

          PS follow her on ig @madeinayitiofficial 

Thank you to Mitzy for this interview. I look forward to watching you make a difference in our community and achieving your dreams. I know your dad is looking down on you with a lot of pride and all. You have a support system at Lady Sergine Blog.


Lady Sergine 💋🌹

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